When Going Through Hell, Take Notes

If you are moving forward at any speed at all to attain your goals you will come up against obstacles, problems or whatever you wish to refer to them as. As Jack Canfield states, all of our “past” is just called “So what”. We move forward.

What it looks like when the Devil moves in next door. 

When you and I have these episodes, time marches on and we need to march on with it. There is no time to sit and cry and bemoan our own circumstances; we must stand and march if ever so slowly at first. Action conquers depression and especially action that helps others.

Why should we take notes during this time? One reason is because we are not the “Lone Ranger” others have and will go through similar times and when we share what we’ve gone through and how we’ve gone through it, over it, under it or around it, others too can do it.

Many good things have come from our less than favorable situations and we need to have our eyes open to what they are. Another lesson learned from Jack Canfield is that when I go through a good situation or a “bad” situation, I always ask, “What is the opportunity?”

Your “bad” may be being stuck behind a “slow poke” driver on one of our two lane roads in beautiful northern Minnesota for miles and your opportunity may be to take time to view the scenery. If you have no money in your checking account and you know that you will have overdrafts the next day, what is your opportunity? Maybe it’s the lesson to say “no” to some purchases and to pay cash for things when you can. Maybe it’s motivation to increase your cash flow instead of keeping “status quo” as inflation and taxes eat up your income. Maybe you are “under the weather” (I don’t like using the “s” word because for one; it’s one of those “4 letter” words!). This might be your body talking to you telling you that you need to take time out for yourself! All of these and any other situations are all learning experiences that can be used to help others.

In line with helping others, most inventions, medicines and business products and services have been the result of going through “hell”. We analyze why we are in hell, what caused us to get there and many times the only way to get out (and not repeat this particular path) is to create something. Going through hell is a great motivation!

We all enjoy stories and movies of people who have had trials, struggles followed by victory. It’s the real life people that books and movies are written about that you and I appreciate and partner with when we can.

My friend Scott Rowe lost his 6 figure job and going through that “hell” could very well have caused him to lose everything he truly held dear; like his family for one. He used his situation to move him to seeking ways to make income (instead of another “job”) and found a young kid making money in real estate investing. He was very skeptical but put it all aside to get the facts and today he’s a millionaire making millionaires. I’m privileged to have found him and joined his group and now I help others to earn $10,000 per week, every other week or monthly depending on the time they put in. You can get in on one of his 15 minute overviews and then if interested in learning more be sure to register for the 2nd and 3rd sessions. Visit: www.terscott.com/renscott15.

Another business associate named Zoey (I’ve talked about her elsewhere on this site) believed in the Law of Attraction and went to so many webinars and workshops that she became broke and homeless. Fortunately she never became bitter and finally it was through her trials that her breakthrough came and now she helps others using things she learned from her “hell” experience. She offers a FREE VIDEO that has helped (probably) millions of people who have watched it. You can watch it here. Bookmark the page and watch it over and over. Share the link with others. Here is the link to copy and paste in your browser to watch the video (or paste into your Facebook and other social media to pass it on to others): http://secretrulesforattainment.blogspot.com/2015/09/watch-this-free-video-to-manifest.html

When you are “in” hell, know that you are going “through” hell; which means that this experience is only temporary. This may be the most important thing to remember during this time. People who don’t remind themselves that this only a phrase and that they will soon see the rainbow and be on the other side of this, sometimes give up and tragically end things right there. Don’t let that be you!

Be grateful for what you have, that very moment. Live in that moment. Don’t think about what you don’t have, but be grateful for what you do have; no matter how little or small they may seem at the time. People love you, you ate something today, you slept today and you are healthy. Write out a list of your blessings and concentrate on them and not the “pain” of the problem.

(As I’m reading the word “pain” I’m reminded of a character in a screen play that I wrote where a young man has just shot a cop. He definitely was going through “hell” at that point. His answer to his situation was literally staring him in the face when he opened his eyes! The screenplay is called Winter Boy and I priced it very low as a Kindle Book because I want more people to read it and hopefully get enough interest to get it to the big screen where more people will be helped! You can see it by clicking here: Winter Boy Screenplay only $2.99. 

When you think of what’s wrong, you can’t be thinking about what is right or what you can do to make it right. We cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. Do what you can to improve the situation and learn from the situation and then release it. Let the God of the Universe “fix” things for you; it truly is out of your hands.  

And always be “others focused”. It’s not always about you and me; actually it never is and never will be. Everything that we go through should be used for us to help others. This is what is meant when we say that civilization is built on the shoulders of those who walked before us.

If you are going through a rough time, hell or when you are waiting for a chance to pass the car ahead of you, I hope my words here have helped you. (I wrote them at a time that I was going through “hell”)

Ter Scott!

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