Ter Scott Offers Poem to Bob Proctor (The Secret)

Many of my readers may be familiar with Bob Proctor. He is a man who coaches people in the ways of the “Law of Attraction” and helps them get what they want out of their life. He is one of my mentors and I’ve absorbed much of his teachings and philosophies and internalized them, to realize great success too. So of course because I have used the same laws to achieve results in my life, much of what I teach and use to coach others is thanks to this “Secret”.

I believe that my source of anything good comes from God; the maker of the Universe and it does not come from others or my job, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am concerned, but not worried about being successful and having all of my needs met. I do concern myself with my business and do my best, but I “let go and let God”. So, with one of my businesses www.myimprintrep.com, where I supply imprinted promotional products to companies all over the country, I don’t fret about losing a sale. Or when I “miss” a speaking opportunity (www.terscott.com/speaker) because it only means that something better is meant for me and that sale or opportunity was truly meant for that other person. If I “miss” a sale for instance and someone else got it, I know that the person who got that sale really needed it and I sincerely rejoice for that person. I also state to myself silently or out loud (if no one is around but me and God): “Congratulations to you, now it’s my turn to receive an even bigger sale!” and many times it is a bigger sale than what I “lost”.

The other morning I woke with a poem in my head. Since I write songs, I quickly wrote this down with the idea that perhaps it would become fodder for a song sometime. I sent it off to my mentor Bob:

Hello Bob, I appreciate all you do and have read your books, etc.

Here is a poem (which might become a lyric to a song of mine) this morning. I’d like to share it with you:

I wake up to another great day;

Life starts to unfold in a wonderful way.

I’m the actor acting in the starring role of my own personal play-

Where I know I’ll get only what I think, do and say!

I’ve been blessed to be a motivational speaker (I’d like more bookings) involved with the principles of The Secret (www.attainmentrules.com) and also Marketing and Customer Service (www.terscott.com).

Feel free to use the poem as you’d like and best of continued success.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!


So dear reader, I leave you with that same poem today. Feel free to write it on a 3 x 5 card and look at it often. Print it on a piece of paper and post it where you’ll see it. Put it on your website and even publish it if you’d like but please link it to www.attainmentrules.com when you do and give me the usual courtesy credit.


Make it a great day!



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