A wise story of two wise men.

A very wise man was called by a wiser man that lived on the other side of the world. It’s not important who this wise man or the wiser man were; maybe Rabbis, maybe priests, pastors or even you and me. The wiser man who called the wise man said, "Come and visit me, as there is something important that you need to do".

The wise man without giving it much thought, boarded a plane and half way around the world had a layover at an airport for a couple of hours. There he met a man and they talked. The man sensed that he was speaking to a wise man so he spoke boldly and without inhibition; he shared that these were going to be his last minutes on earth because he was going to take his life. It’s not known what the wise man said but his words must have been life changing because the man decided to live. 

The wise man then continued his flight. 

Businessman at airport 
When the wise man reached his destination and after the initial greetings, asked the wiser man, “Why did you send for me?”  

The wiser man asked him to tell him about his trip to which the wise man explained what had happened at the airport. The wiser man said that was why he was asked to visit and that now he could go back home.   
The wise man was now wiser. 

We all start our days not knowing what we will do to change the world, but we always do change the world. Because of this, we must always be careful of what we do, how we do it; what we say and how we say it. Then, at the end of the day we will not only have changed the world, but we too will be wiser.

Live with intent.
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