Get and easy way to Attain using the Major 8 Rules to Attainment

Here’s a quick and easy thing to do to improve your next 90 days and even your next 12 months:

Take a piece of paper, write out the Major 8 and carry it with you this week and handwrite your thoughts under each heading as to what you’d like to achieve or see different in each area. (Or better yet, open a Word document and type out the Major 8 and handwrite your thoughts below each).

Spend several days or a week on this and then ask yourself a few questions and make some comments to yourself.

What areas do you naturally focus on the most; the least? In which areas do you need more “work”?


Make it a great day!

Attain Any Goal in 90 Days

Part 1
Usually about one time every year we set aside a small bit of time to review past goals and set new ones and then basically forget them. That time of the year everyone knows is usually around December or January. I’m here to tell you that whatever month of the year you are reading this, it is time to set goals.

I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym about setting SMARTBBB goals: specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, time deadline, blah, blah, and blah again. OK, I added the “blah” stuff; not to demean this great acronym, but because for most who have heard of this acronym never uses it so it has lost meaning. If it works for you, go ahead and Google “SMART Goals” and read all of the great information about it. When you are done, return to this page.

Welcome back.
You can attain any "specific" and "concentrated" goal that you want in life following many of the "goal gurus" out there. Here I'll show you how to have "balanced" goals or at least choose a specific goal and attain it in a "balanced" way!
You can attain many goals of the Major 8 in just 90 days using these simple 3 steps. Then repeat! First, let’s look closely at all of the Major 8. Now please “look again” but through the eyes of others and not from our perspective. Then, let’s mark a date on the calendar 90 days out to celebrate the positive results. Finally, be sure to mark weekly “check points” to evaluate progress. Let’s get started.
The Major 8 are the eight things that most people desire, for themselves. If you forget them, just come back to, they are always at the top of the webpage. Here is the Major 8: Good Health, enjoyment of food, a restful night’s sleep, money, life and a legacy, sexual gratification, wellbeing of your children and those you love, and a feeling of importance.

These eight things are all pretty much for our own personal “gain” with the exception of asking and desiring the wellbeing of those we love (and shouldn’t we “love” everyone). However, when you are completing your 90 day goals in the Major 8, also include things you’d like to see come about for those who are close to you; family and friends. How might your partner, or son or daughter have, do or be with good health, enjoy food, sleep well, have enough money, and more? This will cause you to think “outside” yourself and for others. And, secondly, may have you communicating with others to see what they would like to achieve in each of these Major 8 areas over the next 90 days that you can “partner” on, or just find out his/her desires and visualize good of the Major 8 for them on your own. The main thing I’m impressing is set Major 8 goals for yourself and others.

The next step is simple. Open your calendar, look for the date 90 days out from today and circle it that is your target! Write in what you will do when you accomplish some, most, and all of your goals. The reward should be comparable to the goal achieved.  
The third step is setting a weekly review time to see where you’ve been, see how far you’ve come and how much more you have to go. These are “road signs” so you know that you are continuing in the right direction! I like to do this on a Sunday night or early Monday morning but you should find which works well for you. Maybe every two weeks or once a month works, but be sure to do it!

On day 90, or shortly thereafter, be sure to reward yourself. Then repeat! This time perhaps change it up a bit by emphasizing different areas of the Major 8; for you and for others. Add another person who you want to include into (what I call) your “circle of thought”.

Do this process 4 times a year and you’ll almost have this on “automatic pilot” and it becomes easier and better every time. You’ll see things come about and become aware of things that are happening for your good that have always been happening but you’ll finally see them! You’ll also learn the truth of the phrase: You’re not getting older; you’re getting better!

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Don't Worry about Tomorrow; Be Strong Today

Right now, as I write, it is the Holiday Season, and being so you'd think everyone would be like the phrase I saw recently, to "smile and bee happy". But people (and  sometimes yours truly) can have their cares and stresses. This will always be; we are on a journey. Every day brings different events which gives opportunity for decision. Anytime and every time this occurs, we may dwell on it too long and we become stressed. Make your decisions quickly and move ahead.

Also, don't let others and things that you can't control (like the weather, at least for now until someone invents something) to stress you. Take an umbrella and take it in stride.

When we are moving ahead, attaining our goals, when we set "tough" but achievable goals, we can sometimes feel the "friction" of stress because we place ourselves in new environments where we've never been and not known. This is fine, stretch yourself. You'll live through it and become better and stronger for it.

This past year I stretched myself like never before and am "feeling" the discomfort of the birthing pains of some great successes for the new year. I know that I will see the fruits of my labor!

Set those goals and achieve your dreams.

"I don't worry about tomorrow. I am strong for today". - Ter Scott

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

Give Thanks in Advance

Perhaps as I write these words it is because we are in what is commonly called “the holiday season” that my mind seems set on giving thanks. I do give thanks every day, but I’m compelled to see evidence of giving thanks all around me and in the books I read, that I must share it with others.

In his book titled: Positive Imaging, Norman Vincent Peale shared something I’d like to pass on to my readers.

Peale states a three word phrase that intrigues me and I will continue to use it personally and in my seminars, workshops and trainings. He calls it the prayerize-visualize-actualize sequence. He is talking about giving thanks in advance of the results one is seeking.

Joseph Haydn created great musical pieces using this technique. Before he would compose any music, he would first “pray and thank God that it was accomplished”. Then he would compose. If it did not come to him, he would repeat the process, and it would!

Before going about your day, why not prayerize-visualize-actualize it into existence as many other people have done, down through history? Then report what happened to you in the comments section below.

Here’s today’s affirmation:

“I prayerize-visualize-actualize only good for myself and others. I especially visualize positive results in _________________ today”.  

10 Step Method to Attain your Goal this week

I always like to offer ways for my readers to “attain” whatever it is in life that they desire. Certainly there are many “systems” and “formulas” out there but remember, things do take time so stay with it. Keep your focus and use action; both in using the formula and also in the doing of what it is you want to attain.

For instance, the metaphor of a garden is a good one. When we plant a seed, you may have some success just letting nature (the creator) supply the sun and rain to make it grow. But when you add the action of removing the weeds, and tilling the soil, and yes, even “talking” to it, you reap a bigger harvest. In the same way, you will be blessed (have some success) financially by simply “planting the seed”, but you’ll reap a bigger harvest financially when you tithe and gift money to others. That lesson is for another time.

Here I want to share a “system” to attain. It’s a 10-step method to use to make decisions, get guidance in your attaining whatever it is you want, and to get confirmation that you are doing the right thing. This is something I’ve adapted from one of my mentors, Harold Hill. (Please note that I’m not insinuating that Mr. Hill shares my opinion or teachings; just that I borrow from his ideas and thoughts. Basically I’m stating that he probably doesn’t know I even exist and that I’m not “speaking for him”). If you’d like to learn from him, I have a list of his books that have inspired me at the right of this article.

His version uses actual quotes from what he calls “the Manufacturer’s Handbook” and is found in his book: The Money Book for King’s Kids (available from the list shown at the right>) on page 146.

Here is my 10 Step Adaptation:

1.    Wrap everything in praise and turn it over to the creator who is in charge of all results. Thank him in advance for the harvest you expect.

2.    Refuse to let “appearances” get you off focus; persist.

3.    Trust that you have made the right decision, and push forward.

4.    Continue being grateful and praise God for the results that are in the process of being realized.

5.    Learn to hear the voice of God, and actually listen! Ask for instructions, listen and be sure to carry them out. Don’t do this and you’ll may not “receive” this or any future attaining of anything.

6.    Don’t ask others about this after you’ve already asked the “man at the top”. There is no need for any other source than the creator. Wait for confirmation.

7.    Stop doubting that God has spoken to you when you get the confirmation. God is real, and real is the first word in “realization”.

8.    When you get the guidance you are seeking, act quickly. ACT!

9.    Ask God to block all wrong paths, open all the right paths to get you to the correct goal.

10. Harold Hill uses this and states that the origin is unknown. I too, cannot rephrase it any better: “Lord, make me as holy as You can make a sinner saved by grace”.

Why not try this 10-Step Attainment/Decision making process this week and share with me (and other readers) your results.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results!

An affirmation a day keeps the blues away!

We’ve heard it said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but here I’m saying that by affirming “good” in your life, you’ll keep the blues, the bills, the stress and “you fill in the blank” away.

Write this affirmation on a slip of paper, preferably a 3 x 5 card and look at it several times during your day. Internalize it. Visualize it. And, realize it!

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”.

Oh, that’s familiar you say. Oh, that’s from the Bible you say. Oh, that is “old stuff” you say. “Bah Hum Bug”, I say! Yes, this is from the Bible which is full of history, mystery; and power! Ask yourself: “Am I in want”? If so, tell your left brain to be quiet and try it!

I just wrote it on a 3 x 5 card myself and will do as I speak. I dare you to do the same. Then, leave your comments as to how your day went.

Relax to Realization

In our next sessions together, I will discuss 8 steps to attainment. It involves first, to simply “relax”. No one can “attain” good results in anything when they are stressed about the things they don’t want. I will first present ways to relax, and “let go”, followed by cleansing, protecting, decreeing, obtaining, concentrating and meditating, creating silence, and finally realizing.

This is all much like calling a friend you know by phone using all the numbers but when you don’t include one or have the numbers in the wrong order, you’ll either reach the wrong person or no one at all.

So return soon as I’ll be back with the first topic of relaxing.

For today, here is your affirmation to get you prepared.

“I pray free of stress, expecting good, using a light and easy touch about this and any situation in my life”.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results

When You're Going Through Hell, Take Notes

My mission in life is to help other people; and that is always the case, in bad times or good times. Today I’m sharing how everything in our lives can be used to help us (and others) when we view it this way.

Really, what is “bad” or “good” but our perception of it? Isn’t is all “relative” anyway? Our bad may be relatively good for others in comparison. The stress of overdue bills may get us “down” but someone battling a disease or a bad relationship may gladly change places with us.

We may have car bills, for instance, but that means we have a car. We may have a light bill or rent bill but that means we have electricity and a place to live. Here’s a thought, if we are uncomfortable by stating that we have too many bills, choose to use “financial obligations” in your talk instead. Try using “financial obligations” instead of the word “bills” this week and realize the results of doing this. You may find yourself being more responsible and thinking a bit more before saying “yes” to being obligated financially!

No one likes to admit when they are going through “hard times” financially or in any of the Major 8. But when you confide in a friend or a few close friends, your situation will get better. My readers are my friends and I share things that go on in my life once in a while. I don’t go into great depth, but just enough to encourage you to be strong and move forward from wherever you are.

This past year has been “my year” in so many ways. And I went forward in faith, taking training in certain areas so as to put others first, to be better equipped to help them as I stated in my mission earlier, but it was very expensive. Financially I put much money out and I know that it will be returned at least 10 fold, however, it is now crunch time and the return is coming in slowly and not as fast as my creditors would like.

OK, to my readers I’ve become a bit more vulnerable just now with those words just written; you now know that like you, I am a real person behind this blog.

Past experience has taught me to confess positively, and that things can change in just minutes, hours, or in one day. What a difference a day can make! I’ve learned to appreciate each minute, each hour, and each day as much as I can.

As we rise every morning with the rising of the sun, we can start to see our reward, the answer to our prayer, the salvation for our situation, which is revealed just over the summit. I know that the answer to any situation may be just on the other side of a minute, an hour, or day, but it will be here when I'm ready for it. In the meantime, I take notes so I learn from this situation, and as a teacher, can share it with others. Today I’m sharing with you.

With any situation, know that you can become stronger and a better person. Choose to become better, not bitter. Remember the most important words in the phrase: “Going through Hell” is “going through”. This too shall pass.

Make it a great day!


What's Your "Money Motivator"?

Do you have a “money motivator”? No, I’m not talking about your wife, girlfriend or kids. And I’m not referring to your bills (which I sometimes call “Bobs” as it sounds less stressful and they do sometimes “bob up and down”).

A “money motivator” is an affirmation that you repeat at least 3 times daily or more, which keeps you focused on a successful “money outcome”. Here’s one I borrowed from Norvell but you can create your own:

“I have faith in the power of my higher mind to make me rich. I believe there are sufficient riches for all. I now magnetize my mind centers with the magic power of faith and attract to me my greater good”.

Now, write this on a 3 x 5 card and read it throughout the day for 7 days. Let me know in the comments area the results.

Make it a great day!

Thanksgiving Prayer

The Thanksgiving holiday will soon be here, and most of us will have plenty to eat, and plenty of blessings. Most families will state a prayer of Thanksgiving much like the early Pilgrims did when they first came to America.

Some seem to push aside the meaning of this great holiday and dismiss the lesson from history, but I am here today to let you know that “what it is, is truly what it is” and regardless of all who would like to “rewrite” history, and for those who think of this day as only eating turkey with friends and family and watching sports, that there is real “power” in giving thanks, not only on this day but every day!

I am sharing something that I’ve not shared with friends or family before; it is my daily ritual of thanks. It is done each day before I leave to go out into the world. I’m making it available now at a minimum donation of just $1.00 which I will forward every penny to a charity. (Feel free to return and donate a bit more after you’ve experienced the results of using this daily! And leave a testimonial statement to share with others).

For those who donate the buck at the right PayPal button (the button for the “Daily Ritual”; not the regular “donate” button) congrats, I know you’ll benefit greatly as I know I have. For my other readers of this post, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving today and always!

PS. For all readers, if you've not done so, visit: and ask for one email coaching session at no cost. You must place (using CAPS): COACH ME in the comments area to get this.

Seek Wisdom Daily

Seek Wisdom daily.

In Proverbs, Solomon promised that those who seek wisdom will have a long life, riches, honor, and pleasantness, peace of mind, health, and happiness. Sounds like the Major 8, doesn’t it?

Recognize the presence of Divine Wisdom in your life and ask for its help. Affirm that it is showing you what to do and how to do it.

Now again, I remind you that I don’t believe in “problems”; only “situations”. When we have “situations”, that is good. Because we can then see how Divine Wisdom shows us the way to fix it. Any time I have situations that I need answers, I know that when I get through it, I will know how to lead others because I’ve been there. And my reward is that I’m a better and stronger person because of it!

Affirm this when you do not have the answer to a situation:

“Divine Wisdom knows the answer to my situation, and is showing me what and how to do what is needed to be done. I relax, let go, and let Divine Wisdom do its perfect work.”

Write the affirmation on a slip of paper and refer to it often. Say it out loud when possible.

Soon I will offer a CD for sale that has affirmations that you can listen to while driving, running errand; even sleeping.  

Make it a great day!


Please share your success story using Divine Wisdom in the comments area that follows:

Meditate on the Eight

Let’s continue just a bit about both the Major 8 and the 8 Equities for a successful and rich life. I recommend that we look at both lists just before retiring each night and upon waking each morning. Take time to meditate and visualize success in each category.

I remember a short acronym from my childhood which serves me yet this day. It’s for the word “JOY”. It stands for: Jesus, Others, and You. Wouldn't this be a more wonderful world when we thought of things in this order? For this exercise, you may use “creator”, others, and you if you need to; for me “Jesus” works!

This week take time to look at both the Major 8 and the 8 Equities (see the last post for the list) using the “JOY system” and think good thoughts and visualize good outcomes that day; thinking first of the creator, then (very importantly) others, and finally yourself.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results!

Do this for a minimum of 30 days using a calendar to circle each day that you do this. You’ll find wonderful things happen for you and others! And please, offer you comments and success stories by clicking on the “comments” link below:

Micheal Vance's 8 Equities and Ter Scott's Major 8

Michael Vance has presented us with what are called the 8 equities. I will share them here so you can see how they relate to what I call the Major 8; which I believe I adapted from Napoleon Hill sometime ago (I will check on this and let you know). Here are the 8 equities:

1.    Physical
2.    Spiritual
3.    Psychological
4.    Intellectual
5.    Emotional
6.    Financial
7.    Social
8.    Family

Now here are the Major 8:

1.    Good Health
2.    Enjoyment of Food
3.    Restful Night’s Sleep
4.    Money
5.    Life & Legacy
6.    Sexual Gratification
7.    Well Being of Children & Loved Ones
8.    Feeling of Importance

Take a few minutes and see how both sides relate.  

Let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.
Make it a great day!

Think and Confess Good Health to Get Good Health

Recently two of my friends were speaking about getting older and most likely dying from or at least ailing from the same diseases their parents had. Alzheimer’s was the main condition spoke about in the conversation. Alzheimer’s is very devastating and very real in the lives of these people but I reminded them that just because a parent has a condition that it doesn’t mean that they will also have it. Yet they acted as if it was pretty much a “done deal”; that they too were “sentenced” to this same thing. Many times I hear: “My dad had a heart attack so I’ll have one” or “my dad died at 70 so I’ll die at 70” and so on.
My answer to you is that if your mom has Alzheimer’s that you will have Alzheimers IF you confess that you’ll have Alzheimer’s. You will die at 70 just like your dad died at 70 as long as you believe you’ll die at 70. We get what we say so unless you want these conditions, I strongly suggest that you say and live what you want.
Think about all the people who die at an old age in perfect health still doing something they love like climbing a mountain or those who die peacefully in their sleep? Certainly, there are plenty of these people even if you don’t hear about them.
Think and speak positively and confess good health and long life.

Start something bigger than you can control!

Start something bigger than you can control!
Here’s a great way to achieve anything; anything from the Major 8! Time ago when I created and coined the term “Major 8”, I never knew just how many people I would be helping. And of course when one helps others, ultimately they help themselves. So check out this video. Dean is one of my mentors in Real Estate, but you’ll find this information will work with anything that you do.
Now of course, this is about Real Estate but the principles will work for anything you want in life. Check out this video by one of my mentors, Dean Graziosi.
PURPOSE, WHY IMPORTANT, and IDEAL OUTCOME. Write these words down; yes, actually write these words down. OK, thank yourself for doing so. Now fill in the blanks. Watch the video so you can see what Dean is doing as it pertains to helping Real Estate Investors. It’s at:
Ask yourself these questions and fill in your own answers:
·         What specific thing do you want to accomplish?
·         What is the biggest difference this will make within your life?
·         What does this "thing" look like when successfully completed?
·         What are the success criteria that must be true when this is finished?
·         What is the best result you could expect if you take this action?
·         What is the worst result you could experience if you do not take action?

You can also get more great topics like this at:
That’s it for today. Know that now you have a strategy no matter what is happening around you.
Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

I now magnetize a steady flow of money into my life.

Alright, I know you are out there reading this (I have proof)! But few of you are leaving comments or questions. That's OK, but once in a while let me know what comments and questions you have . Scroll down to the bottom of this page and learn more about the MAJOR 8; the things that most people desire and how you can get what you desire.

I never know just how "visible" I should be to my readers as far as what challenges I am currently having as I "push" forward through the obstacles to get my dreams. (Oh yes, some things come easily but others require action; real action). But I'll just let you know that I'm taking some education that requires one of the Major 8; money. Sometimes I'm not patient and even though the money is coming in, sometimes I'm concerned as to whether I will meet the deadlines; imposed by myself and others.


Use the above affirmation to get more money into your life.
Hello. Here I am again!
Believe me, I know all about “ghost blogs” and I certainly don’t want this to become one of them. Because this “attainment rules” stuff actually works, I’m usually busy reaping the benefits and away from the computer. Remember that anytime to “miss” me, leave me a comment and it will get to me and I’ll get right back to you (and the other readers). Also, at the right of this page, you may now sign up as a “follower” which means that you’ll be notified when I post a new article; like this one.
Remember those bumper stickers that read “Have You Hugged Your Kid today?” I also saw one that was funny which showed a cartoon character that appeared “fried to the crisp” that asked: “Have You Hugged Your Woodstove Today?” Well here’s a new one: “Have You Given Something (of Yourself) Away Today?”
I’ve talked before about how we need to “plant seeds” first to then “expect” and later “harvest”. One way to plant those seeds is to give something away. Usually we think that we need money; it’s usually the first that comes to mind. OK, then to get more money, you need to give more money. Give yourself money by using the proven millionaire’s technique of paying yourself first; usually 10% or start with 5% and work up to 10%. So you “give” yourself money from your pay check or other income stream. Here’s another universal law: When you want and need more “time” give time away. Try the same with “happiness”; make someone else happy. Give away food, smiles, work, etc. Right now someone reading this is unemployed and has been for months. It seems that a job is no where in sight. To this reader I say: “Go and work”; give your labor away. You could either volunteer to work for a prospective employer for free (you work out the legal details if any), or simply “work” by mowing your neighbor’s lawn, or shoveling his or her sidewalk if it’s winter. Just Give! (Hey, maybe that’s another good bumper sticker).
Recently I bought a small case of those frozen and unbaked crescent rolls because the price was right. There are four other “single guys” in the building I live. I could not eat all of this, so I hit on the idea of giving it all away; to these four guys. Now, guys are usually very proud and don’t like to take things without paying, etc. etc. So I had to figure out my “presentation”. With the case of bread in one hand I knocked on a door and stated: “Hey, I got a deal on this and I can’t eat all of it; would you like some?” I did this at all four doors, found each at home (which is not typical because they all have different schedules, so I’m glad that I acted immediately on my thought) and each accepted the “gift” graciously; a few even stated: “God bless you”!
The return to me was more room in my refrigerator, a few grateful smiles, and thinking back, I was directly blessed “in kind” because my girlfriend who bakes bread gave me some freshly baked bread when I visited her recently.
Start to practice the act of being generous and unselfish today. Remember that when one’s hand in closed doesn’t give anything to the world; but not being open, it also can not receive.
Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

Attract Money and Other Good Things with Seven Sayings for Success

Just released: a list of seven sayings for success at: . Print the page and read it 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night. Do this for at least 21 days before you decide to quit; you may find you want to continue doing so. Keep a journal and record "answers" so you have evidence that it works. Many times we are blessed and don't recognize it.

Keep lookin' up. Ter

Does this stuff work?

Many times I’m asked questions such as “Does this stuff work” or loudly exclaimed at: “I don’t believe in that (fill in your own expletive here).

Like anything in life, “it works, when you do”. In this material, like the story of the horse at the watering hole, I can lead you to the water, but I can’t make you drink. Today I was reading something by author and instructor Skip Press (yes that’s his real name) who teaches others how to write, and succeed at their writing. I will share a tip he gives to those who dare to drink, here it is:
“Lastly, write out a short statement of what you want to achieve at a specific point in the future and try to read it out loud to your self at the same time each day. This is called an “affirmation” and was codified in the works of Orison Swett Marden, the founder of Success magazine and the originator of the American self-help movement. I have found that reciting a daily affirmation can have transformative results”.
You just read a confirmation of the results by one who has achieved fame as a writer of not only many works, but a variety of works. Speaking of “works”, believe me (and others who are using these principles daily to move ahead while others are not; perhaps you) this works.
Make it a great day!
PS. You can read about Skip at:

I like 3x5 cards

I like 3x5 cards and always wear a shirt with a pocket to carry them. One never knows when inspiration will speak and you need a place for writing ideas down immediately before they disappear. Later I transfer them to a document and they become articles, blog entries, or books.
Another reason why I encourage you to carry a 3x5 card is to write down positive affirmations, carry the card and read it at least 3 times daily. Yes, 3 is a type of a “magic” number, and it should be the minimum that you read your affirm6tion, but you can certainly read it more often; every chance you get!
Here is an example of an affirmation that you can copy and use. Keep the card and read this for at least 7 days:
I am a successful (real estate investor) and I am involved with other resources that bring me a fortune.
My subconscious mind gives me guidance as to how to develop special talents and skills. It releases creative thoughts that make me famous, rich and successful.
Add what you desire within the parenthesis above, write this down on a 3x5 card, read it 3 times a day for 7 days and get back to me to tell me what happened!
Make it a great day!

Create your own money...

Probably the most desired of the Major 8 is financial independence; dependence from money worries, job stress, more free time to do as you wish and more. To do this, one needs to condition the mind to accept larger sums of money in their life. Everyone gets used to a set “zone” of the size of house, car, job, etc. they feel they can achieve; a type of comfort zone if you will.
One way to condition and expand the mind into accepting larger amounts of money coming in is to build “money awareness”. I like to photocopy money (which is legal as long as it’s reproduced either larger or smaller than the actual bill, and to be on the safe side, you can certainly reproduce in black and white vs. color) for this exercise but you can also simply cut from any sheet of paper, newsprint for example and write label the denomination of the bill on it with marker.
So cut out bills in the size of a regular bill, label each with $100,000 and stack enough to reach your desired goal; say $1,000,000. If you want, you can start small by labeling each with $100 or $1000 and reach a different money goal. Also, carry at least $5000 of these bills in your pocket at all times. Pull them out and look at them when you have a free moment.
Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

Happy 2012

Wow, it's been since October that I've been in here. Hopefully readers have been busy with the tools that I have available on this blog to use to achieve your dreams, goals, and desires.

In my defense, I must tell you that this (what some of my friends say is "mumble jumbo") really does work; and because it is working, I've been busy living life, and have attained many of the things I put on my list at the beginning of 2011. It was one of the best years in my life as far as getting my financial life in order and acquiring things and then helping others to do the same!

 I wish I could tell you about all of my blessings, but it would mean nothing to you and even sound as if I'm bragging. I will tell you that I have a Kindle book being sold on Amazon, am teaching classes in the various fields of interest and certain people have come back into my life.

Now it's the beginning of 2012. What are your dreams and goals for 2012? On this blog, you'll find a goal sheet. If you don't see it, or have any other questions or comments, leave them with your contact email. (They won't automatically be visible to all; I have to moderate and post them). I will then get back to you.
Also, if you are interested in my Attainment Coaching via email, ask about that too.

Make it a great day! Ter Scott!