Second Secret Rule for Attainment: Make a Mental Picture

November 9, 2010
Before I start this week’s blog entry let me be sure that you’ve printed both your copy of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment and your I Am a Magnet posters. Consider framing them and hanging them where you will see them often. They are free. Visit: .
How to get the most from these two posters:
Place them in an area where you can read them often.
Make it a habit to read each through at least once when you wake in the morning and once before retiring at night; ideally three times is best (and 3 is a good number!).
By reading them often, you’ll start to internalize everything and you’ll see the results you want.
Visit this blog weekly, read the entries, and place your comment (be involved in your desires!).
The second “Secret” Rule for Attainment is the topic for this week’s blog: Make a mental picture of what you wish to attain. First of course, you need to know that you are worthy of what ever goal or desire you wish, which is what I spoke of last week. Unless you believe that you can achieve, you’ll never receive!
This rule can be broken down into 3 parts: making a mental picture, choosing and focusing on one (or two) desires, thinking about it often with more detail each time.  
It’s part two of the rule, but we need to consider this first: choosing your desire. I remember looking at the Sears catalog as a kid and “dreaming” about what I could get for Christmas. And I felt really good inside; it was a real feeling that what I saw in the pictures, I could really have. What happened to us as we got older? Making a living got in the way perhaps, having others tell us that those things aren’t available for us; we can’t afford it, etc. We need to cancel that and become a “kid” again. We really are just kids with long legs! I’m not saying to throw away all sense of responsibility, but try to capture the wonder of youth!  So choose something you want and focus on this one thing.
Start with something small so when this goal or desire is achieved your belief will grow and you can believe in bigger things. Also know that “bigger” things may require a “bigger” time span for it to come about; we’ll talk more about this with rule number 6.
Making a mental picture doesn’t have to be difficult. Let me ask you what you see when you see a tiger? You remember a picture of a tiger you’ve seen in a magazine, on T.V. or in a zoo. Now, did you see just the head; frontal view, side view, or did you see the entire body? Was it roaring? Was it running; if so, was it running fast, slow, after its prey?
How was this exercise for you? Well, let’s say that you desire a car. (It can be anything you desire so do not let your mind tell you that this is “materialistic” and you shouldn’t ask for it or deserve it. If you want to replace “car” with having a “great relationship” with your son, daughter, spouse, or friend, or any other desire you can “make work”, insert that here instead). How does your car “look”; what are the details inside and out? Now, get the other senses involved. How does the steering wheel feel against your palms? Does it have that “new car” smell? Can you hear the hum of the engine, the slam of the door as you close it? Is your car running, moving, fast, or slow? If you are creative, you may even think of a way to get your taste sense involved; I’ll let that up to you!
Thirdly, add more detail to your image continually. Don’t worry if you don’t get every detail of what you desire in your mind’s eye right away- continue “building” your image daily. Even if you are not an artist, you can keep a notebook or sketch book with your drawings of your desires to help cement your image in your mind. Collect pictures of your desire(s) and look at them often. Later I will share how to make a dream book, and a dream board which are aids to moving you toward successfully attaining your dreams.  Surround yourself with things that remind you of your goals and desires. Get excited about reaching and attaining your desire. Visualize yourself using your attained item, and living with it or experiencing it!
About a month ago, I took a road trip in Wisconsin. One of the places I visited and spent much time at is The House on the Rock in Spring Green,   Wisconsin. It was the home of Alex Jordan; a man who had dreams, created them (in this house) and lived them! Today it is a museum which holds a collection of toys and visual creations both small and large (OK, huge); many that he found and brought back and many that he built such as the huge killer whale, and the carousel. I encourage you to at least visit the web site at: and put it on your list of places to visit planning to spend at least a day to see it all (even the restrooms displayed exhibits). You’ll see books on this site about the House on the Rock and Alex Jordan which celebrates its 50th year of public exhibition. I wanted to share this because here was a man who understood the second Rule for Attainment, because in the museum you’ll see displayed many of his ideas (images) in sketch form. Alex first had the idea and chose what he wanted to create, focused on its successful accomplishment and saw it become reality.
I’m drinking my morning coffee from a simple ceramic mug which depicts Alex and his House on the Rock that I purchased while I was there. It’s my way to “surround” myself with the reminder that if others have such attained things, I can too. (You’ll see this is Rule # 9).
I wish you the best in attaining your desires, you are meant to receive them. Today we talked of choosing what you want, making your mental image, and making it more detailed until it comes about. I started this blog by stating that the universe of abundance that you can choose from is like a catalog of things available to you. Know that the universe is vast and there is more than enough for everyone’s desires. When you attain your desire, you are not “taking” from someone else, because they desire something else; everyone wins! Read again in the “I Am A Magnet” affirmation: I choose lavish abundance for myself…   AND ALL MANKIND.  Most often when you choose and attain something, others win too. When you purchase that new car we talked about, the moms and dads who work in the car factory, those who manufactured and sold the parts to the factory, the people who work at the convenience store where you buy the gas for your new car along with countless others, all made and continue to make money to enrich their lives from your purchase! You did a great thing just by first desiring and then attaining your dream!  
Best wishes! Now go forth and do great things!
Ter Scott!

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