Ter Scott of Attainment Rules Affirms "Early Morning Routine" Article

Wow, someone got it right. Our friend Benjamin Franklin told us years before that "early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise". Hmmm, it still holds true today; imagine that!

Exercising, planning your day and visualization are things I talk about in my Kindle book: Pearls of Prosperity (click here: www.terscott.com/pearls to get more details about this easy "read to attain" book with surprise bonuses!). The other two things the author presents I thought were right on the money: eating a good breakfast and making your day "top heavy" which is doing your hardest or most "dreaded" thing first or as early as possible in your day. Per the breakfast, remember your "breaking your fast" could happen early or later in your day; just be sure to charge yourself before doing too much in your day.

I would only add that one should also be sure to "celebrate" in a small way after accomplishing that "dreaded" task or after accomplishing your day goals in a way that is relative to task; small goals accomplished means a smaller reward. The bigger your acccomplishment, the bigger your reward.

Enjoy your day!


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The 5 THINGS SUPER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO BEFORE 8 A.M. article is here: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/5-things-super-successful-people-8-am-190800886.html

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