Victim on Facebook needs help; what would you do?

Victim on Facebook needs help; what would you do?

I wanted to share this Facebook “conversation” to have you leave your comments. I’ve removed the names except for mine to, as they said in the old Dragnet TV series, to “protect the innocent”.

You’ll note that I stated that I would offer to help her via coaching and I did not receive any request. Pretend that you are a coach; what would you tell her? I will share my thoughts and comments in a future post. She’s a friend but now is acting like a “victim” so that’s the name I use here.


(Victim): I'm drowning,literally f**king (I edited) drowning. I can't afford life..and by life I mean daycare,rent and utilities..oh and car insurance gas and had to cancel our health and dental because I couldn't afford it. Drowning.

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Commenter #1: But yet when u tey to get assistance in the words of the govt u make too much... Yea we make to much just to struggle i feel u lady keep ur head ull get thur it

(Victim): Yea I miss daycare assistance ! Being married has its downfalls..

Commenter #2: American dream at it's finest...z

 (Victim): Yay

Commenter #3: Everything is as it should be and everything should be as it is. It's really overwhelming, I know. But you're doing great. Keep doing your best, don't stay discouraged for too long. everything has a way of working out. You'll see. Like I always say, "this isn't forever." Nothing can stay as it is. Things change all the time. And you're not alone, you have David. Struggles are what make it worth it. Chin up buttercup, at least you have your health. You're not helpless, you got this.

(Victim): As long as daycare can work with me then yea..otherwise I'll lose quite a bit

Commenter #3: And if they can't, there's always another option. You'll find the solution.

(Victim): There are no other options😕 no daycare no work,no work no bills paid..domino effect,sh*t (again, edited) rolling downhill..I'm always possitive ...until it's clear something else needs to be done. I'm looking to bartend on fridays to help myself out...

Commenter #3: And you know I think that's a great idea. A little change of scenery as well.

(Victim): Yea

Commenter #3: (Clipart here).

(Victim): Ikr lol

Ter Scott Hey (her name), it looks like you got a great friend in (Commenter #3). You need to breathe in and breathe out. Yes it's overwhelming but you are not the Lone Ranger. You and I need to talk sometime. I would even help you by coaching you.

(Victim): Okie

Commenter #4: My mom charges what county does, she's probably cheapest daycare n has openings

(Victim): It's just so out of the way is my problem. My jeep is dying and I won't have a vehicle much longer,my husband works up by me and the daycare luckily,otherwise I'd be screwed

Commenter #5: I realize this isn't a funny situation, but I saw this on my newsfeed and it's just so literal lol. Chin up, you'll make it through! (“Funny” Photo here)

(Victim): Lol

Commenter #6: I can relate. It's a terrible feeling. It will be exhausting but there will come time when you will finally get your foothold and things will get better. Until then, relish the moments that are good.


So that's it. I really want to help this person (as I stated, she is a friend!). What would you tell her to help her with her situation; give bullet points, a single sentence or a short paragraph. I will follow up with this sometime in the future. 

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Make it a great day! 
Ter Scott! 
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