What is "Social Health" and How can I improve?

We’ve addressed the physical, emotional and mental areas of health and today I’ll discuss the “social” area of health leaving the spiritual area for later.

Social health is one's ability to form meaningful personal relationships with others. It is also an indication of one's ability to manage in social situations and behave accordingly. Matters such as stress can damage someone's social health, although autism also makes social health difficult to sustain. READ MORE. 

You’ll find that all eight areas of the Major 8 are interdependent on each other and the sub areas of each are sometimes found within another area; this is one. Life and Legacy (5), Sexual Gratification (6), Wellbeing of Loved Ones (7) and even Feeling of Importance and Respect (8) all have to do with our relationships with others.

In the definition above I want to point out that good social health has to do with forming, managing and maintaining good relationships in our family, work and play. The entire Major 8 has to do with “balance” and when we schedule time for good relationships; first with our self for our own alone time and then with others, we achieve a healthy balance in the area of social health.

It’s interesting that to have good social health, we first need to “work” on our own skills and abilities (during our scheduled “alone time”) and then to use them in the testing arena of life. Learning to love one another for example is not something we are born with. We either take the time to learn from the materials which are presented by authors and speakers or learn on our own as we rise in the grades at school. Books such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and similar types of materials present great ideas and exercises to improve our social health. However, with the advent of personal communication devices such as computers, smartphones etc., face to face communication is not being learned or taught! Sure, this is still communication and “counts” as social communication, but I believe those who can do well both electronically and face to face will have better social health.

Here is an article which is directed toward women to improve conversations with men but much of it goes "both" ways. 

Is it any wonder then why so many men bounce from one woman to the next or refer to some women as boring? Or why many of them don’t phone after that first date?
But now imagine for a moment:
  • No longer being seen as boring
  • No longer needing to think about what to discuss
  • No longer wondering what topics make his eyes light up
  • No longer hearing long periods of silence when out on a date
  • No longer struggling to get him to share his personal feelings
  • No longer experiencing awkward and short-lived romances with men
  • No longer being slave to that social anxiety and heart pounding stress

I explained a bit about how “social health” is an area that requires much time and thought with practice to do well and to improve in.

My friend and colleague Bob Proctor offers a six week course which to say is “life changing” in the area of “social health” and so much more is an understatement. I’d like you to read everything that he presents on his site because it is valuable to anyone who in interested in creating better relationships by creating a better “you”. Then if you think his course is “right” for you, by all means go for it; otherwise simply glean wisdom from his words presented on his page. READ ABOUT IT HERE.  

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5 ways to manage emotional health

Today we continue discussing the areas within the first of the Major 8 ™ which is having “Great Health” I’ve shared thoughts about how when we think of good health we may think of eating right, exercising and all the ways to achieve and maintain great “physical” health; which is good but by only doing this we are neglecting much of our health; because as I’ve already mentioned: Health is not just physical but also includes emotional, mental, social and spiritual…
Earlier I’ve discussed the physical and a bit about the emotional aspects of health and now I’ll present a discussion on the mental part of our health.
I’ve described the physical and the emotional part of health and now I will move on in the area of “mental health”. I will continually remind my readers that I am not a “health professional” in the way of having certifications or special education or degrees of any kind; all is based on my observation and research with intent to help others understand the “Major 8 ™” and how it will help them achieve their desires.  If you have specific situations which require professional help such as medical help, this author encourages you to seek the appropriate professionals to help you.
Mental and emotional health are so closely intertwined that many think they are the one and the same. Any time in life when you see two different words for two things which you may think mean the same thing, know that they are not; or you would not have two different words!
With this being said, when you visit: dictionary.com you’ll see a definition for mental health but when you place the words “emotional health” in the search bar, you get a search page and this message: You are seeing web results for emotional+health because there's not a match on Dictionary.com.
So, let’s ask Google, What is the difference between mental health and emotional health? By (go ahead and try this yourself) we’ll find some very interesting articles.
One such article shares a bit about both:

What is Mental?

Mental behavior is more concerned with the mind. Mental behavior changes due to the impact of the behavioral changes brought about by emotions. For example, an individual experiences the death of a close one. In such a situation, it is natural for the individual to be very emotional and depressed. However, if this depressed behavior exists for a longer period than what is considered as normal, this can be associated with symptoms of a mental disorder, such as depression. In such a case, a change in the human mind due to the activity of neurotransmitters can be expected.

What is Emotional?

Emotional behavior is more concerned with the heart. This type of behavior is exhibited at the loss of the dear and near. It is often seen that emotional behavior paves the way for mental behavior as well. In other words, a person that exhibits a lot of emotional behavior develops a kind of change in his mental behavior as well. The psychology of mind is such that it is easily transformed by the impact of emotions unless it is properly controlled.
According to: http://www.foh.hhs.gov , here are five “general” ways to manage “emotional” health:
1) Express your feelings in appropriate ways. ...
2) Look for balance. ...
3) Develop resilience. ...
4) Calm your mind and body. ...
5) Take good care of yourself.

I can hear you say, “Great, easier said than done” and this is true. That’s why I’ve created this course which teaches how to live in balance by understanding the Major 8 ™. I encourage you to visit here often as we continue to discuss the remaining two areas of “great health” which are social and spiritual and then moving forward to the other seven major areas.
ASSIGNMENT: List the five areas above on a sheet of paper (or as I like to do; in a Word document) and then spend some time thinking on ways to do each. What might be "appropriate" ways to express your feelings: not someone else's feelings, but your feelings? Write out some action steps. Do them and evaluate what happened, tweak your action steps and repeat. Life is a great experiment! 
Others who have read the above article also read this: What if I could show you 5 ways to looking (and feeling) 10 years younger? Would you think it requires: low fat diets, running in circles, or won’t work because of your age? Just drinking 12 ounces of good, clean water a day does wonders! And that is just the beginning of what this article shares!~
CAUTION: What if you are working out… too much? This article explains how you might just be doing this, plus other things many of us are doing “wrong”.

PHASE 1: F4X LEAN Read full article here. 

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7 Case Success Stories of those using Law of Attraction

Stories of success are all over the Internet…
Let’s look at how people are using the Law of Attraction to
consciously influence the material world to conform to their desires!

A 5’4” girl getting more modelling gigs than she ever dreamed of –
moving up quickly in her professional world, she soon became a partner
in a robust new modelling company in the same city where she lived.

A mother of three who has already attracted two dream houses
(she got her 2nd dream house after she figured out the colors and all the other details)
and as a massive bonus she was able to attract health was able to leave the nightmarish
world of Celiac disease.

An award-winning author (clue – he was one of the writers of the Secret!)
who used the LOA to pick himself up financially and emotionally after many devastating
events in his life. He speaks of his first $10,000 payday and other manifesting miracles
in his many books on the law of attraction.

A man who had wanted to mine the precious metal gold all his life.
He left the country, drawn by a strange attraction to another country.
Within a week of living in the new country, a man approached him and asked him
if he wanted to help establish a gold mining partnership. Long story short,
he manifested the dream business when he started using the Law of Attraction!

A man wanted to buy a truck that was way above his ability to pay.
He visualized owning the truck via the LOA and within 30 days the dealership
gave him a deal so good that he was able to bring home the truck that week.
This man has continued using the LOA technique to get other things he wanted –
because these transactions give him extreme satisfaction!

Another award-winning author shared his success with the LOA by stating
that his first one million dollars was manifested during a time when people already
doubted his vision… He didn’t care – he went ahead and consciously created his first
1 million dollars! Today this man is well known in the circles of Law of Attraction
and he has leveled up once again with the release of new products that help people
manifest miracles in everyday life.

A woman was disillusioned by her studies and felt like she was heading down
the wrong direction. She came across one of our books on the Law of Attraction and
after a while she decided that she wanted to pursue her true love – designing and
creating jewelry. Today she is earning far more than she expected from her passion
and she couldn’t be happier. She is wealthy financially and spiritually.

These are just a few of the amazing things people are manifesting.
They are testament to the reality of the Law of Attraction and these personal
correspondences show that Law of Attraction does indeed influence our lives at various levels.

Now it is your turn!

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  • The importance of changing lenses and having internal dialogs
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  • The role of passion in the grand design of the law of attraction
  • How to find your passion in life
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  • The role of belief in manifesting wealth
  • The power of belief
  • The difference between attracting money and working for money
  • How to multiply your personal manifesting power

Using the Power of Expectation when Manifesting

What do you Expect?

One of the things that I think is missing when many people practice manifesting what they want to attract is “expectation”.

Remember back to the time of childhood when you couldn’t sleep the night before Christmas because you were “expecting” what you asked for. Remember too when you traveled with your parents to a relative’s house or to a cabin, “Are we there yet?” was a question you probably asked more than a few times! You were expecting great things when you arrived.

Now, thinking back on times like those I’ve mentioned; what was the “feeling” you had when you were “expecting”? To me it is much like the (very slight) anxiety one feels just before giving a speech, the unknown feeling like when you are about to ask a girl for a date; something like that, do you know what I mean? Have you felt that?

Now, ask yourself “When was the last time I actually felt this feeling?”

Most of us live our lives in a long drawn out routine. Everything is pretty much on “auto pilot”. We go from home to work and from work to home five or more times a week, work in a little square space at a desk, come home to the usual type of meals at the same time each day; just pretty much the “same old same old”.

Hopefully you’ve followed me this far because now I will share my main point. If you are in sales you are probably not making sales because of this one thing. If you have wanted to make more money, quit smoking, exercise more, be disciplined in any area of your life; add anything from your own day to day life to this list which you are not achieving and ask if this “one thing” is holding you back.

The one thing is: “expectation”. Think about this. How many times have you come back from a sales call, a visit where you’ve shared a business opportunity, asked someone out for coffee and you got rejected! You did not expect the positive outcome. You treated this event as you do with the usual consideration that you would in brushing your teeth each morning. There’s no exhilaration, no fun, and no expectation!

Try this. The next time you are going to make a phone call to set an appointment to see someone, when you’re on your way to make a sales visit, when you are going to ask your boss for a raise; “feel” like you did on Christmas morning, like you did when you were a kid going on a family vacation. Feel that awesome feeling inside that you did because you know that when you get that appointment, when you make that sale or get that raise that you are on your way to getting that car, that house, that vacation that you want to manifest; get excited, expect it and it will happen!  

Ter Scott is the Life and Legacy Coach ™ and is available for private consultations, corporate talks and seminars. Contact him at: www.terscott.com/lifepurpose

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THIS JUST IN: I am editing this; adding this note because I just received a confirmation to everything that I've written here. I just watched a video and the very last thing stated was: "You've just got to move yourself into more expectation". You can watch the video here. The Key to Effortless Manifestation

Are mentally and emotionally the same thing?

The secret to attainment isn't just sitting around and visualizing, realizing and materializing things; it has to do also with our "complete self" and the very things which we wish to attain are within all the areas of the Major 8. That is why I will address each area of the Major 8 and go into some depth with each. At the end of this article you'll see further articles and sources that you may wish to look at. 

Today I'll continue where I left in explaining the essence of heath in the Major 8 areas of most people's desires. Health tops the list of the Major 8 and there are 5 areas within the area of health and I will address the second which is "emotional". 


Now let’s look at the second item on the list of health areas; this one is emotional. Many might think emotional is the same as mental health but they are indeed different as I’ll share soon but of course they are closely related. It’s the uninitiated who think that those who are emotional have mental situations; it may be true but it is a different area.

Since I’ve already shared that I’m not a health “professional” and will probably repeat this throughout my communication with you, I share with you other articles and information that I find elsewhere. My intent with the Live in Balance program is to define, help clients (readers) to identify these areas in their own life, and lead them to the resources which will help them modify what are where they want to modify.

So here is a link to a site which explains a bit about “emotional health”. I’m using the author’s definition of emotional health (and also like her definition of mental health so we’ll revisit this site when I talk about that).

One useful and positive definition of emotional health might be the capability to express all of your emotions in an appropriate way. This definition is tricky though, in that a two-year-old might run the gamut of all different types of emotions, which although might be normal for them, is totally inappropriate for an adult. Typically, a good definition of optimal emotional health is positive management and an expression of your emotional actions and reactions void of any unhealthy stress or depression.

With emotional health having to do with expressing one’s emotions in an “appropriate way” I would say that first we should not be afraid to share and express our emotions (pent up and unresolved emotions create stress, dis-ease, in our bodies and bad situations in our relationships). Expressing is important but using good skills in this area creates good results and when one expresses emotions one really is seeking attention and results with answers. Expressing emotions and then being on the receiving end and offering help, answers or simply reciprocating with the appropriate response requires care and skill; which all can be learned.

Next we will discuss mental health, what it is and how to modify and maintain a healthy version.

Did You Know… ?
Affirmation experts agree that in order to maximize the power of affirmations, they should not just be repeated mindlessly. They need to be fueled by emotion.

The Sculptor Method uses trigger symbols, storytelling visuals, power symbols and other stimuli that effectively set your affirmation on fire — and therefore makes it infinitely more powerful. These elements not only add emotion but a spiritual dimension to your affirmation practice, and they’ve been proven to enhance manifestation by up to 500%!

Jeff Staniforth shares a lot of great information; it’s worth the read. (I apologize if sometimes an article may become unavailable as things change on the Internet continually. If Jeff’s article is no longer available, I suggest you Google his name or the topic to do more research).

READ MORE HERE (and see how you can get free): How To Attract True Love –  How To Overcome Challenge – , How To Overcome Challenge – How To Overcome Challenge – Importance of Conquering Fears – Science of Getting Rich (Audio) – 20 Affirmation Posters – Breaking Free of Negative Emotions – 

People are living longer. Is your health so good that you’re comfortable picturing what’s in store for you 30 years from now? OR… Could it be that you’re UNWITTINGLY flirting with your fate by IGNORING potentially invisible health risks that are putting you in real danger of LOSING EVERYTHING YOU EVER WORKED FOR?

Quick story:

I have turned to weight training as my number one source of stress management and fitness training, not only for myself but for every personal client I have trained over the years. 

I never did manage to get Jake to give up his long distance events, or set foot in my gym. 

But I wish I had. 

One day Jake hopped onto his bicycle and, like he had done many times before, my good friend and "weekend warrior" entered himself into a long-distance racing event. 

The event was to last seven days. But Jake never made it to the end of the first day. 

He suffered a massive heart attack and died before reaching the hospital. 

Five Health Articles Everyone Should Read

You may not be able to read or watch all of these articles or video/articles at one sitting so please take not of this page and return to be sure you get all this important information. Here are several articles worth reading having to do with your health: 


“Drug company sales reps are secretly selling your doctor a bill of goods and the result could seriously harm your health or even kill you...  The drug companies are breaking the law and it’s happening in doctors' offices and at medical conferences every day!”
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What are the five areas of a person's health?

You'll see in the list of the Major 8 above that "Health" is number one on the list. Today I'll speak a bit about this area and the "areas" within this area.

Major 8 Number 1 (Excellent) Health

The Major 8 is a list of eight areas of the main desires of most people and are not necessarily in any prioritized order, except for this one; it takes precedence. You’ve heard it said that when you have you health, you have everything or maybe more so the reverse, if you have all kinds of other things but don’t have your health, or you’ve worked like crazy to get rich but you are sick and can’t enjoy your success, you really have little or nothing. You can find your own quotes on this but I think you get the idea.

Five areas of health are: 
Physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. 

Health is the umbrella that all other desires take on a lesser importance to. But when people say that they seek good health, they usually think of physical health alone. Just as I explain that all eight of the Major 8 are equally important, and are interdependent on each other and each have more substance than with the first casual glance, so too is “health” with its full definition and parts.  Health is not just physical but also includes emotional, mental, social and spiritual; again not listed in any prioritized order but if I did I would probably place spiritual as number one. So as all eight areas of the Major 8 are intertwined and work with each other, support each other and depend on each other to give us ultimate success and balance in our life, these five areas of health are also intertwined, supportive and codependent to achieve ultimate success and balanced health. Let’s look at each. (I’ll also mention how each play a role in the other 7 areas of the Major 8 as we come to them).


This is the area of health that one first thinks of when “thinking” health. We can all appreciate a body that feels invigorated; with all the senses keen and without pain as we grow older. There is one word that we need to remember when dealing with our health and that is discipline. If we want a great healthy physical body we need to be disciplined and remain disciplined to do what is needed every day of our life. We need to take 100% responsibility for our health and do what is needed to protect it in the best way possible. Our bodies are the shell that carries our mind around so that we can enjoy life to its fullest and to be an asset to others and make a difference in the world. (Remember the saying that goes something like this, if I remember correctly, “Our life is a gift from God and what we do with it is a gift to God (and others)”.

Thinking about that quote offers a “cure” to any pain that we may experience and it is this. Ever notice that when you are “busy” doing something that you (many times) “forget” your pain? That’s the “cure”. Be busy doing something for others that you’ll forget your pain. Here’s another thought about pain (as a bonus thought) while we’re on the subject. When I feel pain, I am “grateful” and I acknowledge it as a notification that I am being healed and growing. Bodybuilders state, “no pain, no gain” and it’s true for them and also true for us now and as we grow in age.

Here are areas in the area of “physical” which we need to consider, rejoice in, be grateful for and be disciplined (this is not an exhaustive list; I’m sure you can think of more):

Cleaning (personal hygiene)
(Healthy*) eating
Paying attention to “body talk”; when your mind and body are telling you to do something, like going to a health professional for a checkup or altering what you are doing.
Keeping away from damaging substances, tobacco, alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise). I’m in favor of doing everything possible to “not” require medications but when needed I favor natural remedies versus man-made synthetic drugs. Remember that your body is not made from synthetics so putting synthetics into a non-synthetic body really doesn’t make sense. (Please note that I’m not giving “medical advice” here but my own opinion. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV). Best advice; stay well!

It’s probably a good idea to place the word “healthy” before each word in the above list as eating, and sleeping as examples, must be done in a healthy manner.

In future articles we’ll discuss the other 4 areas of health; emotional, mental, social and spiritual. 

“Drug company sales reps are secretly selling your doctor a bill of goods and the result could seriously harm your health or even kill you...  The drug companies are breaking the law and it’s happening in doctors' offices and at medical conferences every day!”
- Dr. James F. Balch, M.D

Cures Kill Profits!
Disease maintenance is the primary economic support for a medical community whose policy level management has absolutely no interest in curing it.
HERE’S THE SECRET: If you don’t get sick, you don’t spend any money on health care! That’s right! ZERO!