Here's the Second Power Affirmation to use to Manifest Money in your Life

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PART 2: Sentence two is: “I’ve got so much money that I gave money away today”.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say that? Well you can! And you can start right now! Before I share this with you, I need to quickly state that any time that you give money away that you are “planting seeds”. These seeds have to return a harvest. Yes, as with any “garden” you would want to “weed” and tend it (which is a different story as space doesn’t allow me to talk much about it here) but be assured that any money you send out will be multiplied back to you; PERIOD. When you plant a tomato seed you get tomatoes. That’s just how it is, there are no exceptions; you will get what you plant! There are no “ifs ands or buts” about this; just believe it as it is true. Let’s talk about planting those “money” seeds.

What many readers are thinking right now is “I don’t have enough money for myself; how can I give”. First know that the problem with this thought is again that you are thinking about “yourself” and your need. Give that kind of thinking up. I’m not asking you there to give a lot of money away (for now or to start), but can you give away a dollar? Think about this. How would your day be brightened if you found a dollar on the floor or in an unexpected place? If you are like most people, I think you would probably “hoot and holler”! So, practice as often as you can by placing dollar bills in odd places that you frequent and attach your blessing to it. Eventually get to where you can do this every day. Set aside $7 a week for this and have fun with it! Then, bump this up to $5, then $10 and more as you move forward. Believe me, this will work.

Ideally, you want to give away 10% of what comes in to you.

HINT: Learn to do this with every amount of money that comes to you. Learn to think of this as money you never earned; it is not your own. This money was given to you not for your needs, but so you would have a choice as to where you will send it and how it should be used to bless others. Force yourself to do give away this 10% like your life depends on it. THIS MONEY IS NOT YOURS AND NEVER WAS! Think of this 10% as never being yours and just know that when you get it, give it; as fast as you can! It is a hot potato; give it away fast. The Universe will reward your commitment and you will be rewarded faster. You cannot out-give the Giver! When you do this consistently, things outside your “view” will happen for you. Here are examples of some blessings that will come to you. Your car will not need to be fixed as often, your tires will last longer, you’ll get discounts on things, you’ll notice free things and coupons that you’ve never seen before, your house appliances will last longer, you’ll go speeding over a hill only to see that a police officer already has someone else pulled over for speeding and you’ve dodged a speeding ticket!. (When these things happen, state: “I am blessed and protected”; another topic I might share sometime!). 

When you’ve completed the 3 x5 Sentences Money Affirmation System for one week and then after one month, leave your comments after this post.
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You should write these three power sentences on a 3 x 5 card (or order my pre-printed card for only $1.00 which I will donate to charity) at: After you’ve written them on your card, look at the card and recite the sentences morning, noon and night; especially upon getting up in the morning, and just before going to sleep. 

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