Give Your Way to Wealth; a new book by Ter Scott!

Would you like to make more money than you do presently? Would you like to make more money; keeping more and have more to “spare and to share”? Would you like to be wealthy?

Give Your Way to Wealth by Life and Legacy Coach, Ter Scott explains how to give to get. He explains how this unorthodox method really goes against the grain of our thinking but that it works because all the natural laws confirm it. Scott says, “We plant a tomato seed and expect to reap tomatoes but with our money, many of us cast our money seeds to the wind; not knowing what harvest to expect”.

Right now, you can get the eBook, a $9.99 value free. Just keep reading.


Every day, give something away;
throw something away,
You’ll have room to receive.

Every time you receive, give.
You’ll continue the cycle of giving and receiving.

Ter Scott! Life and Legacy Coach ®

Get my eBook: Give Your Way to Wealth 
absolutely free which is available for a very limited time. 
Very soon I will publish it as an Amazon Kindle book.

Here’s the “catch” to get you free copy.

First, order your free book. Then…

I want your story. Please tell me a story that I could use to illustrate one or more of the points I present in the book.

Also, after reading the book and using the tips within, please give me a quick video testimonial about how you used it to help you to get something that you wanted by giving something or just how you are using the law of giving to receive in your life.

Your story may be used in revised editions of the book and your video for marketing purposes.

This will be a way for you to practice the law of giving to receive. I will give you this eBook free and any updated versions that I publish (upon request) and you can keep it as my gift even if you do not send me a story or video testimonial.

CLICK HERE to go to my “response page” and request it. Allow me a few days to get it to you via your email box.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach 

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