Expect a miracle, but create it!

Here's a letter that I received recently; read it as if it was written to you. 
At the end, I will explain why. 

"Expect Miracles."

I've said it a thousand times... and tens of thousands of people have heard it.

But what IS a miracle?

It's not what I call a "lazy miracle."

Most people think of a miracle as an incredible, life-changing event that just happens without you trying.

Nope.  That's a little boring... and all wrong

 In other words, one person's miracle is another person's reality. 

A "miracle" is a transformational event that bends the entire fabric of what you once thought was "possible."
 A miracle is when the impossible happens... at least what your MIND THOUGHT was impossible. 

A miracle is something that YOU OWN.
A miracle is something that YOU BECOME.
A miracle is something that YOU CREATE.

How do you create miracles?  How do you experience an extraordinary transformation in your life... that you probably think is impossible right now?

There are many ways...

Simply said, this is a simple to understand, simple to master technique that will bend your mind out of your own limitations...

... and elevate your dreams and desires into a miraculous state:


I want you to break free of the "impossible" mindset.  

So don't just expect miracles. Create miracles.


The above letter is from my friend, Joe Vitale of The Secret. I could not agree with his words more. You really can expect miracles and... create them! 

Here Joe speaks of Cosmic Ordering of which I've told you about recently in a few of my blogs (and many of my readers have already watched the video, ordered the material and are creating their own miracle! And others, are simply creating miracles by watching and sharing the FREE video!!!

CLICK HERE to watch this video which explains how you may not be manifesting what you want in your life. This video is also going "viral" as people are copying and pasting this link in their Facebook and other social media so more and more people can be helped in these turbulant times: 

Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott! 
Life and Legacy Coach

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