"I've got so much money" Affirmation that brings you more!

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PART 3: Sentence three is:  “I’ve got so much money that I put money in the bank today!”
When you read this you probably thought, “I don’t have enough money to pay my bills, how can I put money in the bank” or “I don’t get enough interest with my money in the bank” and some other statement that “hurts” you from moving forward and having money “come” to you. If these two statements are yours, with the first, I will tell you to not speak about what you “don’t want” and per your second statement, the reasons why you are putting money into savings account that you say doesn’t pay you a large return on your money, is that you are creating discipline in your life, your money is now “out of sight, out of mind” and you are creating an “identity” with your financial institution for the future. (You can ask me what this money will be set aside for in the comments below or just wait until I talk about it sometime in the future).

Ideally, you want to SAVE 10% from all income but like anything, you can certainly do what you can to start and work your way up. (Did you know that some people actually give away 90% and live on 10%?).

HINT: Do not think of your “payday” as a payday. Because when you do, you are thinking of this as a “pay” day and you will; you will be paying others on this “pay” day. Think of the day you get paid from an employer as “Income Day” and then start earning income from other sources so every day becomes an “income day”!

When you have your “income day” set aside $7 dollars and deposit these separate dollars each day for 7 days. Or you can certainly deposit all $7 into a jar each day and then deposit weekly at your bank. Every time you make a deposit of any amount, always state this power sentence! This is a bit of a “mind” game, yes because we are telling our mind that “I’ve got so much money that I put money in the bank today!”

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When you’ve completed the 3 x5 Sentences Money Affirmation System for one week and then after one month, leave your comments after this post.

Would you like to get the 3 Part Series as a PDF Free? Download it at my page: www.terscott.com/attainmentproducts.

You should write these three power sentences on a 3 x 5 card (or order my pre-printed card for only $1.00 which I will donate to charity) at: www.terscott.com/attainmentproducts. After you’ve written them on your card, look at the card and recite the sentences morning, noon and night; especially upon getting up in the morning, and just before going to sleep.

That’s it; all three parts explaining a bit about each sentence so you can internalize them and make them a part of your life from here out. I wish you a very prosperous future. To get more articles and information like this I invite you to  my web page: www.terscott.com/attainmentproducts

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