“In the mind; in the hand” – Ter Scott!

January 14, 2011
Eighth Secret Rule of Attainment:  Know that your dream of what you wish to attain is already true on the mental plane, and must come true in the physical.
We are now at rule number eight. When you come with me this far, I know that you are serious about attaining your dreams/goals/wishes, this should be encouraging to you as well. By now, if you are not a newcomer just starting this journey to attaining your goals, you have been with me for all of the previous seven Secret Rules of Attainment, and I trust that you are experiencing a life that is a magnificent trip!
You’ve found that getting quiet and choosing one or more from the eight desires:
… is getting results realized in your life.
The question is: are you getting positive or negative results? First know that what you think about comes about. But also know that the good and the “not so good” that you think about, comes about.
When you think prosperity and health, you will get prosperity and health. When you think (and say) poverty and sickness, you get poverty and sickness.
This is true whether one believes it or not. Just as gravity doesn’t “care” if one believes in its reality, it will “suck” you down when you are no longer supported by a railing at the top of a building. Electricity is just as real when you carelessly touch a hot wire as when you use it to aid you in lighting your office. In the same way, the truth is that “what you think about… you bring about”.
Now you may tell me that you are thinking prosperity and health, but I hear you in the next sentence tell me or someone else how you are “always sick” and the “the car is always in the shop”, or “you never have enough money”. Curb those comments!  Even though you may believe that “misery loves company”, you’ll do more in creating your future in a positive way by uplifting others with kind words and expressions of thought.
We are constantly creating our futures in our mind. Our thoughts, our mouth, and by our actions and decisions we create the very next moment of our future; there one just went by! Oops, ther goes another, and another!  Then those moments become minutes which become hours, days, weeks, and years. Five years quickly becomes our reality and we look back find it hard to believe the time has gone. After these minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years, are we better, do we live better, have we made the world better; or are we only “older”?
Every thing that is and has been created, first starts in the mind. First we have the thought, and then we have the action. What we think about most… happens. This is why you need to read the I Am a Magnet poster daily. This is why you need to look at your vision board, your dream book, review your goals periodically and read your positive affirmations daily. This is also why we need to guard our thoughts, and think on good things; for ourselves and others. (In the same way, others have thoughts, and then they have actions. We must desire that others think on good things for themselves and others because in turn, “others” equal “us”). We need to be a society, and a world, that thinks “good” for all to be able coexist.
Does this all sound too “Pollyannaish”? I remember that I was once was mockingly called “Pollyanna” by a fellow teacher at the university where I taught because of my mostly upbeat attitude. I of course accepted this derogatory remark in stride and as a compliment. Today I am not where I want to be in all areas of my life, but I am enjoying the journey. In contrast, this unhappy soul, who criticized everything and found fault in just about every person, chose to live his life in a valley instead of a mountaintop.  He is no longer with us; at least on this side of eternity. That’s why I stated in my book: Personal PR, Get What You Want through Better Personal Relations, “Get along to live a long life”.  
Here are three important points of knowledge that need to sink into you brain. 1). your desire/dream/goal/wish was given to you by a higher power.  It is not your selfish want; it was given to you! 2).  further know that by attaining whatever it is that you seek, you will not be taking away from someone else; the universe is abundant with whatever it is that you want. 3). and further know that not everyone wants what you want!
Instead of having your desire/dream/goal/wish slowed in its attainment or not materialize at all by sabotaging it with your own limiting thoughts, do not think of the universe as a pie with pieces taken away to finally not having enough for everyone. Think of the universe as overflowing in abundance; as an unlimited pie that expands and never becomes depleted! You role is to do your part; you were born to add something to this world, do your part with whatever you attain, add to this expanding “pie”.
Bob Proctor told me: “If you’ve been there in the mind, you’ll be there in the body”.
Whatever is in your mind, you are attracting to you; good or not so good. Choose “good”, and live “good”.
I leave you now with a few quotes. Until next time, do “good”.
Ter Scott!
Go forth and do great things! – Ter Scott!
You've got to watch your mind all the time or you'll awaken and find a strange picture on your press. – Lord Buckley
The empires of the futures are the empires of the mind. – Winston Churchill
If we are to have magical bodies, we must have magical minds. – Wayne Dyer
Half this game is 90% mental. – Danny Ozark
The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions to link pain or pleasure to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain and pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviors. – Anthony Robbins
The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it. – Colin Wilson

“Don’t sweat it, let it.” – Ter Scott

January 14, 2011
Secret Rule for Attainment # Seven:
Continue to quietly persevere in making your mental picture of what you wish to attain come about… regardless of what “outside” circumstances appear.
We’ve arrived now at Rule number 7 in the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment. By now I’m sure that you’ve seen success in many areas you that you are “working” on in what you desire to make happen in your life; some small, others large. However just by walking through or “going through the motions” of these previous six rules will not attain them. You may not be attaining these desires because you have not been diligent in your actions or you may have vacillated and have not been steadfast in your belief. If after reviewing your efforts you may find that the simple reason for lack of growth is that you need to give it time! We discussed that with rule number six. Now, while you are waiting, I want you to continue building that mental picture, hold it as being true, knowing that it is true on the “inside” and will become real on the “outside” regardless of no evidence of things happening, or circumstances to the contrary.
Rule six explains that great things require greater time. But what if it has been awhile and you are still not seeing results. Go back and review how you’ve done things so far. If you can do something more, or differently, do so. If you are satisfied that you have done and are doing (remember rule number five is to act), then you can only do one thing: wait. “Let go, and let God” is an expression that I’ve learned to use. Don’t sweat it, let it.
Two things may happen while we are waiting. First, it may appear that things are not happening. And secondly, forces may be against you, stopping or slowing the completion of your desire.
When it “appears” that nothing is happening, we need to remember the principle of the seed. We plant a tomato seed, knowing and expecting that a tomato plant will indeed burst from the ground and produce fruit.
Likewise, we plant our desires in our subconscious, place it on our dream board or dream book, look at it, affirm and confirm it daily, and like a seed that is under the soil, we can not see it. But, we also know and expect it too, to some time burst from the ground and produce fruit.  Like that seed, we must act; nurturing it with the nutrients and water of our faithful steps we’ve discussed in the previous 10 Secret Rules of Attainment. Soon it springs from the ground and is there for the world to see!
The second thing that happens is that forces do work against our efforts. This is natural. Our tomato seed sometimes has to work harder to push through the soil that has been made hard; trampled by beasts and people, and weather conditions. This makes the plant tougher to meet future challenges of winds and rains. It’s the trees that are beaten by the winds that are stronger. The island’s coastline that has the roughest waters has the most beautiful coral. And you will find that when you conquer one obstacle in your life another, usually harder or bigger, quickly takes it place. The good news is that you are now stronger and can handle it! With bigger challenges come bigger rewards. With smaller successes, come larger successes!
Remember too that just because a seed is not visible as it is in the ground all of the time, doesn’t mean that it did not exist; so too with your idea, dream/goal/wish. Both existed and was growing all the time. Others did not see it, but you knew it was there all along. Have faith knowing that what you’ve planted will indeed come to fruition.   
Finally, I must ask you.  While this “seed” of your desire is “in the ground” out of view, are you recognizing signs of growth around you? Or, are you only seeing and believing the lack of evidence or the forces that are creating the friction of your efforts?
Perhaps there is growth and answers to your prayers, thoughts, etc., but you are not seeing them, and acting upon them. You will find that when you are open to seeing things, hearing things, feeling things, that you will realize that things are happening for you. For example, for months I have been prompted to contact a loved one whom I hadn’t seen for years and who lives hours from me. For whatever reason I kept putting it off. Several days ago, I met some one who strangely enough, is his niece! I never would have recognized her because we hadn’t seen each other since we were kids. She told me that this person had had a stroke and that I should call him. When I came home, I noticed that I wrote in my “to do” list for the day that I should write a letter to this person. Wow, that told me that things are working in areas that I cannot see. The next morning I wrote and sent the letter.
Another experience happened just yesterday morning. I was driving up a slippery, snow covered hilly road in Duluth Minnesota. Just before going around a left bend in the road my thought was to move to the right lane. Shortly after doing so, I drove around the bend and saw that a small car that was not visible from my earlier vantage point, had spun around, was stopped and facing the wrong direction in the left lane! My subconscious, that little small voice knew it was there.
Have faith. Listen to that small voice. Practice creative silence. Don’t just look, but seek. Quietly persevere in continuing to make, adjust, modify, and improve your mental picture, knowing, and expecting, that what is “inside” will burst forth and become real. Don’t be swayed by outside appearances or forces. Know that you know that you know. Be careful not to share your dreams/goals/wishes with others who may not understand you and your motivations. As long as your desire is positive and will help you and others by its completion, you are doing the right thing. Have faith, give it time and persevere!
Until next time,
Best of Success! Ter Scott!

Stop to Review Where We've Been...

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Before I speak about Rule number 7, this week we’ll take a break and review just a bit. First, I will ask you if you have gone over your goals for these next 12 months as I have asked you in our last visit. Have you?
Last Sunday I spent most of the day mapping out the next year and found the time very productive. I now have an idea what the near future holds and what I must do to make it happen! If you have not done so already, I encourage you to go to http://www.terscott.com/goalworksheet , print out the worksheet and then spend some quiet time filling in the sections. I spent a great deal of time to create this for you so I truly hope you’ll be blessed by it.
Don’t feel pressured to fill in everything; this is a work in progress. Simply complete all that you can for now and return as many times as you need to complete it. Review and revise it at least daily for a while, then weekly. Then as the months progress, continue to review your entries and add to them. The worksheet will always be available to you on the web so you can print more and make revisions over time. After these 12 months end, review, revise, and repeat. The worksheet starts with the month of January but you may start with any month.
Now let’s continue this session’s quest for attainment.
We are over the half way point of the 10 rules. The end of the 10 Secret Rules of Attainment is in sight. Are you now seeing positive progress toward your goals, dreams, and wishes? Have you attained some small and large dreams, goals, and wishes from your list? Have you recorded any special “miracles”, affirmations, blessings, and any successes in a journal so you can be inspired on days when it appears by outside circumstances that your dreams, goals, and wishes may not materialize? It’s wise to record any past successes as these will confirm that you can indeed succeed and will propel you to even greater success. We’ll discuss this more when we get to Rule number seven.
These 10 Secret Rules for Attainment are only the start to attaining all you want in life. I will continue to counsel my reader even after I cover these 10 with my other materials, the teaching and the learning never really ends. When finished, I will start again with rule number 1 and go into more depth adding more insight as we continue this journey together.
Let’s review the eight areas of wants and needs of people, then the first 6 rules before we continue to rule number seven.
The eight areas you’ll recall are: good health, the enjoyment of food, a restful night’s sleep, money, life and a legacy, sexual gratification, the well being of those you love, and a feeling of importance and respect. All of these weave together to make you a whole person, but typically one or more are out of balance and need and are desired to be improved upon. These are those with desires that you wish to attain, and the 10 Secret Rules of Attainment allow you to do just that!
The first six rules we’ve covered so far:
1. Get quiet and meditate. Know that all of the 8 desires are yours.
2. Make a mental picture of what you wish to attain.
3. Build your mental picture of what you want; not what others want for you.    
4. Keep your mental picture and success plans to yourself. Be careful if and when you do share your mental picture with and who you share it.
5. Act; take the steps necessary toward making this desire, dream, and wish a reality! Rule number five may just be the most important rule of all of the 10 but remember they are all important. Suppose your goal or wish was to contact me and my phone number was: 123-456-7890. You dial all 10 digits shown but you do them in a different order. Certainly, you would not get me on the other end. You may get nothing at all or you may get someone else. In the same way, if you do not follow all 10 of these rules, you most likely will not get your chosen goal or result, get nothing, or a totally different result! So let’s do all of the steps.
6. Do not try to force or hurry your mental picture into fulfillment. Accept that great things may require great time.
By looking back we can look ahead. We needed this review today before going on. Now you are refreshed and ready to proceed to Secret Rule for Attainment #7.
Until next time,
Best of Success! Ter Scott!