How can I Visualize? With all Five Senses!

Visualize; see your desire as being here now. “Visualize with all five senses”.

So we’ve covered a few steps in 10 Steps to Manifest Anything With Ease. The next step for you to attain your desire is to visualize. If you would like to see the blog posts and comments by readers of the previous chapters, click here. Otherwise, let’s talk about visualizing your biggest desire!

You could take an entire course or coaching in visualization as there has been so much attention given to it over the centuries. My wish for you is to do your own research and learn what you can about it in your own way. You must know by now that my way of coaching is not to provide a set track or rules on exactly how to “find your way”. I am encouraging you to move forward and to seek and find certain things upon your journey; tools which you can adapt to your needs plus gems, things, and events along your path which only you can find and attach meaning to. When you find a hammer, for instance, you’ll know what to do with it. When you find a gemstone, you’ll know exactly what is means to you and for you. So, please do your own research about visualization; after I share something which no other coach (at least to my knowledge) will tell you about visualization: visualize with all of your senses!

If you just got a shiver up your spine or some type of sensation when you read those words, then you are vibrating on the same wavelength as your teacher (yours truly). I am very excited to present this “revelation” to you and I know that it will be life-changing and will help you visualize in a much deeper way.

When coaches explain and teach visualization they teach you to use your eyes, your mind’s eye, your “image” ination, etc. I want you to do all of that but to use all of your senses!

As a public speaker (and having been a trainer to speakers) I would visualize (and teach others to) visualize themselves walking to the lectern (standing on the podium) and delivering an awesome speech. There is more detail to this that I won’t go into, but I used the technique to place myself into the “future” place and time of giving the presentation and then taking note of the things I would need to accomplish the event and wrote them down so I would be sure to take them with me!

When you have an event in your future that you want to do well at, or change and control the outcome, you can visualize it in the same way. I will use my speaking scenario as my example to show you how and use all five of my natural senses to do so.

I am speaking at a specific date and time and see me walking to the lectern, a calendar on the lectern with the date and a clock on the wall with the time. I also see a large audience with smiling faces. I hear the applause as I am introduced. I feel the hard floor beneath my shoes as I walk and step up on the podium. I smell the remaining waft of the roast beef of the meal just enjoyed by everyone mixed now with the fragrance of White Diamonds (a favorite of a past girlfriend; hey it’s my imagination here!) of the women who in introducing me. Plus I taste the mostly dissolved mint I placed in my mouth just before coming on stage. I am ready!

In my “visualization” I saw, I heard, I felt, I smelled and I even tasted! All of this was visualized in my mind.

Practice visualizing small things such as having coffee with someone and “imagine” what the person will say to you.

Visualize a check coming to you in the mail, someone handing you money, and finding money. Then when you get a check in the mail, a clerk gives you change, and you find a penny on the ground, rejoice; your visualization came true. By doing this, it will happen over and over!

Be sure to return because we still have much more to cover:

Send out your desire. Write a letter to your angel, God and/or the Universe.
Expect your desire.
Look for your desire.
Let go and let grow.
Accept your desire.
Share your desire. 

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How do affirmations and belief work together to attain my desire?

1    Believe your desire is possible.

The power of belief is really something; countless books have been written on the subject and the teachings of many religions rely on it. If you have the desire to do something; something really big but you don’t believe that you can attain it, then it is as if you have no desire at all.

Before reading further, did you complete the “assignments” for day one; for day two? You’ll certainly get something from our time together simply by reading each step, but if you are really serious about attaining your desire, don’t skimp; do the assignments and you’ll not only attain sooner, but you’ll be “better” when you arrive!  

Now onto, “Belief”.

You may believe that yes, others have done this (whatever your desire is) and others can do this, but not you.

This is where you need to start; stop!

What I mean by that is that our self-talk is usually what defeats us before we can even start. Thoughts become things. Everything ever done or created started first in our minds. To move forward then in creating our future as we would like we need to start in our minds and talk positively about what it is that we want to do.

Affirmations can help us to improve our self-talk which we use both silently in “talking to ourselves” and outwardly in our everyday speech. states that affirmations are acts of affirming, assertions that something exists and is true, a confirmation, a decision and even “law”! Wow, all good definitions to believe in!

Dr. Shad Helmstetter, PhD. is the “Father of Self-Talk” as far as I’m concerned and I’ve followed his work for years. Do some research and study everything that he has published on the subject. Affirmations go back a long time and I also appreciate those by Catherine Ponder.

In his book, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, he has an entire chapter on creating and using affirmations which I believe is the correct way to create and use them (many sources in my opinion offer “wrong” or insufficient advice in this area). Buy it and learn.

Have you had the experience of seeing a new product and thought, “I thought of that years ago” or “I could have done that”??? This my friend, is undeniable proof that yes, you can “do that” and so much more!

A quote that has inspired me to go on to do what I’ve done and to get up every morning to do more is this. It’s from a movie which has so many positive messages (some harsh language, for sure) that everyone should watch it.

The quote is this: “What one man can do, another can do.”

In the movie, it had to do with killing a bear but it will also do for any metaphorical bear you may have between you and your desire!

There’s so much that I could present here about belief but this is your journey so it’s up to you to carve your own path by doing the research.

  • Find and read books like The Magic of Believing and others.
  • Find out how to create your own affirmations and write specific affirmations for your specific desire. Then record them and listen to them. Write them out and read them over and over during your day.
  • Watch the movie, The Edge.
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Please return to read the following as they are published here:

3.       Visualize; see your desire as being here now. “Visualize with all five senses”.
4.       Send out your desire. Write a letter to your angel, God and/or the Universe.
5.       Expect your desire.
6.       Look for your desire.
7.       Let go and let grow.
8.       Accept your desire.
9.       Share your desire. 
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Manifesting Definition and Defining your Desires.

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      OK, now for today's Part 2 of 10 Steps to Manifesting Whatever it is that you want. 

      Define your desire.
In our first session, we discussed how you can “determine” your desire. CLICK HERE to review and please answer the questions if you’ve not done so. Here we’ll discuss how to define your desire.

There is much more to ponder and do in this segment that I won’t discuss because part of your journey is coming up with the answers yourself. Your obstacles and victories to attain your desire will be so much different than anyone else. That’s what I think makes life interesting and fun; no two people are the same, no two desires are the same and no two people’s journeys are the same; similar maybe, but never the same!

In keeping with the Johnny Cash scenario from our first segment, let’s say that your desire is to be a songwriter and to perform them. Today it is so easy to get help. You can do a Google search, “how to become a songwriter” and you’ll see many “thoughts” on the subject. I say “thoughts” because they are just that; thoughts. Nothing is concrete, and as I already mentioned your path will be different than others. But you can get ideas; especially from those who have already traveled that road.

This brings me to “coaches”. Search out those who have already done and know what you want to do and know. Pay them. Work and save up to pay them again. This is how I learned to play the guitar. As a country kid without money, I would make hay for the farmers and use part of my money to pay for my lessons. When the money ran out, the lessons had to stop but I saved money and took lessons again. Soon, I was teaching guitar lessons! This same principle works at any stage of life and for anything you want to learn.
You’ll also want to identify (define) possible obstacles before they show up or you’ll learn them as they come your way; they always will. It’s just nice sometimes to be prepared. Identify (define) the steps required (or that you think or that your coach thinks are required).

How does define your desire?
Copy and paste a few tips in a Word document that you found by those who have achieved your desire.
Do a Google search for coaches who offer coaching or lessons in whatever it is that you desire. Copy and paste these in a Word Doc for future reference and consideration.

List a few comments or questions you have in the comments section below and please remember if you like this article, please use the social media button below to share!

After defining your desire, your goals, steps and possible obstacles for its attainment you’ll want to boost your belief that you surely can and will attain it. We’ll talk about that next!

Future topics:
2.       Believe your desire is possible.
3.       Visualize; see your desire as being here now. “Visualize with all five senses”.
4.       Send out your desire. Write a letter to your angel, God and/or the Universe.
5.       Expect your desire.
6.       Look for your desire.
7.       Let go and let grow.
8.       Accept your desire.

9.       Share your desire. 

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This is the very first step to attain any desire!

I’ve come up with this list of 10 steps to achieve, or “attain” any desire you want. You can also use this to achieve any goal you want to get but a desire is much “bigger” than a goal. For Johnny Cash his goal may have included being able to play at the Grand Ole Opry one day but his desire was to be a legend. Now if you were to ask JR when he was alive if his desire was to be a “legend” I’m sure that he would tell you “no” but his desire for being a “great” in the history of music was so ingrained in everything that he did, there was absolutely no doubt that he would.

Your desire is the same. It’s not something small, but it is your “purpose” for living; your reason that you were born. Find this and you won’t necessarily live without worry or problems but you will definitely know you are on the right track in life and leave something which will be remembered.

“When you know your desire and are living it, it evolves and happens naturally”. Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach™.

“The reason why so few are famous and so few are remembered is because so few know and live their desires and purpose”. Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach™.

1.       Determine your desire.

You may discover what you strongly desire early in life in grade school, high school or college. Certain talents emerge, skills are favored and/or certain hobbies and activities are enjoyed. Or your desires remain dormant or are stifled because you listen to the wrong voices or “things” get in your way and you finally are open to your desire that has been ever present later in life. Either way, today is the day to start to attain your desire.

What do you absolutely love to do.
What do you do for hours and time seems to slip away when you do it?
What would you like to be remembered for?
What do others tell you that you are “good” at?
What do others ask you to do for them?
What do others tell you that you should do?

The answers to the above questions will give you “clues” as to what your true desire is. Spend some time with these answers and determine what your desire is. In the next step we’ll “define” your desire and continue with 8 more steps (10 in total) to finally realize that desire!

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Please return to read the other steps to Achieve your Desire! 

  1. Determine your desire.
  2. Define your desire.
  3. Believe your desire is possible.
  4. Visualize; see your desire as being here now. “Visualize with all five senses”.
  5. Send out your desire. Write a letter to your angel, God and/or the Universe.
  6. Expect your desire.
  7. Look for your desire.
  8. Let go and let grow.
  9. Accept your desire.
  10. Share your desire. 

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Dean Graziosi: What is on your NOT TO DO list?

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Success will continue to be elusive to those who do not do the work. Whatever success is to you; a better job, more money, a better house, car or vacation - it will not happen until the work gets done. It doesn't have to be "hard" work, it doesn't have to be a "chore" but it does need to get done.

The assignment I shared yesterday (you can see it here) isn't "the assignment" of all time, the end all of "assignments", but it does show just how "lazy" people can be.

Would you be better if you wrote down 5 things that you are "good" at?
Would you make someone's day by telling them just one thing that they are good at?

If you've answered "yes" to both questions, consider doing the assignment (visit here) and let us know how things went. I'm sure you'll find that "good" happened!

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What am I good at?

Today’s Assignment from the Cosmos:

1.       List 5 things that you are good at.
2.       Ask someone (who knows you), what are two things
that they think that you are good at. (Are they on your list?)
3.       Compliment 3 people today by telling them 1 thing that they are good at doing.

Then do at least one thing from your list of 5 things today.

Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach

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