Definition of Vision?

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Give your Father this most unique Father's Day Gift.

Do you remember where you've seen this before? If you've watched "It's a Wonderful Life"
you've seen it. I've seen it at least 20 times or more as it's a tradition for me to watch this movie every Christmas season. The movie story just resonates with me as to what life is about.

Regardless if you are now older, or you've lost respect for your dad for some reason, or for whatever reason you are not asking your dad about things (and he is still alive) STOP IT! Set up time at least one time a week and calling your dad, have coffee with your dad, and ask questions, ask opinions, ask about his thoughts. 

God speaks through your parents. The universe speaks to you through your dad. Take notes. Your dad has lived longer than you and really does know a few things. Now it is up to you to use what you've learned after your time together. 

I once heard from a very successful person who owned several profitable businesses who spent time on a regular basis with his father; who "failed" in business, and acted as a consultant to the son. Why? Because the father was an expert in what NOT to do!

Finally, when you ask you dad for help and advice, he will rise to the occasion and then become the dad you really want to have. Asking your father for his advice is the best Father's Day gift you could ever give. And oh by the way, you'll become a better person too. 

Make it a great (Father's) Day! 
Life and Legacy Coach

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We are starting a group in many areas of the USA; partnering with a national real estate group that has access to buyers… providing proof of funds, inspection funds, appraisal funds, closing funds… 
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