Attain what you desire in 2016

Be like the "Little Engine that Could" and attain for yourself and others.

In reading the fourth and final verse of Thinking by Walter D Wintle I’m reminded of two stories which I remember from childhood, The Little Engine that Could and The Tortoise and the Hare. We may think of these as children’s books and they are but they are also adult’s books and we should we them to ourselves once in a while to be reminded of, and to use the wisdom of the pages. We can also read stories of great battles won and lost, either real battles fought or those battles that we all have and must conquer in the social, emotional, physical, recreational and financial areas of life.

The Little Engine that Could (you can download a free pdf* at my webpage and read it to yourself and the children in your life) is a marvelous story of hope and victory.

I just took a moment to read it again, using emphasis of the words as if I were reading it for the first time and to my children as I remember doing when they were growing up. I must confess that this sentimental being had tears in my eyes when I finished. My eyes watered because I know of people who act like the indignant engines who say “no” today when they could easily help those in need and because I am deeply moved by others who think they are unworthy, who think that they do not have what it takes in talents and skills but give it their best shot and later rejoice with those who are involved in being victorious; just as the little engine and the toys in the story!

Then we read about the Tortoise and the Hare. (You can get a free pdf* of this also at my webpage). The story speaks of persistent and consistent effort and although a runner may not be the fastest (or strongest), he (or she) who stays in the race (and also thinks they can; thinks they can) will ultimately “win” the race!

Thinking by Walter D Wintle

Verse 4 of 4

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins

There are plenty of "successful" people who have achieved their successes later in life. Most people know about the Colonel of the KFC  chain, and Grandma Moses. Sometimes I wonder if I've achieved my success later in life because I read and knew about these late in life achievers; maybe I should have read more "early earners" success stories! 

Regardless your age; young or younger, I suggest that you heed the wisdom in the two children/adult stories I shared today and remember that the person who wins is truly the man or woman who THINKS THEY CAN! 

Ter Scott! 
Attainment Coach

PS. Sometimes we do not achieve what we want is because we have things in our lives that take our precious time. Many of these things are important such as providing for our family and spending time with our family. But life happens. As a coach (in the Life and Legacy areas of life and of course here as your Attainment Coach) I work with people who suffer when "life happens". Because many people have instances where they need legal help (and I.D. Fraud protection) and can't afford the usual high fees of attorneys, I offer a solution. PLEASE CLICK HERE for details. You'll be directed to my page at the corporate website. Please be sure to click on the "Contact Me" at the very top left before doing anything so I can get you my FREE personal gift. 

*Note that the pdf may not yet be available at time of this initial writing. Please allow time for the author to do this and return later to get the links. 



Here is your "Statement of Prosperity" that brings you wealth

“Before you open your mouth, open your mind”.  Ter Scott, 12/15/15

Today I will speak about your mind (thinking) and the words of your mouth (speaking). Plus, I will share how to “utter” the words of the Major 8 to have them become the “outer” in your life!

I was recently listening to Catherine Ponder as she expressed in one of her Dynamics of Prosperity talks and I took note of a few things. She explained how people don’t succeed and/or “prosper” because first, they “don’t open their mind to prosperity”.  I’ll speak more on that here and elsewhere.

A second point I will make today is that you can succeed when others are speaking lack, etc. why? (As a matter of fact, you must succeed; it is your responsibility!). Because they are speaking lack! And, if you are honest with yourself, have also joined in with their conversation of lack and non-prosperity. When someone says that he has “more month at the end of the money”, “not getting enough money in his check”, the “economy is bad” etc. that is “lack talk” and you should have no part in it. Must you know everything that is on the news in the newspaper; on the TV, radio or Internet? Are you one that even goes to sleep with the radio or TV on which pours more negative “news” and “lack talk” into your subconscious?

“We need to have a “lack talk” intolerance.” – Ter Scott, 12/15/15

KEY POINT: You can help in avoiding getting involved in the “lack talk” of gloom and doom; either in conversation or via the “media” that is around you, but that isn’t always easy. Since we “live” in this world, this negative will always surround us. So to counteract this you and I need to SPEAK words of prosperity! And, we need to speak more than we hear and see of all the “lack talk” that surrounds us. I remember Catherine Ponder stating that she had read somewhere that for every 15 minutes of positive words we read, we need to speak positive words for 5 minutes.

You may read words of prosperity (good books, and materials). You may listen to words of prosperity (audio products). You may even, with visuals like The Secret and other videos, watch words of prosperity. But unless you are SPEAKING WORDS OF PROSPERITY it won’t happen (or happen in a big enough way).

The answer is in your words and in the action of the “saying” of your own(ership)* words and how you say your words.
Today I will not tell you how to speak your words because my point here is that you need to “speak” your words and to do so frequently.

Yes, “open” your mind. Today I ask you to open your mind …to the “Major 8”.**  

Turn you thinking to plenty and you’ll have plenty.

I always remember a funny story my friend Zig Ziglar would tell his audiences. “I always knew I had plenty as a kid. Because when I’d asked for seconds at the dinner table, mom would tell me “no”, you’ve had plenty”.

Today, this week and from this time forward, I want you to prosper in all areas of your life. So I want you to confess it, I want you to say with your words: “I have plenty”.  

Now please understand that this is only a start; to say, “I have plenty”. Many of my readers may have already been stating “I have plenty”, but you must be “specific”. 

By stating that you have plenty in all areas of your life will ensure that you will have balance in all areas of your life. Would you like that? Balance has a serendipity of its own, in that if you are balanced in one area, it will show that you are out of balance in another and this will help you to get in balance; pretty cool huh? (I hear some of my readers saying, “maybe”).

So, you have read this far; now you need to act.

Remember we’ve already discussed that you probably have read words of abundance, and prosperity (along with watching and hearing) but this probably hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, right? OK, thank you for your honesty. So I encourage you to do the following action steps.

I have created a “Statement of  Prosperity” that will ensure a balance of prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life because it is based on the Major 8**. Write this (the act of writing is also good, so don’t simply copy and paste, and click “print”) on a 3x5 card and … actually read them out loud, yes speak them OUT LOUD, 3 times each day. (You can certainly be alone when you do so).  Here is your Statement of Prosperity.

Statement of  Prosperity

I have plenty in all areas of my life.

I have plenty in the area of good health.

I have plenty of good food.

I have plenty of restful sleep.

I have plenty of money for all of my needs
and the needs of those around me.

I have plenty of good life experiences
and have “plenty” in all areas to the point that
I am confident I’ll leave abundance
for my children’s children.

I have complete satisfaction in my area of sexuality.

There is plenty in the well-being of my children
and all those that I cover with my love.

I have plenty of respect
and feelings of importance;
I am prosperous, loved and love,
and I am important!

If you would like an 8 by 10 copy of the “Statement of Prosperity” that you can print, frame and display, request yours free by request at

Also, I am scheduling my appearances and talks for the next 12 months. If you are interested in having me speak for your group, please contact me; you may find that it is more reasonable than you think. I will travel anywhere around the world to bring this message.

Best of continued success!
Ter Scott
Attainment Coach

*For those of you who do not know what the Major 8 is, it’s a list of the main areas of desires and needs by most people. When you have balance in all areas of the Major 8, you’ll have balance in your life. For more information on the Major 8 I invite you to contact me.

**Anytime you say, use or read the word: “own”, think ownership and take responsibility; “own” it! 

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Ter Scott! Attainment Coach

As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big. Donald Trump

If you can believe for $20,000, you can believe in having your own business of helping others and making $150K+ every year for the rest of your life! 


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Here's a Joke that I can't share, but I will, and the reason why...

First the joke:

Great joke for when you’re asking for a raise:
Sam walks into his boss’s office and says:
“Sir, I’ll be straight with you, I know the economy isn’t great, but I have three companies after me, and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise.”
After a few minutes of haggling the boss finally agrees to a 5 percent raise, and Sam happily gets up to leave.
“By the way,” asks the boss as Sam is getting up, “which three companies are after you?”
“The electric company, water company, and phone company,” Sam replied.

OK, now the reason why I can laugh at this but really shouldn't and I shouldn't share it is because we get what we say. Also we "get" whatever comes out of our mouth; whether we say it, sing it, shout it or however these words come from our mouth, our subconscious hears it, the universe hears it and guess what. That is exactly what one gets. 

But I am sharing this today as a "lesson" for all of us. We always hear things around us such as jokes and I'm not talking about the obvious "off-colored" jokes but "general" jokes and "general" conversation. 

So after we've had a laugh with this joke, let's both say: "Cancel, cancel" and now let's look at what is "wrong" with this picture. 

The punch line is "I have three companies after me". The boss thinks the man has job offers but the truth (and get that, the "truth" was) that these were bill collectors. So this person was "dishonest" with his boss and when he says that the electric, water and phone company are after him, he is confessing this; and what you confess you get more of! 

"... the economy isn't great". Our ears hear that and believe it. I say "make your own economy". 

So I guess the moral of my little message here is that we need to be careful about what we laugh at. You may think that this is nitpicking but I will tell you that your subconscious is equally nitpicking. 

Free Year at a Glance BE DO HAVE Calendar.

I have a free gift for my readers. The holiday season is in full swing as I write this. Soon, it will be January one and most of us will have the urge to create goals and make at least some effort to attain them. Well, I want you to create goals that you truly desire and indeed attain them.

I present to you the "Be Do Have Calendar". This is the start of a complete program that I will soon offer but for now, you have the basis of the system. It's a year at a glance calendar that you can use to refer to often for your 90 day, 6 month or 12 months goals.

You may know that before you can "have" anything, you must "do" something and to "do" something you must "be" something; so the order is: Be, Do, and Have, but you need to first list things and think things in reverse (Have, Do, Be) , and then go forward (Be, Do, and Have) to attain. As I said, I'll cover more of this in the "system" later when I'm done creating it. I was so excited that I wanted to share this with you so you could start using it and share your feedback in the comments below.

Here's how it works, briefly.

There is a Year-at-a-Glance calendar on the right side and space on the left side for you to write.

Give some time to what it is that you want to have and then list it. If you have several things you'd like to have, try to keep it to a maximum of three things. (You may want to check the list of the "Major 8" listed at the top of this blog as what you want might be a better relationship, more respect or money).Be as specific as you can when listing your want.

Next, list what you will need to do to "have" these things or to have them realized.  Again, be as specific as possible.

Finally, what do you need to be to "do" and "have" this all come about.

Here's a very quick and simple illustration.

You desire a new or better car. This is your "have"; list it.
To realize this your know you need to get another or better paying job. This is your "do"; list this (or several things).
To work more hours you really need to have the desire to work more and longer hours, you need to eat better to have the energy, you need to sleep more and lower your stress level, you need to believe in yourself. These are the things you need to "be"; list these things.

This is a very simple illustration and you can use this for anything that you want to attain. If you'd like, circle a date on the calendar as your deadline. You can use the grey 3 sided border to trim the BE DO HAVE CALENDAR to fit into an 8 x 10 frame. Download this free at:

Look at this as often as possible during the day to attain your "have".

Try this, it works! Then leave your comments below as to how this helped you. Be watching for the full blown version coming out soon. (If you've not registered to "follow by email" on this page you may consider doing so to not miss out on these articles). I will also be setting up a type of "think tank" or "advisory board" of members who I will run different ideas by before releasing them, plus there will be other perks, etc. Be watching for that announcement too.

Get your free BE DO HAVE Calendar by clicking here! 

Finally, NAME YOUR PRICE Attainment Coaching!

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Just click the image to visit the page. Then please come back here and let me know what you think in the comments section!

Thanks. Ter

What would you do with $3,850?

How many times have you passed the lottery billboard that asks, "What's Your Dream"? 
Have you ever calculated how you would "use" the 180 Million Dollars you'd win? (Or whatever the figure is on the board that day?) One reason why someone doesn't have money come to them is because they are not "ready" for it. If that someone were to win the $180 Million Dollars it would soon vanish because they did not have a "need" for it. Does this make sense to you? 

Secondly, some people do not respond to an opportunity when they see one. It's too good to be true and guess what, then it isn't; at least it isn't for them! 

Take a moment now and write down the figure: $3,850. Pretend for a time that figure is what is in your checking account. Now list the bills you'd pay off, the money you'd set aside for the vacation, the gifts you want to give, etc. In my seminars I ask people to do this with $100,000 but here I want you to imagine you have $3,850 dollars that is all yours and that it comes to you every three months.... how would that change your lifestyle? 

It definitely is real, and attainable. If interested to find out more, click on the picture above. You'll be taken to my web page that shows you more information. Don't worry, if you are interested you can't get in; at least immediately. There is a waiting list as I can only work with a few people at a time. But I encourage you to get the details and get on the list! 

Free 24 Hour Calendar Form

Here is a free gift to all of my readers. It's a 24 Hour Calendar Form that I use to get more done in a day than most people probably do in a week. You don't have to do as much as I do to enjoy this calendar but it will help you to be organized, get more done but more importantly, you can more easily see what you've done and then at the end of the day you can review your day, feel good about things or "revision" it (if you have a question about that, leave your comments below) and fill in the things you need to work on the next day.

Using this form on a regular basis will help you; I know it has helped me.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY PAGE AND DOWNLOAD IT FREE; It's at the bottom of the page with my other products and services. (Please wait for the page to load; there are a lot of great things for you there!)

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Victim on Facebook needs help; what would you do?

Victim on Facebook needs help; what would you do?

I wanted to share this Facebook “conversation” to have you leave your comments. I’ve removed the names except for mine to, as they said in the old Dragnet TV series, to “protect the innocent”.

You’ll note that I stated that I would offer to help her via coaching and I did not receive any request. Pretend that you are a coach; what would you tell her? I will share my thoughts and comments in a future post. She’s a friend but now is acting like a “victim” so that’s the name I use here.


(Victim): I'm drowning,literally f**king (I edited) drowning. I can't afford life..and by life I mean daycare,rent and utilities..oh and car insurance gas and had to cancel our health and dental because I couldn't afford it. Drowning.

Top of Form


Commenter #1: But yet when u tey to get assistance in the words of the govt u make too much... Yea we make to much just to struggle i feel u lady keep ur head ull get thur it

(Victim): Yea I miss daycare assistance ! Being married has its downfalls..

Commenter #2: American dream at it's finest...z

 (Victim): Yay

Commenter #3: Everything is as it should be and everything should be as it is. It's really overwhelming, I know. But you're doing great. Keep doing your best, don't stay discouraged for too long. everything has a way of working out. You'll see. Like I always say, "this isn't forever." Nothing can stay as it is. Things change all the time. And you're not alone, you have David. Struggles are what make it worth it. Chin up buttercup, at least you have your health. You're not helpless, you got this.

(Victim): As long as daycare can work with me then yea..otherwise I'll lose quite a bit

Commenter #3: And if they can't, there's always another option. You'll find the solution.

(Victim): There are no other options😕 no daycare no work,no work no bills paid..domino effect,sh*t (again, edited) rolling downhill..I'm always possitive ...until it's clear something else needs to be done. I'm looking to bartend on fridays to help myself out...

Commenter #3: And you know I think that's a great idea. A little change of scenery as well.

(Victim): Yea

Commenter #3: (Clipart here).

(Victim): Ikr lol

Ter Scott Hey (her name), it looks like you got a great friend in (Commenter #3). You need to breathe in and breathe out. Yes it's overwhelming but you are not the Lone Ranger. You and I need to talk sometime. I would even help you by coaching you.

(Victim): Okie

Commenter #4: My mom charges what county does, she's probably cheapest daycare n has openings

(Victim): It's just so out of the way is my problem. My jeep is dying and I won't have a vehicle much longer,my husband works up by me and the daycare luckily,otherwise I'd be screwed

Commenter #5: I realize this isn't a funny situation, but I saw this on my newsfeed and it's just so literal lol. Chin up, you'll make it through! (“Funny” Photo here)

(Victim): Lol

Commenter #6: I can relate. It's a terrible feeling. It will be exhausting but there will come time when you will finally get your foothold and things will get better. Until then, relish the moments that are good.


So that's it. I really want to help this person (as I stated, she is a friend!). What would you tell her to help her with her situation; give bullet points, a single sentence or a short paragraph. I will follow up with this sometime in the future. 

Write now you can download my LEARNING AND LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (Kindle Book) FREE at my website: While there you may want to take advantage of my one week free coaching! 

Until next time, 
Make it a great day! 
Ter Scott! 
Life and Legacy Coach

"Know" Money or "No" Money, states Life and Legacy Coach, Ter Scott!

One reason why people do not manifest many things in their life such as a large sum of money is because they are not "comfortable" with it. We all have a certain comfort zone and can "see" ourselves only at a certain level financially (or otherwise in any of the Major 8 areas).

Have you heard the stories of sales managers sending people to different territories and the salesperson only gets the amount of sales from that area that they are "used" to earning? Someone is in an area and makes $40K a year while another earns $100K in his area. The sales manager sends the 100K fellow to the $40K area to build it up and sure enough, that year he earns $100K. But guess what. How much did the $40K earner get in sales from the $100K area? You guessed it;  only $40K. The point is, it's not the area it's the person in the area and specifically it's the area between the person's two ears!

Today I will share with you why you may be asking the universe for say $100K or $250K (which is the "new" 6 figure income but that's a different article) and you are not getting anywhere near your mark. Why?

This is a reason why most people pray and say they want a certain amount of money in their life but don't even attain a fraction of the amount.

In my seminars and workshops I state: "Know money or no money"!

You don't "know" money, so you have "no" (or little; certainly not the amount you are asking for) money! If you desire 1 million dollars I will tell you now that you are not seeing 1 million dollars in your life because you are not ready for it, you haven't courted it, you have no relationship with it and you know nothing or little of it. Today I will share a few things you can do to get to know 1 million dollars a bit more so your 1 million (or any other amount of money) will come to you.

First before I share this, let me remind you that money is just like any of the other 7 of the "Major 8" that I tell you about so when hearing these things, please know that you can apply the same principles in those areas as well.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

OK, now after you blurted out the typical, glib answers, let's start over. Get out a piece of paper and write down some things you want. List things that you want to be, do and have. There is usually a monetary cost/price for each. Now total them up. Does you sum come to 1 million dollars or more? If you don't want to take the time to do this, money will not take the time to come to you. You are a wisher and you are not serious. Money will go to someone else with a plan to court her. I think it was Brian Tracey who said that if you won the lottery of 1 million dollars and didn't have the 1 million dollar consciousness, you would have to quickly develop it or you would not retain the million dollars. What I'm doing for you today is to help you get the consciousness!

Write the number for 1 million on a piece of paper.

If you  don't know how many "zeros" is in the number, that is a good clue that you do not have a million dollar consciousness; you do not "know" 1 million so you have "no" million. Let's say that you want a million in 12 months. How much would you have to have each month, week or day to come to you (either working or other) to have 1 million dollars at the end of 12 months? I learned that from Bob Proctor who states that he is always working with numbers. Robert Kiyosaki also likes numbers!

What is the correct spelling: Rols Royse, Rollz Royce, Rolls Royce, or Rolz Royce?
If you don't know how to spell it, you'll never have it.

This is the logo of an expensive car; what's the name of it?

If I asked you to draw the logo of a Ford, Chevy or Mustang on a piece of paper, I'm sure you could do so and it would even be pretty recognizable even though you may not be an artist. That my friend is why you drive one of those instead of some other car you are "wishing" for!!!

Use the internet to play "fantasy" shopping. 

You've heard of fantasy football (and other sports) right? Collect pictures of houses, cars, exotic destinations and keep them in front of your eyes by posting them in places you'll see frequently but do something more with these pictures; put a price tag on each. How much is that house, that car and that destination?

Get to "know" your dollar amount that you desire and you surely will have it! 

Get out of your "comfort" zone and into the "uncomfortable zone" which will later become "comfortable". Keep stretching yourself. The human  condition is meant to always become better, to do, have and be better. Start this moment to "know" money or you'll surely have "no" money!

Best of continued success!

Ter Scott! 
Life and Legacy Coach
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Ter Scott explains about being a "Life and Legacy" Coach

Have you ever felt like a “fraud”? As I was in the "act" of becoming to the point where I felt confident in helping others or even having something worthy to share, many times I felt like that maybe I wasn't genuine or the "real deal". Maybe with my sharing today, you'll relate and perhaps be helped in some way...

The “world” may tell you that you are unworthy, that you’ll never be able to do something, or any other negative (I don’t even know what words to say here because I don’t think “negative” so much any longer) phrase, sentence; they are just throwing any negativity at you that they can.

You start to believe it, your mind belittles you, your talk condemns you to a life and lifestyle. And guess what? You aren’t alone!

I was the same way; actually for most of my life. Maybe I never really knew it or just didn’t want to admit it, but I was always living my life to please others and did not want to do something which caused others to think less of me. I admit that this is still a (small) monster of negativity that lurks about.

Here’s another “guess what?” Other people are too busy thinking about themselves and living their lives. They aren’t really thinking so much about you; (well maybe a little; and maybe they care “a little” for you but mostly) they are thinking about themselves.

These negative beliefs that I held kept me from moving forward. It was like owing someone money and when seeing them, walking on the other side of the street so they would not see you. Or not being successful because when “success” was in a room and someone who said these negative things about you were also there, that you would leave. All of these things kept me “down” or at least “slowed” my journey. Worse, these all kept me from my life purpose: helping other people. I lived most of my life thinking that I had to be a success before I was worthy, before I could share my knowledge, experiences and insights with others. Other speakers were greater than me. Other instructors more experienced. Teachers with fame and followers were more worthy. For me to think that I was one of them would make me a fraud.

If you feel the same, I want to share a few things that helped me and I believe will help you to also stop what is keeping you from going forward to reach and achieve the success you deserve.
When I am teaching and presenting, I genuinely know that:

1.       It’s not about me.
I am sharing things that will help others (you) that I learned from others and am just passing on.

2.       I am the “conduit”.
You can get this information and help “through” me. With this in mind, don’t look at me, look at the results. When you want electricity, you don’t stare at the electrical wires; you enjoy the results of what the electricity does for you to power what you want powered. When you want water from the tap, you don’t stare (or care) about the pipes; that is unless the water doesn’t pour out. You enjoy the water!

3.       I am the “messenger” (don’t kill me).
I simply bring the message.

Now I realized that today as it was before, that there are people who will still look at “me”, the “conduit”, and the “messenger” and not the message! They may say things like: “So who are you?”, “If you are so smart, why ain’t you rich?”, “How much money you makin’?”, and other (unenlightened) questions. But today I am changed; I am enlightened and better understand their actions and statements.

This morning I heard on the radio, about a mayor of a small town in Minnesota who recently walked into his neighborhood bar one night (after work) for an adult beverage. He was off work and everything was “cool”; that is until an 81 year old, inebriated man (who had been there drinking all day) started swearing and yelling at the mayor. The mayor came to the guy and took him by the collar and told him something like “If you were younger and not drunk, I’d take you outside and kick the crap out of you” (my paraphrase). He just “shook him up a bit” but the guy fell forward and on the floor. Fortunately the old man was not hurt, but everything was caught on the bar’s camera which made the TV news. My opinion is that the mayor should have been more “mature” and enlightened to be able to just “let it go”. Here was an 81 year old man (who was drunk so he wasn’t being rational) calling him names, accusing him of being a bad mayor, and swearing and yelling. So what?! When you are enlightened, you just drink your beverage and leave. These things are all just “mental Kung Fu” where you “dodge” anything thrown at you. My point is that I was a lot like this mayor who, should not have given this guy any attention at all. So here I am, finally accepting and letting people know that I have a message, knowledge, and important tools to help and I’m now making myself available to do so. 

I am a “Life and Legacy Coach” ™.

There are many types of coaches out there, in the world, but I am specifically a “life and legacy” coach; meaning that I help people to have a better life and leave a legacy. Maybe it’s because I’m older now that “leaving a legacy” seems so important. If I can get people to plan their legacy at a younger age (or sooner in life) they can get on with (real) living!

So my emphasis is on helping other people to the extent that I don’t even hear the “voices” of those people who ask “unenlightened” questions or say negative things.

I realize now that I don’t have to be perfect; I don’t have to be (with my definition) completely “whole” before sharing what I know to be able to help others.

I used to teach at a business university. Every quarter I had a new group of students who of course did not know what I knew. They were there to learn what I knew. But, for some strange reason, I found myself thinking that these new students already knew what I knew. I had to always remind myself that even though I was repeating knowledge, and personal stories that I had probably shared a hundred times with earlier classes, that this was a new audience who really needed my offerings.
My knowledge, experiences and insights can, and will indeed help others who are searching. 

Everything is a choice and I choose every day to not pay attention to the naysayers and pay it forward by being the best “life and legacy” coach that I can be.

What choices are you making today? 

Ter Scott

Life and Legacy Coach

I Am Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Today’s Motivation…

Forget "Black Power" let's have more "Green Power"!~

This is an older video of Rev Ike and I like a few things about this. I will mention two things here.

First, in light of the unrest in our society and the seeming greater division between the blacks and whites (stirred up I believe by those who want to keep the blacks and other minorities in poverty while saying that they want to lift them from poverty) here is a black preacher who explains that his philosophy is not that black people need one thing and white people need another; in the American economy the only color of power is green. That's why, he continues, I've never represented black power; only green power. If more people had more green power there would be more peace and love among the races.

Secondly, he shares a story of a young black man who chastises him for having such a nice car (a Rolls). Watch this video to hear his response.

Then take this to heart. Believe it and live it to make this world a better place.


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Ter Scott!~
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