Ter Scott's Success Quotes Today: Expect more, and get it.

Ter Scott's Success Quotes Today: Expect more, and get it.: One formula for success: List all the things you do to get ahead in life, to have great relationships, to make more money and your other des...

What are your life's desires and how do they compare with other people's?

Your first introduction to the Major 8

This is how I start my live (Major 8™) seminars and workshops; or at least it is some variation as to what I do depending on the variables at the time. I encourage you to go through this material with me as if you are an active participant attending my live event.

I usually have people from the audience call out these things but for you here, to get the most from this exercise I want you to either number a sheet of paper from 1 to 10 (or simply fill in the blanks which follow). Take some time to list 10 of your life’s desires. Think about you and what you want.

1.      ________________________________

2.      ________________________________

3.      ________________________________

4.      ________________________________

5.      ________________________________

6.      ________________________________

7.      ________________________________

8.      ________________________________

9.      ________________________________

10.  ________________________________

For some of you, you weren’t able to come up with 10 things. This may be because you think more of others than yourself. I understand that. But please understand this. When you are thinking of yourself (in the “right” way) you cannot do so without thinking of others. So now to help you complete the list (if you haven’t yet done so) think of areas or situations which you would like to have “improved” or “increased” in your life. Please complete your list all the way to 10 (even if you have to “fudge” or “repeat” something or put something really “crazy” on your list; just be sure to do all 10; it’s important! Then come back here and continue reading).

Great; you are done with your list; at least for now.

I see that many of my readers (and attendees at my seminars) have written “money” on the list and usually it is placed as “#1” or at least close to the top. I also see “time” listed; I will address that later. Some would like to look better, feel better and have better relationships; these are all good desires!

I have my own list which I will share soon but I’d like first to share a couple of similar lists that are “out there” and used to explain and help people achieve their desires.

Napoleon Hill had his list of 12:

1. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
2. Sound physical health
3. Harmony in human relationships
4. Freedom from fear
5. The hope of achievement
6. The capacity for faith
7. A willingness to share one's blessings
8. A labour of love
9. An open mind on all subjects
10. Self-discipline
11. The capacity to understand people
12. Economic security (money)

How does your list compare with Hill’s? Granted, Hill probably gave a lot of thought and edited his list before publishing it, but note where he placed “money”. (And note where he placed “being positive”). It would be “awesome” for you to conduct a self-study using Hill’s 12 on your own. For our purposes here, let’s move on.

My list is called the Major 8™. Over time I worked with them, lived with them and improved my life and the lives of others by sharing them. However, I “forgot” where I came up with them originally. So I did some searching online. In my search I found:

Michael Vance has his list of 8:

"The 8 Equities: Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Intellectual, Emotional, Financial, Social and Family"

I had never heard of Michael but looking at his website I find his materials quite interesting and helpful. His list of equities seems to be a list which he may have started, or it may have come before him, but he certainly has done much to promote it as it seems to be quite popular in the self-improvement fields. The Major 8 covers this and more.

Dale Carnegie has his list of 8:

A book that changed my life (literally) while I was still in high school was the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. My only wish is that I would have read it more often and reviewed it at least one time a month as the author suggests*. My search of trying to find out where I came up with this list of 8 eluded me until one day I revisited How to Win Friends.

And there it was; on page one of chapter two, The Big Secret of Dealing with People.

What do you want? Not many things, but the few that you do wish, you crave with an insistence that will not be denied. Some of the things most people want include:

1.      Health and the preservation of life.
2.      Food.
3.      Sleep.
4.      Money and the things money will buy.
5.      Life in the hereafter.
6.      Sexual Gratification.
7.      The well-being of our children.
8.      A feeling of importance.

Carnegie goes on to tell us which of the above is the most sought after desire on the list. Do you think it is “money”, “sex” or “sleep”? The answer may astonish you. You can find out for yourself as you can download “How to Win Friends” free here on my site.

Note that Carnegie places “money” as item number 4 in the list. I’m thinking that his list was in any particular order (as you’ll see when you see what number what he thinks the most important desire is).

Many readers of Carnegie’s book would gloss over this list and move to the next page. I was intrigued so much by it that I developed it into something I could use and benefit and then share with others so they too could benefit and share! This list is so powerful when you take each desire and work with it and understand it and then base your life on it.

I took this list and altered it slightly. Here is my list and what I have come to call, The Major 8™.

1.      Good Health
2.      Enjoyment of Food
3.      Restful Sleep
4.      Money
5.      Life and Legacy
6.      Sexual Gratification
7.      Well-being of Your Children and Those you Love
8.      A feeling of Importance and Respect

So you can see that my “list” differs slightly and in this material I will tell you why and will go into great depth on each and share with you how when you understand and use my exercises in each area that you will gain a truly abundant life!

*You should not only consider reading this great self-help classic, but study it and do the action points it offers. Forget that it was written and published in 1936 and speaks of the events of and prior to that time. The principles remain the same and when you follow its precepts, you will become wealthy beyond your imagination.

Please leave your comments below and be sure to visit again and I continue to present more about the Major 8™ and how you can use it to impact your life in a wonderful and abundant way!

Ter Scott!

What do you really want? Find out today.

Dear Reader. I will soon be presenting seminars both off and online teaching how to Live in Balance by using what I've developed as the Major 8. If you would like to keep in touch so you'll know when this comes about, I encourage you to "Follow by Email" somewhere on this page. The following is one of the exercises we'll cover in the live sessions. Please let me know how it helps you in the comments area below. 

What do you want? 

Before we get started, let’s have some “fun” and get to know what it is that we really “want”; that is why you are here reading these words, right? Mark Twain said, “'I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want.” As the Life and Legacy Coach™, that has also been my “dilemma” in coaching others and admittedly, I’ve wrestled a bit with this in my own endeavors.

I’m convinced that people don’t achieve and “get” the things they “say” they want because they don’t know what it is that they want! I remember asking someone what they would do if they had “a million dollars”. They responded that “they didn’t know”. And I told them that that was why they will never have “a million dollars”. What a conversation that became!!!

Here’s an exercise to get you “knowing” what it is that you “want” so you can actually move forward to gain abundance in your life. Zig Ziglar said something like, “if you can’t see the target, you’ll never be able to hit it”.

Following is a list of words that I’d like you to “write” down leaving some space after each. If you’d like you can use a Word document so you can update and edit over time; but there is something that causes things to work better when you take pen in hand and write out things. Here are the words:






A Must

First think a bit about each of these words and their differences. Most people use them interchangeably but they are “different”; if not they would not exist. And you don’t have to run to Dictionary.com and get the official meaning to each (unless you care to); what they mean to you is what’s important.

These “nouns” are in no particular order and there are hundreds of synonyms for these and we will cover a few later. Go ahead and place a number before each in order of “size”, importance or in what it takes to attain.  

And now, take a few minutes to write down at least three things under each heading. Don’t feel rushed. You can also come back during the day (and week) and add more to each and “edit” your thoughts. As a matter of fact, I want you to do so.

Doing this “simple” exercise will reveal to you what is most important to you. It’s now out of your head (I didn’t say you were; but it helps; LOL), on paper so you “see” it and you can now move forward with it (or them).

Please leave your comments below as to how this was helpful. Later we will see how you can go into further depth in each area, or the areas you want to work the most in the Major 8™.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach ™

PS. Manifest Wealth. If you know anything about me and the Major 8™, I look at achieving and manifesting wealth quite differently from about 98% of other teachers. However, if you are currently seeking “money” and “money related” things in your life, check this out. Manifesting Wealth by Dr. SteveG. Jones is the “real deal” and I have great respect of him and his work.  

PSS. I almost forgot. Here is a book that I use in my seminars and talks: 
You can download it free here. Also, if you'd like to get details on having me speak to your group, please read my article here

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