What Can I Give Today?

The secret of living is giving; so what can you (and I) give today?

Sometimes our bank accounts are low and so we think that we cannot give because we have “nothing” to give. But everything is not “money”.

It’s now spring and many of us will do some cleaning and find things we haven’t used, clothes we have not worn, and an array of stuff that we have to walk around that just “fills” our lives. We think that we are “attached” to them, that they have great value, that we may wear them again, that they will come back into style, etc. Give them life, by getting them out of your life, and into the life of another person who can actually use them! Give these things to friends, to a charity such as Goodwill, Savers or other, or simply set them out front on the curb with a big sign: “FREE”!

Put “urgency” on your giving. If you need a blessing in any of the Major 8, and you need it now; give now. If you need to receive in any way; “blessings”, financially or otherwise, give now!

Ideally, if you need “time” you should give “time”. If you need “money” you should give “money” because you will usually receive as you sow; for instance, when planting tomatoes you harvest tomatoes! But, just by getting rid of things in your life, you’ll physically make room for new things in your life, and you’ll find that other areas of your life will grow too.

Make a list of people who you know, friends and relatives with a short description of their likes and hobbies. Then you can give your unused and unwanted items to them. I keep a small area with boxes labeled with my kid’s and grandkid’s names and when I come across something that I think would benefit them, I put it in the box, and when I visit them, I take it to them.

Set aside some things that you would like to put in your garage sale, or that you want to sell online if you’d like. But know this; don’t think that by selling these things that you will “get more”. There is something about “giving” instead of “selling” that brings more return; probably because you will get a return in more areas other than only financially.

The secret of living is giving. So, what can I give today?


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