Even Champions get Knocked Down, Bob Proctor and Sonia Ricotti offer 3 ways to Get up and Stay UP

We all go through times that are, shall I say, “low”; of course there are valleys as well as the peaks. It’s said that if we always lived on the peaks of life that we probably wouldn’t appreciate them as much. I hear some of you saying: “Just let me live comfortably in the middle somewhere”, while others are saying: “After living down here, just a peek at the peak would be very good”!

My friend Bob Proctor just emailed me this invitation and I’m forwarding it to my readers here. If you get this after the event, no worries; visit his site at www.bobproctor.com. He has a “ton” of stuff there!

I’m sharing his entire email here including the links because yes, I think it is that important! Read it and get what you can from this informative email and make the FREE webinar if it’s not too late. Remember I’ve got the first month’s free offer for my STRATEGIC ATTAINMENT Coaching. Your details are here: www.terscott.com/attainmentcoaching and www.terscott.com/attainmentcourse. You’ll also see some great freebies there, like the “I Am a Magnet” Affirmation sheet that you can print and use to attain daily!

Here’s Bob’s email to me. “See” you at the webinar!


Hi Ter,

If you're going through a difficult time in your life right now (in ANY area of your life), then make sure you don't miss this incredible (free) webinar. It's called:

"The 3 Step Proven Formula to Bounce Back -- Instantly (and higher than ever) When Life Knocks You Down."

Master these 3 steps and you WILL live a happy life (no matter what the circumstances are). In fact, once you master these 3 steps, you'll manifest the life of your dreams. 

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No matter what your current situation is, whether you're experiencing financial problems, going through a breakup, just lost your job, suffering from health issues, or maybe you're just feeling "stuck" in your life -- you CAN turn things around really quickly and bounce back higher than ever!

In this (free) webinar, #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down, Sonia Ricotti, will reveal to you the most powerful, most compelling, and most successful three-step formula for turning adversity anywhere in your life, into opportunity, greatness, and success--in record time! 


This will help you not only if you're going through a tough time in your life right now, but it will help you in the future as well. These tools will have you be "unsinkable" no matter what life throws your way! These are tools you will carry with you for the rest of your life...it is also the key to achieving and manifesting everything you want in life! 

I know that's a bold statement, but it's true. All you have to do is master the 3 steps in this webinar and it WILL transform you life -- in ALL areas of your life (finances, relationships, business, career, etc). 

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I want you to know that Sonia is no stranger to adversity, in fact, she lost everything overnight! She'll be sharing her incredible "Unsinkable" story on the webinar. The good news is that she turned things around in an extreme way and in record time. You'll be shocked when you hear her inspiring story.

Today, she is living the life of her dreams (beyond what she ever imagined was possible) filled with financial abundance, phenomenal success, great health, love, peace, and joy. She did it--and so can YOU.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this webinar:

* The 3 step formula for rapid recovery from anything and everything life could throw your way

* Your 3 sentence statement that turbo-charges your confidence and immediately elevates your vibration state 

* The ONE detrimental thing everyone does when faced with major obstacles...and how it guarantees you'll continue to suffer and repel miracles along the way--simply shift THIS and you'll transform your life

* The energy shift you can do easily (and anywhere) that will have you feeling better (and peaceful) instantly...and will turn things around in record time 

* The 10-fold "Maverick" goal-setting method that will simply take your breath away...and guaranteed to bring back the fire in your belly

You'll learn all these strategies and tools (without spending a dime) and begin using them right away.

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To your success,

Bob Proctor
Chairman & Founder
LifeSuccess Productions

P.S. No matter what obstacle you may be experiencing in your life right now (financial, health, career or relationship issues), you CAN turn things around very QUICKLY and Sonia will show you how.
This is truly a life-transforming webinar you are absolutely going to love (yes, it's THAT good) .

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Make it a great day!

Terrific. Engergizing. Results!

Ter Scott Offers Poem to Bob Proctor (The Secret)

Many of my readers may be familiar with Bob Proctor. He is a man who coaches people in the ways of the “Law of Attraction” and helps them get what they want out of their life. He is one of my mentors and I’ve absorbed much of his teachings and philosophies and internalized them, to realize great success too. So of course because I have used the same laws to achieve results in my life, much of what I teach and use to coach others is thanks to this “Secret”.

I believe that my source of anything good comes from God; the maker of the Universe and it does not come from others or my job, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am concerned, but not worried about being successful and having all of my needs met. I do concern myself with my business and do my best, but I “let go and let God”. So, with one of my businesses www.myimprintrep.com, where I supply imprinted promotional products to companies all over the country, I don’t fret about losing a sale. Or when I “miss” a speaking opportunity (www.terscott.com/speaker) because it only means that something better is meant for me and that sale or opportunity was truly meant for that other person. If I “miss” a sale for instance and someone else got it, I know that the person who got that sale really needed it and I sincerely rejoice for that person. I also state to myself silently or out loud (if no one is around but me and God): “Congratulations to you, now it’s my turn to receive an even bigger sale!” and many times it is a bigger sale than what I “lost”.

The other morning I woke with a poem in my head. Since I write songs, I quickly wrote this down with the idea that perhaps it would become fodder for a song sometime. I sent it off to my mentor Bob:

Hello Bob, I appreciate all you do and have read your books, etc.

Here is a poem (which might become a lyric to a song of mine) this morning. I’d like to share it with you:

I wake up to another great day;

Life starts to unfold in a wonderful way.

I’m the actor acting in the starring role of my own personal play-

Where I know I’ll get only what I think, do and say!

I’ve been blessed to be a motivational speaker (I’d like more bookings) involved with the principles of The Secret (www.attainmentrules.com) and also Marketing and Customer Service (www.terscott.com).

Feel free to use the poem as you’d like and best of continued success.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!


So dear reader, I leave you with that same poem today. Feel free to write it on a 3 x 5 card and look at it often. Print it on a piece of paper and post it where you’ll see it. Put it on your website and even publish it if you’d like but please link it to www.attainmentrules.com when you do and give me the usual courtesy credit.


Make it a great day!



What Can I Give Today?

The secret of living is giving; so what can you (and I) give today?

Sometimes our bank accounts are low and so we think that we cannot give because we have “nothing” to give. But everything is not “money”.

It’s now spring and many of us will do some cleaning and find things we haven’t used, clothes we have not worn, and an array of stuff that we have to walk around that just “fills” our lives. We think that we are “attached” to them, that they have great value, that we may wear them again, that they will come back into style, etc. Give them life, by getting them out of your life, and into the life of another person who can actually use them! Give these things to friends, to a charity such as Goodwill, Savers or other, or simply set them out front on the curb with a big sign: “FREE”!

Put “urgency” on your giving. If you need a blessing in any of the Major 8, and you need it now; give now. If you need to receive in any way; “blessings”, financially or otherwise, give now!

Ideally, if you need “time” you should give “time”. If you need “money” you should give “money” because you will usually receive as you sow; for instance, when planting tomatoes you harvest tomatoes! But, just by getting rid of things in your life, you’ll physically make room for new things in your life, and you’ll find that other areas of your life will grow too.

Make a list of people who you know, friends and relatives with a short description of their likes and hobbies. Then you can give your unused and unwanted items to them. I keep a small area with boxes labeled with my kid’s and grandkid’s names and when I come across something that I think would benefit them, I put it in the box, and when I visit them, I take it to them.

Set aside some things that you would like to put in your garage sale, or that you want to sell online if you’d like. But know this; don’t think that by selling these things that you will “get more”. There is something about “giving” instead of “selling” that brings more return; probably because you will get a return in more areas other than only financially.

The secret of living is giving. So, what can I give today?