Attain what you desire in 2016

Be like the "Little Engine that Could" and attain for yourself and others.

In reading the fourth and final verse of Thinking by Walter D Wintle I’m reminded of two stories which I remember from childhood, The Little Engine that Could and The Tortoise and the Hare. We may think of these as children’s books and they are but they are also adult’s books and we should we them to ourselves once in a while to be reminded of, and to use the wisdom of the pages. We can also read stories of great battles won and lost, either real battles fought or those battles that we all have and must conquer in the social, emotional, physical, recreational and financial areas of life.

The Little Engine that Could (you can download a free pdf* at my webpage and read it to yourself and the children in your life) is a marvelous story of hope and victory.

I just took a moment to read it again, using emphasis of the words as if I were reading it for the first time and to my children as I remember doing when they were growing up. I must confess that this sentimental being had tears in my eyes when I finished. My eyes watered because I know of people who act like the indignant engines who say “no” today when they could easily help those in need and because I am deeply moved by others who think they are unworthy, who think that they do not have what it takes in talents and skills but give it their best shot and later rejoice with those who are involved in being victorious; just as the little engine and the toys in the story!

Then we read about the Tortoise and the Hare. (You can get a free pdf* of this also at my webpage). The story speaks of persistent and consistent effort and although a runner may not be the fastest (or strongest), he (or she) who stays in the race (and also thinks they can; thinks they can) will ultimately “win” the race!

Thinking by Walter D Wintle

Verse 4 of 4

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins

There are plenty of "successful" people who have achieved their successes later in life. Most people know about the Colonel of the KFC  chain, and Grandma Moses. Sometimes I wonder if I've achieved my success later in life because I read and knew about these late in life achievers; maybe I should have read more "early earners" success stories! 

Regardless your age; young or younger, I suggest that you heed the wisdom in the two children/adult stories I shared today and remember that the person who wins is truly the man or woman who THINKS THEY CAN! 

Ter Scott! 
Attainment Coach

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Here is your "Statement of Prosperity" that brings you wealth

“Before you open your mouth, open your mind”.  Ter Scott, 12/15/15

Today I will speak about your mind (thinking) and the words of your mouth (speaking). Plus, I will share how to “utter” the words of the Major 8 to have them become the “outer” in your life!

I was recently listening to Catherine Ponder as she expressed in one of her Dynamics of Prosperity talks and I took note of a few things. She explained how people don’t succeed and/or “prosper” because first, they “don’t open their mind to prosperity”.  I’ll speak more on that here and elsewhere.

A second point I will make today is that you can succeed when others are speaking lack, etc. why? (As a matter of fact, you must succeed; it is your responsibility!). Because they are speaking lack! And, if you are honest with yourself, have also joined in with their conversation of lack and non-prosperity. When someone says that he has “more month at the end of the money”, “not getting enough money in his check”, the “economy is bad” etc. that is “lack talk” and you should have no part in it. Must you know everything that is on the news in the newspaper; on the TV, radio or Internet? Are you one that even goes to sleep with the radio or TV on which pours more negative “news” and “lack talk” into your subconscious?

“We need to have a “lack talk” intolerance.” – Ter Scott, 12/15/15

KEY POINT: You can help in avoiding getting involved in the “lack talk” of gloom and doom; either in conversation or via the “media” that is around you, but that isn’t always easy. Since we “live” in this world, this negative will always surround us. So to counteract this you and I need to SPEAK words of prosperity! And, we need to speak more than we hear and see of all the “lack talk” that surrounds us. I remember Catherine Ponder stating that she had read somewhere that for every 15 minutes of positive words we read, we need to speak positive words for 5 minutes.

You may read words of prosperity (good books, and materials). You may listen to words of prosperity (audio products). You may even, with visuals like The Secret and other videos, watch words of prosperity. But unless you are SPEAKING WORDS OF PROSPERITY it won’t happen (or happen in a big enough way).

The answer is in your words and in the action of the “saying” of your own(ership)* words and how you say your words.
Today I will not tell you how to speak your words because my point here is that you need to “speak” your words and to do so frequently.

Yes, “open” your mind. Today I ask you to open your mind …to the “Major 8”.**  

Turn you thinking to plenty and you’ll have plenty.

I always remember a funny story my friend Zig Ziglar would tell his audiences. “I always knew I had plenty as a kid. Because when I’d asked for seconds at the dinner table, mom would tell me “no”, you’ve had plenty”.

Today, this week and from this time forward, I want you to prosper in all areas of your life. So I want you to confess it, I want you to say with your words: “I have plenty”.  

Now please understand that this is only a start; to say, “I have plenty”. Many of my readers may have already been stating “I have plenty”, but you must be “specific”. 

By stating that you have plenty in all areas of your life will ensure that you will have balance in all areas of your life. Would you like that? Balance has a serendipity of its own, in that if you are balanced in one area, it will show that you are out of balance in another and this will help you to get in balance; pretty cool huh? (I hear some of my readers saying, “maybe”).

So, you have read this far; now you need to act.

Remember we’ve already discussed that you probably have read words of abundance, and prosperity (along with watching and hearing) but this probably hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, right? OK, thank you for your honesty. So I encourage you to do the following action steps.

I have created a “Statement of  Prosperity” that will ensure a balance of prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life because it is based on the Major 8**. Write this (the act of writing is also good, so don’t simply copy and paste, and click “print”) on a 3x5 card and … actually read them out loud, yes speak them OUT LOUD, 3 times each day. (You can certainly be alone when you do so).  Here is your Statement of Prosperity.

Statement of  Prosperity

I have plenty in all areas of my life.

I have plenty in the area of good health.

I have plenty of good food.

I have plenty of restful sleep.

I have plenty of money for all of my needs
and the needs of those around me.

I have plenty of good life experiences
and have “plenty” in all areas to the point that
I am confident I’ll leave abundance
for my children’s children.

I have complete satisfaction in my area of sexuality.

There is plenty in the well-being of my children
and all those that I cover with my love.

I have plenty of respect
and feelings of importance;
I am prosperous, loved and love,
and I am important!

If you would like an 8 by 10 copy of the “Statement of Prosperity” that you can print, frame and display, request yours free by request at

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Best of continued success!
Ter Scott
Attainment Coach

*For those of you who do not know what the Major 8 is, it’s a list of the main areas of desires and needs by most people. When you have balance in all areas of the Major 8, you’ll have balance in your life. For more information on the Major 8 I invite you to contact me.

**Anytime you say, use or read the word: “own”, think ownership and take responsibility; “own” it! 

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Ter Scott! Attainment Coach

As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big. Donald Trump

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