Rule 4: Be Careful In Sharing Your Secrets...

November 23rd, 2010
In past discussions, I spoke about rule 1, stating how important it is to find a “quiet place” and choosing one or several of the 8 desires most people. Our second discussion was about making a “mental picture” of these wants and desires. Last time we discussed how we need to choose wisely in what we want to attain for ourselves and not what others want for us. Today, we will discuss the fourth “secret” rule for attainment which is to keep our success plans to ourselves and/or only to those close to us.
There are many reasons why it is important to keep your goals and desires to yourself, at least until you start to attain some of them and experience success. When you “own” your goals and desires and take responsibility for them, you and you alone, control the outcome. It is and always will be your responsibility to act and make it happen. Others knowing your goals and desires usually will not expedite the arrival of your goals and dreams but opens them up to criticism and scrutiny and dilutes the concentration element so necessary for attainment. Seeking advice is fine, but ultimately it comes down to this: this is your job! Most often others do not and cannot understand what you desire as only you can.
Remember that ideas, goals, etc. first start in the mind of the conceiver, believer, and achiever. They need to be nurtured and protected from unnecessary winds of doubt. To attain your desire, you may have to move mountains as it is, so why put up needless obstacles?
Part of bringing your desire into existence is to “speak it”. When you say “I Am a Magnet” for example, your words are “heard” by your subconscious and after many times, you believe it and you “attract” things and the conditions that are right for attaining it.
Right now, ask yourself what do you do for a living (income)? If I were to ask most people, without hesitation they would respond with “I am a doctor, I am a mechanic, teacher”, etc. Now if you responded with “I Am a Magnet”, they would think that you have the mind of someone still in elementary school, just as if you had said: “I’m a little teapot”. (In a sense you are in “elementary” school; the school of attainment!)
Can you now begin to understand what happens by revealing your dream(s) and invoke a response by someone else? Is it negative or positive; good or bad, productive or destructive? Would their response move you closer to your goal or farther away?
If your dream is to be a real estate investor for example, and you have not purchased your first house, and/or have not sold your first house yet (which in your mind and the mind of others is the “definition” of what makes a real estate investor) and you answered with: “I’m a real estate investor”, they may think that you are “bananas” just as if you stated that you are a magnet, or a teapot! Who needs this?
However, if you have a few close friends or partners who answer with positive responses such as “that’s cool”, “you can do it”, etc. then go ahead and share your dreams and goals but still, it's best not to reveal "all" and know that it is up to you to make it happen!
The universe is always working to bring circumstances about or to dismiss it as something you really don’t want. The more you say you desire something and act to these desires, you bring them about or you do not; again this is up to you. However, this I believe also holds true: when others agree with you in achieving your goals, this does expedite them into existence! But when others doubt the possibility of achievement (you'll never be a real estate investor, etc.), you just have more doubt and obstacles to deal with and, the universe gets mixed signals! It's easier to control your own thoughts and words than the thoughts and words of others. Put out postive affirmations, and not negative affirmations. If you cannot yet control your own thoughts, words and deeds in a positive manner that will hinder the creation of your desires, and are not strong enough to repel any negative from others, and can not counteract the  negativsm of others, keep these desires protected; keep them to yourself.
Know that you are ultimately responsible for attaining you desires and no one else. So, bring only those who you trust to promote these desires into your confidence. You and any others must share the same dream or you will not only have your own thoughts and doubts to get through, but that of others as well.
Go forth and do great things. Ter

Secret Rule #3: Build your own Mental Picture!

November 16th, 2010
As always, I’m going to remind you and any new person visiting here, that to get the most from this blog, you need to print your copy of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment and your I Am a Magnet posters. Consider framing them and hanging them where you will see them often. They are free. Visit: .
Now let’s get on with this week’s topic. I will now discuss number 3 in the 10 Secret Rules of Attainment. First before we get started, let me ask: “have you read the two previous articles concerning the first two rules”? “Are you reading the 10 Rules poster at least one time daily so you understand  the  overview and are internalizing its concepts”?
Although all 10 rules concern your mental imaging, rules 2 through 7 contain “mental picture” in its description. Previously we talked about the “making” of your mental picture. Now I will speak specifically about how your mental image and desires should be about what you, and not others around you, want.
How many of us know others who absolutely hate what they do for a living? Their mental picture definitely is not their own; they are living someone else’s dream. Sure, we find ourselves needing to provide income for our families. I’m here to tell you that when you are living in the way you are meant to live, things such as providing for our family become easier.  in all areas of your life, you’ll find  that you won’t have to work so hard to provide, and you’ll enjoy it!  
With just a bit of courage, you can step out and find that your talent(s) that has been bestowed upon you at birth, when nurtured will grow and provide you with more than enough abundance in all of the 8 areas (in rule one) that are desired and sought by you and every human being. When we know our own mental picture(s) clearly and live our own mental pictures life seems easier because we are living what we are supposed to be living. What if we were an animal? A zebra does not live a horse’s life; a dog does not live a cat’s life. Are you a zebra, horse, dog, cat, or …? Find out what and who you are, trust yourself, your talents, and with your potential go forward living how you should live. Only then will you find contentment and be able to “master” things in your life instead of having them “master” you. For instance, when we are not master of our money, money masters us. We are forced to earn money in any way we can to pay our bills. We forget that our creator built us with everything we need to acquire money (and the other eight desires) easily, simply by providing the world around us what we are naturally equipped with. The same thing holds true for the other seven human desires: when we do not master our health, we have health issues, when we don’t master our food intake; we have weight issues, and so on.
A Latin proverb states: “Live your own life, for you will die your own death”. Sobering perhaps, but since our lives will end on this earth someday; does it not make sense to live the life we want? The life we want is really the life we are meant to live. Again, the zebra wants to live the life of a zebra. When it wants to work and live different than what it is meant to be, it is a miserable zebra! As they say: “a zebra cannot change its stripes”. But what people think when they hear ands say that is only the “negative” that people can not change for the better; once a zebra, always a zebra. But when people “change” for the better, they are actually just living what and how they were meant to live! If you are a “zebra”, be a zebra and live to your full “zebra” self!
If we are living the life our Father and his Father before him has lived only because it is “our lot in life”, we are not living to our own full potential and what we are meant to be. The answer to “why can’t you be more like your brother?” (if you’ve ever heard that) is because you are not your brother. He is he, and you are you and that is good; very good!
Living “what we are supposed to be” is not selfish; because when we are who we are supposed to be, only then can we give the most to others around us and be the best person, the best dad, the best lover, the best “whatever”. Have you seen the movie “Walk the Line” which was the Johnny Cash story? For the most part, I think this was very much true to his life story. What I got from his life example is that here was a man who knew in his heart of hearts that he was a songwriter, and all through the movie, it showed how others and circumstances tried to beat him down and keep him from what he knew he was, what he wanted and what he was meant to be. His destiny (like yours) was inevitable. He was to be that songwriter, that performer, and that person who he was meant to be. And because he pushed through all obstacles, like that mountain I spoke about earlier, he did become that person and the world is now richer for it.
Mark Twain told us: “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want”. Spend some time this week looking over your life. Reflect on your past and ask yourself in what areas you are good and talented. Never mind skills, those you attain as you grow your talent and abilities. What are you talents? What dream have you abandoned because you thought you could not “live” on its potential provision?  Know that you are already built with the desires, talents, and dreams that can supply all of your wants and need. (We’ll talk more about this with Secret Rule number eight).
For some reading this, they will need to keep working at their present job until they have the courage and wherewithal to step out, and finally quit to live their own dreams. Others will quit today and seek their goals. I’m not telling you what to do. In the story of Johnny Cash’s life, others, and yours, the decision is yours alone. Recently I decided to make the decision to quit one “job” or income source to go “backwards” a bit financially but to free up some time to cultivate other income sources. I looked at the situation and made the decision and am going forward. When you are working for someone else, you are working for that person’s dream. That job is not secure; there is no such thing as “job security”, you could be out of a job today so be in charge; make your own income. When you are renting, your landlord could sell the property. The new landlord may raise the rent, causing you to leave so own your own place. Own your income, own your home, and own your life! If you don’t own your own business, or source of income, own your home or your life right now, make the effort this moment to work toward those goals. This must be your mental picture. You never know when things will change and you need to be prepared. Build the well before you need the water! Build your mental picture on what you really want; not on what others want for you. They mean well, but only you can live what you are meant to be. Your life is your life! As Johnny told us: "Let the music play".

“You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.” Johnny Cash

"The Master of Life's been good to me. He has given me strength to face past illnesses, and victory in the face of defeat. He has given me life and joy where other saw oblivion. He Has given new purpose to live for, new services to render and old wounds to heal. Life and love go on, let the music play.” Johnny Cash

Second Secret Rule for Attainment: Make a Mental Picture

November 9, 2010
Before I start this week’s blog entry let me be sure that you’ve printed both your copy of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment and your I Am a Magnet posters. Consider framing them and hanging them where you will see them often. They are free. Visit: .
How to get the most from these two posters:
Place them in an area where you can read them often.
Make it a habit to read each through at least once when you wake in the morning and once before retiring at night; ideally three times is best (and 3 is a good number!).
By reading them often, you’ll start to internalize everything and you’ll see the results you want.
Visit this blog weekly, read the entries, and place your comment (be involved in your desires!).
The second “Secret” Rule for Attainment is the topic for this week’s blog: Make a mental picture of what you wish to attain. First of course, you need to know that you are worthy of what ever goal or desire you wish, which is what I spoke of last week. Unless you believe that you can achieve, you’ll never receive!
This rule can be broken down into 3 parts: making a mental picture, choosing and focusing on one (or two) desires, thinking about it often with more detail each time.  
It’s part two of the rule, but we need to consider this first: choosing your desire. I remember looking at the Sears catalog as a kid and “dreaming” about what I could get for Christmas. And I felt really good inside; it was a real feeling that what I saw in the pictures, I could really have. What happened to us as we got older? Making a living got in the way perhaps, having others tell us that those things aren’t available for us; we can’t afford it, etc. We need to cancel that and become a “kid” again. We really are just kids with long legs! I’m not saying to throw away all sense of responsibility, but try to capture the wonder of youth!  So choose something you want and focus on this one thing.
Start with something small so when this goal or desire is achieved your belief will grow and you can believe in bigger things. Also know that “bigger” things may require a “bigger” time span for it to come about; we’ll talk more about this with rule number 6.
Making a mental picture doesn’t have to be difficult. Let me ask you what you see when you see a tiger? You remember a picture of a tiger you’ve seen in a magazine, on T.V. or in a zoo. Now, did you see just the head; frontal view, side view, or did you see the entire body? Was it roaring? Was it running; if so, was it running fast, slow, after its prey?
How was this exercise for you? Well, let’s say that you desire a car. (It can be anything you desire so do not let your mind tell you that this is “materialistic” and you shouldn’t ask for it or deserve it. If you want to replace “car” with having a “great relationship” with your son, daughter, spouse, or friend, or any other desire you can “make work”, insert that here instead). How does your car “look”; what are the details inside and out? Now, get the other senses involved. How does the steering wheel feel against your palms? Does it have that “new car” smell? Can you hear the hum of the engine, the slam of the door as you close it? Is your car running, moving, fast, or slow? If you are creative, you may even think of a way to get your taste sense involved; I’ll let that up to you!
Thirdly, add more detail to your image continually. Don’t worry if you don’t get every detail of what you desire in your mind’s eye right away- continue “building” your image daily. Even if you are not an artist, you can keep a notebook or sketch book with your drawings of your desires to help cement your image in your mind. Collect pictures of your desire(s) and look at them often. Later I will share how to make a dream book, and a dream board which are aids to moving you toward successfully attaining your dreams.  Surround yourself with things that remind you of your goals and desires. Get excited about reaching and attaining your desire. Visualize yourself using your attained item, and living with it or experiencing it!
About a month ago, I took a road trip in Wisconsin. One of the places I visited and spent much time at is The House on the Rock in Spring Green,   Wisconsin. It was the home of Alex Jordan; a man who had dreams, created them (in this house) and lived them! Today it is a museum which holds a collection of toys and visual creations both small and large (OK, huge); many that he found and brought back and many that he built such as the huge killer whale, and the carousel. I encourage you to at least visit the web site at: and put it on your list of places to visit planning to spend at least a day to see it all (even the restrooms displayed exhibits). You’ll see books on this site about the House on the Rock and Alex Jordan which celebrates its 50th year of public exhibition. I wanted to share this because here was a man who understood the second Rule for Attainment, because in the museum you’ll see displayed many of his ideas (images) in sketch form. Alex first had the idea and chose what he wanted to create, focused on its successful accomplishment and saw it become reality.
I’m drinking my morning coffee from a simple ceramic mug which depicts Alex and his House on the Rock that I purchased while I was there. It’s my way to “surround” myself with the reminder that if others have such attained things, I can too. (You’ll see this is Rule # 9).
I wish you the best in attaining your desires, you are meant to receive them. Today we talked of choosing what you want, making your mental image, and making it more detailed until it comes about. I started this blog by stating that the universe of abundance that you can choose from is like a catalog of things available to you. Know that the universe is vast and there is more than enough for everyone’s desires. When you attain your desire, you are not “taking” from someone else, because they desire something else; everyone wins! Read again in the “I Am A Magnet” affirmation: I choose lavish abundance for myself…   AND ALL MANKIND.  Most often when you choose and attain something, others win too. When you purchase that new car we talked about, the moms and dads who work in the car factory, those who manufactured and sold the parts to the factory, the people who work at the convenience store where you buy the gas for your new car along with countless others, all made and continue to make money to enrich their lives from your purchase! You did a great thing just by first desiring and then attaining your dream!  
Best wishes! Now go forth and do great things!
Ter Scott!

Get quiet, meditate, then attain!

November 2, 2010
This week I’m discussing the first of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment. (If you’ve not yet received your free copy of 10 Secret Rules for Attainment and the Bonus affirmation: “I Am a Magnet “posters do so now by going to: .
The very first of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment is: Get quiet, and meditate.
Before I talk about getting quiet and meditating you need to know in your heart that all of the 8 desires that all people have not only can be yours, but they are yours… now, you simply need to accept them.  
But have you decided which of these eight you want to focus on? Eventually you probably want to attain all eight of these; to have a well-balanced and happy life. Perhaps right now you are ailing, not feeling well, or have a very serious health condition. When you get quiet and meditate about this situation, be sure to think and visualize the positive outcome of actually feeling and being better.
I remember one time; it's been about 20 years ago now, that I had a serious chainsaw accident to my face. My jaw was wired shut, and I had to eat my food through a straw. That meant eating things like Jell-O and soup. I can still remember my first meal that I actually enjoyed because I was able to chew it. Definitely we need to take the time to enjoy our food and also of course have good food to eat. Perhaps the enjoyment of food is something that you wish to attain; and that certainly has a lot to do with being in good health. Another thing that ties into all this is a restful night's sleep. Many people suffer from not being able to sleep. Perhaps they just have too much on her mind. Perhaps too much stress in their life. I encourage you, if this is the case, to take time to get quiet, and meditate. Think of positive things in your life. Have an attitude of gratitude. Take time to get off the fast paced merry-go-round in your life. Like it's been said: stop, and smell the roses!
Perhaps as many people are, you desire money. Many of us have this desire messed up. Some of us ask for money for all the wrong reasons. Some of us don't believe that we can have money, and some of us have so much money and we don't really know how to use it; money masters us instead of us being the master of money. This talk of money is an entry, or a complete seminar, in itself. And perhaps one of the eight might be just being able to enjoy your life, having a balance in life, and also living it in such a way that you leave a legacy after you are gone. Leaving a legacy doesn't always mean money, but it is also the example that you lead so that others who come after you can emulate that and also become a better person as well. And of course sexual gratification is one of the most important desires of a person. Who wants to be frustrated in any area of their life? And finally, not only feeling important, but yes being important and also having the respect that one should have. Every one of these desires again requires much thought. But what we all need to do is take time to meditate focusing on one or two of these desires to improve them and attain them in our life.
So how does one get quiet, and meditate? I know sometimes this is easier said than done. This will require discipline on your part. You may have to say no to some things in your life because of course there is only 24 hours in a day. Are you a morning person or a night person? Perhaps your quiet time may be just after you wake and you're lying in bed and you can spend perhaps 5 to 10 min., perhaps even more just lying there counting your blessings and thanking God with your attitude of gratitude for all the blessings that you have, before you start your day. Or perhaps nighttime is your quiet time just before you retire at night.
My quiet time is in the morning when the world itself seems a little quieter. I like to get up in the dark before the sunrise, get a cup of coffee and sit at my computer and meditate. Whatever your time that works best for you, it is a great time to Journal your thoughts in a notebook or perhaps on your computer in a word document so you can refer to this later and be inspired, and see the actual proof and evidence that you are succeeding in attaining your goals. This time of getting quiet and meditating has been used I people for centuries; people of all walks of life and even famous people. This is when inspiration and ideas come to you as well. Great thinkers have come up with solutions to situations, inventions, discoveries, and many of the great things that make the world a better place happened because one person took the time to get quiet and meditate. You too are great in your own way.
I wish you the very best of success. May you attain all of the desires that you wish. I’ll meet you here next week!
Make it a great day!
Ter Scott
PS. I wanted to share with you an instance in which Dale Carnegie, the author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” states in the same book how he takes one night per week to meditate and go over every contact with each person he has had in the prior week, going over each conversation and asking himself how it could have been made better. So, I went to the text to find it, and lo and behold, there in chapter 2, he speaks of these 8 desires! I would encourage you to purchase this book at your earliest convenience and read it. Forget that it was written in 1936; it’s principles are as timely as if it were written today!
If you have questions/comments, etc. please state them in the comments section and I will “answer” them in the email communication I send weekly to all attainment seekers. You never have to worry about having your post seen by the public with anything personal as I will moderate all comments and delete anything deemed personal before it is published. Further, be assured that your information is not sold and will only be used within the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment program. Later, you may consider applying for my one on one coaching available through email.