Be Aware of Small Manifestations; They Prove that Bigger is Possible

If you've seen the movie, The Secret you'll remember when they talked about manifesting "little" things, like a cup of coffee. Another was getting parking places. Today when I stopped at a convenience gas station, a gal greeted me with an offer to try a sample of their iced coffee. Of course I accepted (always accept gifts regardless of what it is; that's another topic). I mentally noted that I manifested the coffee. Later, when going to a big box store to shop* as I drove close to the entrance, a car pulled out and I pulled in; just like what was presented in The Secret. This time, I checked it off in my notebook I carry. Both experiences were actual manifestations that I created and I know that when I manifest in these "small" ways, that I can also manifest in "big" ways. 

Here's an exercise that I've been doing and I want to share it with you. Please try it for at least a week and then let me know in the comments what your results are.

I start everyday with intention; I will manifest and I expect a miracle.

I list a miracle that I'd like to happen that day: Receive $5,000. I don't give it a thought as to "how" because that's up to the Universe and God. I might list my "whys" and contemplate on "how" but the "how" is not my concern.

Next I list at least three manifestations that I want to use as "proving" my faith. These are things like: A friend will call me, I will get a speaking gig, and I will complete a certain task (yes, completing things on your "to do" list is manifesting).

The last step is to list something that I list as: Something that is "out there" but can happen (I probably should change the word "can" to "will"); and list: new house. This is in my mind "pretty big" but I put it on the list.

Now just the act of starting my day doing this, puts into action the law of attraction and it's imprinted on my mind. I don't dwell on it or make it as a hard task; but as Joe Vitale tells us, I have fun with it. It's listed on my 3x5 card or in my pocket notebook so I try to look at it frequently through the day; at least morning, noon and night.

At the end of the day, I review how the day went and express my gratitude for the manifestations which happened, spend some thought with each and then list a few things to manifest the next day. In the morning I will look at what I may have written the night before, modify some things and send it out to the Universe with intention and again expect another great day!

Make it a great one!
Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach**

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