Are mentally and emotionally the same thing?

The secret to attainment isn't just sitting around and visualizing, realizing and materializing things; it has to do also with our "complete self" and the very things which we wish to attain are within all the areas of the Major 8. That is why I will address each area of the Major 8 and go into some depth with each. At the end of this article you'll see further articles and sources that you may wish to look at. 

Today I'll continue where I left in explaining the essence of heath in the Major 8 areas of most people's desires. Health tops the list of the Major 8 and there are 5 areas within the area of health and I will address the second which is "emotional". 


Now let’s look at the second item on the list of health areas; this one is emotional. Many might think emotional is the same as mental health but they are indeed different as I’ll share soon but of course they are closely related. It’s the uninitiated who think that those who are emotional have mental situations; it may be true but it is a different area.

Since I’ve already shared that I’m not a health “professional” and will probably repeat this throughout my communication with you, I share with you other articles and information that I find elsewhere. My intent with the Live in Balance program is to define, help clients (readers) to identify these areas in their own life, and lead them to the resources which will help them modify what are where they want to modify.

So here is a link to a site which explains a bit about “emotional health”. I’m using the author’s definition of emotional health (and also like her definition of mental health so we’ll revisit this site when I talk about that).

One useful and positive definition of emotional health might be the capability to express all of your emotions in an appropriate way. This definition is tricky though, in that a two-year-old might run the gamut of all different types of emotions, which although might be normal for them, is totally inappropriate for an adult. Typically, a good definition of optimal emotional health is positive management and an expression of your emotional actions and reactions void of any unhealthy stress or depression.

With emotional health having to do with expressing one’s emotions in an “appropriate way” I would say that first we should not be afraid to share and express our emotions (pent up and unresolved emotions create stress, dis-ease, in our bodies and bad situations in our relationships). Expressing is important but using good skills in this area creates good results and when one expresses emotions one really is seeking attention and results with answers. Expressing emotions and then being on the receiving end and offering help, answers or simply reciprocating with the appropriate response requires care and skill; which all can be learned.

Next we will discuss mental health, what it is and how to modify and maintain a healthy version.

Did You Know… ?
Affirmation experts agree that in order to maximize the power of affirmations, they should not just be repeated mindlessly. They need to be fueled by emotion.

The Sculptor Method uses trigger symbols, storytelling visuals, power symbols and other stimuli that effectively set your affirmation on fire — and therefore makes it infinitely more powerful. These elements not only add emotion but a spiritual dimension to your affirmation practice, and they’ve been proven to enhance manifestation by up to 500%!

Jeff Staniforth shares a lot of great information; it’s worth the read. (I apologize if sometimes an article may become unavailable as things change on the Internet continually. If Jeff’s article is no longer available, I suggest you Google his name or the topic to do more research).

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People are living longer. Is your health so good that you’re comfortable picturing what’s in store for you 30 years from now? OR… Could it be that you’re UNWITTINGLY flirting with your fate by IGNORING potentially invisible health risks that are putting you in real danger of LOSING EVERYTHING YOU EVER WORKED FOR?

Quick story:

I have turned to weight training as my number one source of stress management and fitness training, not only for myself but for every personal client I have trained over the years. 

I never did manage to get Jake to give up his long distance events, or set foot in my gym. 

But I wish I had. 

One day Jake hopped onto his bicycle and, like he had done many times before, my good friend and "weekend warrior" entered himself into a long-distance racing event. 

The event was to last seven days. But Jake never made it to the end of the first day. 

He suffered a massive heart attack and died before reaching the hospital. 

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