Micheal Vance's 8 Equities and Ter Scott's Major 8

Michael Vance has presented us with what are called the 8 equities. I will share them here so you can see how they relate to what I call the Major 8; which I believe I adapted from Napoleon Hill sometime ago (I will check on this and let you know). Here are the 8 equities:

1.    Physical
2.    Spiritual
3.    Psychological
4.    Intellectual
5.    Emotional
6.    Financial
7.    Social
8.    Family

Now here are the Major 8:

1.    Good Health
2.    Enjoyment of Food
3.    Restful Night’s Sleep
4.    Money
5.    Life & Legacy
6.    Sexual Gratification
7.    Well Being of Children & Loved Ones
8.    Feeling of Importance

Take a few minutes and see how both sides relate.  

Let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.
Make it a great day!