Tony Robbins calls it "re-framing"

Tony Robbins calls it "reframing" and it's all about one's perception. I saw this on Facebook and then responded with my thoughts which fostered many other comments.

Random confession / quirk: sometimes I like to listen to the ocean that is my coffee cup. Every morning is a vacation on the beach.

(The rushing sound that one hears is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment, resonating within the cup. So, am I not surrounded by an ocean?)

It's all perception. When I was a security guard at a beautiful college campus one summer I had access to the beautiful grounds that were enjoyed by those who came from our southern states and rented the dorms for our cooler summers. I would sometimes close my eyes and imagine that I was a "visitor" and opened my eyes thinking that I was a guest but didn't have to pay for the pleasures; actually I got paid to realize these same pleasures! PS. Your coffee cup is a great substitute until you get to the ocean!

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