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5 Feet Tall and 100 Pounds of Pure Determination! Must Watch Video

Do you have obstacles in your life? Check this out.

Here is a video of "inspiration in motion"! Watch this video to get inspired to do anything that you want to do just before you do it. Notice how this woman takes her time and you can see her "visualize" her victory! And note too how when you have a goal and do it, the world cheers with you! Very cool!

You'll hear the excited announcer state: "She's not human!". I would call her the "human spider". Very, very cool!!! Watch many times; enjoy!

Tony Robbins calls it "re-framing"

Tony Robbins calls it "reframing" and it's all about one's perception. I saw this on Facebook and then responded with my thoughts which fostered many other comments.

Random confession / quirk: sometimes I like to listen to the ocean that is my coffee cup. Every morning is a vacation on the beach.

(The rushing sound that one hears is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment, resonating within the cup. So, am I not surrounded by an ocean?)

It's all perception. When I was a security guard at a beautiful college campus one summer I had access to the beautiful grounds that were enjoyed by those who came from our southern states and rented the dorms for our cooler summers. I would sometimes close my eyes and imagine that I was a "visitor" and opened my eyes thinking that I was a guest but didn't have to pay for the pleasures; actually I got paid to realize these same pleasures! PS. Your coffee cup is a great substitute until you get to the ocean!