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help you attain anything within 6 to 12 months

I will help you attain any "one area" that you want within the Major 8 ™ Good Health, Enjoyment of Food, Restful Sleep, Money, Full Life and Leave a Legacy, Sexual Gratification, the Well Being of Your Children and Those you Love, and a Feeling of Importance (or something that isn’t listed).
IMPORTANT: This requires back and forth communication in a timely manner between buyer/seller. Please contact me before purchasing for full understanding to avoid cancellations and hurting both buyer/seller profile and Fiverr reputation.
5 Step Process 
1.       Tell me what you desire, what your situation is right now; and what and how long you have been doing to attain this; 500 to 1000 words.
2.       I will reply with my initial thoughts, comments and questions.
3.       You’ll reply with answers to my questions. (CAUTION: At this point, I’ve offered value. If for any reason you do not reply with step 3 within 24 hours, this will complete the job and I will “deliver” step 2 again; completing the job).
4.       I will respond with my evaluation and recommendations.
5.       I will present to you a set of affirmations and “tools” that are exclusive to you, your needs and desires. 

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10 AFFIRMATIONS: Customized, Personalized to you; $5??? Oh yeah! (Not a misprint).

Yours truly will create 
10 CUSTOM Affirmations 
specifically written for you!

Affirmations are powerful tools to get whatever, wherever and however you want to attain. If you want more confidence, more money, a better job, a better relationship, more sales; etc. my CUSTOMIZED & PERSONALIZED affirmations will help. Many of the so-called “pros” on YouTube and elsewhere are doing it “wrong”. There are correct ways to create affirmations and I will customize 10 for you to repeat daily to attain your needs and desires. ; with complete instructions for success! Basic gig gets you a list of 10 affirmations presented on 8.5 x 11 “poster” to print and frame in pdf form; with complete instructions for success!  Help me sell 1000 gigs in 12 months so I can donate 50% ($2500) to charity. Choose additional options to make your attainment easier and sooner.

BASIC GIG: $5 8.5 x 11 “poster” to print and frame; plus there are some really cool options available to help you attain your desire quickly! 

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Answers from the Cosmos: You lookin’ at me?

Look at others as yourself. Answers from the Cosmos: You lookin’ at me?: Look less at yourself in a mirror, And more at your reflection In the eyes of others. That’s where you’ll see What you really “lo...

Learning and Living Your Life's Purpose

Hello Friends! So you have a business, but are you "successful" and "love what you do"? Get my Book FREE:
Learning and Living Your Life’s Purpose; It’s FREE between March 30th and April 3rd. Go to Amazon Kindle, download it free and sit back with your favorite beverage (and a pen and paper) and enjoy! I’m offering it free so I can help a lot of people and I ask you to please leave me positive feedback on Amazon. Get the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Living-Your-Lifes-Purpose-ebook/dp/B015ND01KM?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Why 99% of people remain dissatifisfied with how much money they are making:

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Chances are that you're battling limiting beliefs right now. Let's take money, for example; after all, money is probably the most common reason why people start using the Law of Attraction.
But here's the thing – you don't get something for nothing. In other words, you can't just sit on your couch and expect that one day your life is going to miraculously change.
Practically all of us want more money.
So how come 99% of people in the world remain dissatisfied with how much money they are making? Why is it so many people find it so difficult to manifest abundance?
Over and over again I have heard people set financial goals and objectives and then try to manifest them – only to fail.
Here's an example: a man says he is going to have $1 million in his bank account by the end of next year.
Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, nothing much changes.
The reason for this is simple: he really doesn't believe he's worth $1 million. Deep down inside, he believes he's really only worth $50,000 (or whatever). This deep seated belief means he stands no chance of reaching his goal.

However, there are ways to overcome these limiting beliefs and achieve your true desires and I share them with you in "The Magic of Manifestation." 

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Tell me your thoughts about A.K. Cosmos, and I'll tell you mine.

Dear reader.

I have something pretty special for your today. You may already know about a daily post of inspiration over at: http://answersfromcosmos.blogspot.com/. Every day there is something of wisdom by A.K. Cosmos to start your day.

I will soon be writing a book which explains the meaning and also thoughts that were "behind" the scenes about each post. Before I do, I hope to get a few of your thoughts; which post(s) did you like the best, which provoked thinking and doing, what are your related success stories and just anything that came about from these daily episodes. You can even give a "testimony" about how you like any post and how you've been helped.

If I use your comments in the book, you get the book free (emailed eBook version).

To see Answers from the Cosmos CLICK HERE. Then come back here and leave your comments below after this article.

Thanks for your help!

Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach

A wise story of two wise men.

A very wise man was called by a wiser man that lived on the other side of the world. It’s not important who this wise man or the wiser man were; maybe Rabbis, maybe priests, pastors or even you and me. The wiser man who called the wise man said, "Come and visit me, as there is something important that you need to do".

The wise man without giving it much thought, boarded a plane and half way around the world had a layover at an airport for a couple of hours. There he met a man and they talked. The man sensed that he was speaking to a wise man so he spoke boldly and without inhibition; he shared that these were going to be his last minutes on earth because he was going to take his life. It’s not known what the wise man said but his words must have been life changing because the man decided to live. 

The wise man then continued his flight. 

Businessman at airport 
When the wise man reached his destination and after the initial greetings, asked the wiser man, “Why did you send for me?”  

The wiser man asked him to tell him about his trip to which the wise man explained what had happened at the airport. The wiser man said that was why he was asked to visit and that now he could go back home.   
The wise man was now wiser. 

We all start our days not knowing what we will do to change the world, but we always do change the world. Because of this, we must always be careful of what we do, how we do it; what we say and how we say it. Then, at the end of the day we will not only have changed the world, but we too will be wiser.

Live with intent.
Life and Legacy Coach ®  

Answers from the Cosmos: Are you working too hard?

Answers from the Cosmos: Are you working too hard?: Release your dream in faith as it were a dove flying toward its attainment. Then start working walking toward it. A.K. Cosmo...

Answers from the Cosmos: Do What's Important

Trying to do
everything will just wear you out. Determine what is "important" (in
your business and other areas) and do those things; all else will fall into its
proper place. 
Answers from the Cosmos: Do What's Important: Appreciate what is important. And it will appreciate; And it will appreciate you. A.K. Cosmos PS. What are you giving your tim...

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Answers from the Cosmos: Want more? Share from these with others.

Answers from the Cosmos: Want more? Share from these with others.: Choose a life of Health Wealth Prosperity and Wisdom. You’ll deserve it. A.K. Cosmos PS. You get what you choose;...

Beyond Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret; How to Manifest

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When Rhonda Byrne published The Secret in 2006 people's eyes were opened to the amazing power of the Law of Attraction. But I believe the book and film didn't go far enough in revealing the techniques people can use to make manifestation happen.
As a result, the world is filled with frustrated people who believe in the Law of Attraction and understand its power but who can't seem to make it work right in their own lives.
That's where I come in.
I have written a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow online course that reveals everything you need to know to make manifestation happen.

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Give Your Way to Wealth; a new book by Ter Scott!

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Give Your Way to Wealth by Life and Legacy Coach, Ter Scott explains how to give to get. He explains how this unorthodox method really goes against the grain of our thinking but that it works because all the natural laws confirm it. Scott says, “We plant a tomato seed and expect to reap tomatoes but with our money, many of us cast our money seeds to the wind; not knowing what harvest to expect”.

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Every day, give something away;
throw something away,
You’ll have room to receive.

Every time you receive, give.
You’ll continue the cycle of giving and receiving.

Ter Scott! Life and Legacy Coach ®

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This will be a way for you to practice the law of giving to receive. I will give you this eBook free and any updated versions that I publish (upon request) and you can keep it as my gift even if you do not send me a story or video testimonial.

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Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach 

Answers from the Cosmos: Desire higher.

Answers from the Cosmos: Desire higher.: When you say, “I want”, you are saying “I lack”. When you say, “I have”, you attract. When you say, “I Am”, you are . A...

What the mind of man can conceive

... and believe, he will achieve! 

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Mary Ellender, Redlands, California
"Three years ago I was living alone in a rented accommodation, struggling to find the cash to pay the bills every month, just getting by, and hating every single thing about my life ... Now I am living in a wonderful house in the countryside with a kind caring man, deeply in love, running an equestrian "Riding For The Disabled" center for a friend - and being paid more than I ever dreamed of while I live my perfect life. Life simply could not be better for me."
Are you truly happy with your life? Do you ever find yourself wishing for more – more money, deeper love, greater satisfaction?
Are you starting to think that you are destined to live your
life never feeling truly satisfied and content?

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Answers from the Cosmos: Are you casting pearls?

Answers from the Cosmos: Are you casting pearls?: Do not waste words on those who are deaf to wisdom. Continually work to become the diamond that you are And your radiance will attrac...

Answers from the Cosmos: Speak Always

Answers from the Cosmos: Speak Always: Speak to every one; and every thing . Anything that grows needs your encouragement. Anything that gives needs your gratitude. A.K....

Be Aware of Small Manifestations; They Prove that Bigger is Possible

If you've seen the movie, The Secret you'll remember when they talked about manifesting "little" things, like a cup of coffee. Another was getting parking places. Today when I stopped at a convenience gas station, a gal greeted me with an offer to try a sample of their iced coffee. Of course I accepted (always accept gifts regardless of what it is; that's another topic). I mentally noted that I manifested the coffee. Later, when going to a big box store to shop* as I drove close to the entrance, a car pulled out and I pulled in; just like what was presented in The Secret. This time, I checked it off in my notebook I carry. Both experiences were actual manifestations that I created and I know that when I manifest in these "small" ways, that I can also manifest in "big" ways. 

Here's an exercise that I've been doing and I want to share it with you. Please try it for at least a week and then let me know in the comments what your results are.

I start everyday with intention; I will manifest and I expect a miracle.

I list a miracle that I'd like to happen that day: Receive $5,000. I don't give it a thought as to "how" because that's up to the Universe and God. I might list my "whys" and contemplate on "how" but the "how" is not my concern.

Next I list at least three manifestations that I want to use as "proving" my faith. These are things like: A friend will call me, I will get a speaking gig, and I will complete a certain task (yes, completing things on your "to do" list is manifesting).

The last step is to list something that I list as: Something that is "out there" but can happen (I probably should change the word "can" to "will"); and list: new house. This is in my mind "pretty big" but I put it on the list.

Now just the act of starting my day doing this, puts into action the law of attraction and it's imprinted on my mind. I don't dwell on it or make it as a hard task; but as Joe Vitale tells us, I have fun with it. It's listed on my 3x5 card or in my pocket notebook so I try to look at it frequently through the day; at least morning, noon and night.

At the end of the day, I review how the day went and express my gratitude for the manifestations which happened, spend some thought with each and then list a few things to manifest the next day. In the morning I will look at what I may have written the night before, modify some things and send it out to the Universe with intention and again expect another great day!

Make it a great one!
Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach**

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** Ter Scott is a speaker and author. Contact his office at 888-241-4031 (24/7 National Message Center) for booking information.

Attain Anything within 6 to 12 Months

How would you like to try my coaching for just $5? I've got a gig up for a limited time at Fiverr. Check it out! 

Are you desperate for that "next level"? Ask yourself, "How Brave am I?"

How Brave are you? 

I want you to take a few minutes and learn about being brave and courageous. I'm not sharing this video by my friend Dean because I want you to join or buy any of his materials (you certainly can if you want; I'm not getting a penny if you do*), become a real estate investor or join me in any of my business opportunities but here's why...

I want you to be strong and courageous so you can do what it is that you want to do. If you have a business already, do it as a strong and courageous person and help your customers and the world! 

Watch this video (at least once) and listen to Dean as he shares from his heart how you (and I) need to keep on keeping on, as the courageous winners that we are:

I hope that you are as motivated as I am to have watched this video. Every day I "intend" to help others and to be "helped" by something that comes to me that day. That thing that helped me today, is this video.

Do well.
Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach 

*If you'd like to get some of Dean's materials, I'd suggest that you start with these two and I've made an arrangement for my readers to get them free, click here.

Creating, Expecting and Managing Your Manifestations

Recently I received a ceramic coffee “tumbler” type of mug (it’s more of a tall version) from a good friend as a birthday gift. Naturally I was very fond of it because I like coffee and it was a thoughtful gift from a friend. Sadly, while washing dishes, it fell on the floor and broke. I was certainly dismayed by this but said out loud, I will have to replace this; I really liked it (or something like that). Later that day I was at a thrift store and saw a mug that was similar and bought it. I wondered if the lid from the original would fit and when I came home I fished it out of the trash and sure enough, it did. The first time I filled it with hot coffee it was too hot to handle. I made a temporary sleeve for it and thought that when I’m at a coffee house I would save the sleeve from a cup or grab a couple extras. Interestingly I recently had coffee with a friend at such a place and saved the cup sleeve and I am using it now as I’m sharing this story with you. I remember that in the movie, The Secret, it stated that we should start with something small and showed how one might manifest a cup of coffee; I manifested a coffee mug and a sleeve.  

The purpose of my little coffee chat with you today is to help you become aware that we are indeed manifesting everything that happens in our life, and by that I mean, everything. Here I will talk about how to expect it, control it or at least manage it and most importantly to first be aware of the event, so we know that manifesting is indeed happening and that if manifesting happens “here” in one area of our life (Major 8) desires that it will also happen “there” in another area of our (Major 8) life desires. For instance you might be doing great with the first area of the Major 8, which is “good health” but lousy in the area of “money” which is number four on the list. To better ourselves and our ability to achieve more in all areas, we need to ask why this is so. In my weekend workshops we tackle such questions and work to get all eight areas into optimal condition.

To briefly illustrate how might be doing well in one area and not in another, I will share a quick story. Recently I was listening to Rev. Ike when he stated something like “the reason why people are sickly is that they listen to and watch ads about reasons why you have headaches”. ; (You can replace this with anything you’ve seen or heard advertised recently). He continued on talking about how a well-known ad at the time even told you “what type of headache” you had: “Do You Have an Excedrin ® Headache?” I was thinking that I have great health and confess this often in my day and am grateful that I do and how the winter is basically over now and I never got a cold or sick once. But why am I “sick” in some of the other areas of the Major 8 or at least not entirely “well”? Am I hearing “ads” on the radio about hard times, the bad economy, and similar things that keep me from manifesting the income I desire?

We continually manifest things sometimes unaware at other times we manifest something “here” but not “there” but I will share today that when you know you can and actually are manifesting things “here” in this area, that you certainly can manifest them “there”; and “anywhere” in any of the Major 8.

Let me do a “time out” here and say that “manifesting” is not any “hocus-pocus” or any real “mystical” thing that is out of the ordinary. (If you think it is, this may be at least one reason why you are not realizing what it is that you want). If you’ve achieved any goal that you’ve set for yourself and attained it; you’ve “manifested” it. I’m thinking that you graduated from high school? I will tell you that when you did that you manifested it and all the days you were in study hall thinking about the day that you would “escape” this “jail” of discipline; that you were in the process of manifesting. (High school was a good time for me in my life but I still looked forward to graduation day. Now I look back with fond memories of an easier time). I’m pretty sure that if you were like most students, when in school you looked forward to graduating, “visualized it”; perhaps unknowingly and probably “saw” yourself walking across the stage and getting your diploma, you acted toward its attainment by showing up for class and doing the work. Finally the day came when you walked on stage and awarded for your efforts. Since then many similar events have happened both big and small, and most of them “minute” and “routine” with many more yet to come your way. Today I will help you to become aware of all of them, whether big, small, minute or routine. By recognizing them and giving them the honor of your gratitude, you’ll be able to manage them better and manifest more of what you want.

If when reading this it is your morning, I want you to think back to yesterday. Did you get everything done that you wanted to get done? If not and if so; you manifested it. Did you plan to get things done; did you create a “to do” list, follow that list and check things off as you completed them? If you did or did not, you also manifested that. Either way you planned for a few things, some things were “routine” like brushing your teeth and showering, and others were things that you think were and are out of your control (like going to work); these all were things that you manifested.

Sometimes we think that the act of manifesting is sitting quietly and visualizing that new house or car, and it is. But it is also expecting to wake up tomorrow, shower and dress and get to work on time, have lunch with someone, come home and have supper, etc. etc. That is also manifesting. When you do wake up, shower and dress, get to work on time, have a great lunch with someone and come home and enjoy your dinner, that all was manifesting but we can think, oh that’s what I do all the time; that’s not manifesting. But it is! Yes, it’s perhaps your usual “routine” but manifesting is, can be and should be your routine!

We are manifesting (and creating) as long as we are thinking; and expecting! When something that throws off our expected routine such as the “get up and get ready for work and go to work” scenario and you are running late, run out to your car, sit your butt in the seat and set your coffee cup in the holder and turn the key and… a click, click sound happens. Joe Vitale (of The Secret) would tell you that “I’m going to get a little bit in your face and say that yes, you did manifest this”. At this time be sure that you respond (don’t react) in a positive and grateful manner so you’ll think of ways how you’ll solve the situation; “thank God I have a car”, “thank God I have money to pay a mechanic to fix this”, “I have a neighbor next door who can give me a jump”; but then spend some time to ask why this happened, learn from it, and move on to manifesting more good.

Knowing now that whatever happens in your day you have manifested, add to it, expect things, plan for things, visualize not just having lunch with someone but visualize having a great lunch with them with them paying for the meal, bringing a small gift of appreciation to you, giving you good news like you’re getting a promotion and more.

Now that you are aware that you are manifesting when you plan, expect and complete your usual daily activities and see that they “materialize” into completion, know also that you can now plan, expect and materialize other things on the physical, mental and spiritual plane (Many people think they can only manifest physical things, but you can also manifest things such as a better memory and a better spiritual understanding; but that’s another article for another time) in all areas of the Major 8.

So when you are planning your “to do” list for today, be sure to expect a miracle, and many little and big manifestations that will be added to your routine manifestations which happen because in your mind that have to happen; like going to work, dropping the kids off at school, etc. 

Take notes and review your day and write down things that manifested for you; you’ll build your faith and ability to plan, expect and realize. Start with the “coffee and the parking space” examples that were mentioned in the movie, The Secret; and move forward by adding things that you desire into your daily “routine”. 

Truly, expect a miracle to happen today and be sure to look for it; it will be there!

Ter Scott!

Life and Legacy Coach ™

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Ter Scott is a Life and Legacy Coach ™ and Attainment Coach ™, author,                                                                     

seminar leader, and more. You can contact Ter Scott at: 218-464-6777. 

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