What are the five areas of a person's health?

You'll see in the list of the Major 8 above that "Health" is number one on the list. Today I'll speak a bit about this area and the "areas" within this area.

Major 8 Number 1 (Excellent) Health

The Major 8 is a list of eight areas of the main desires of most people and are not necessarily in any prioritized order, except for this one; it takes precedence. You’ve heard it said that when you have you health, you have everything or maybe more so the reverse, if you have all kinds of other things but don’t have your health, or you’ve worked like crazy to get rich but you are sick and can’t enjoy your success, you really have little or nothing. You can find your own quotes on this but I think you get the idea.

Five areas of health are: 
Physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. 

Health is the umbrella that all other desires take on a lesser importance to. But when people say that they seek good health, they usually think of physical health alone. Just as I explain that all eight of the Major 8 are equally important, and are interdependent on each other and each have more substance than with the first casual glance, so too is “health” with its full definition and parts.  Health is not just physical but also includes emotional, mental, social and spiritual; again not listed in any prioritized order but if I did I would probably place spiritual as number one. So as all eight areas of the Major 8 are intertwined and work with each other, support each other and depend on each other to give us ultimate success and balance in our life, these five areas of health are also intertwined, supportive and codependent to achieve ultimate success and balanced health. Let’s look at each. (I’ll also mention how each play a role in the other 7 areas of the Major 8 as we come to them).


This is the area of health that one first thinks of when “thinking” health. We can all appreciate a body that feels invigorated; with all the senses keen and without pain as we grow older. There is one word that we need to remember when dealing with our health and that is discipline. If we want a great healthy physical body we need to be disciplined and remain disciplined to do what is needed every day of our life. We need to take 100% responsibility for our health and do what is needed to protect it in the best way possible. Our bodies are the shell that carries our mind around so that we can enjoy life to its fullest and to be an asset to others and make a difference in the world. (Remember the saying that goes something like this, if I remember correctly, “Our life is a gift from God and what we do with it is a gift to God (and others)”.

Thinking about that quote offers a “cure” to any pain that we may experience and it is this. Ever notice that when you are “busy” doing something that you (many times) “forget” your pain? That’s the “cure”. Be busy doing something for others that you’ll forget your pain. Here’s another thought about pain (as a bonus thought) while we’re on the subject. When I feel pain, I am “grateful” and I acknowledge it as a notification that I am being healed and growing. Bodybuilders state, “no pain, no gain” and it’s true for them and also true for us now and as we grow in age.

Here are areas in the area of “physical” which we need to consider, rejoice in, be grateful for and be disciplined (this is not an exhaustive list; I’m sure you can think of more):

Cleaning (personal hygiene)
(Healthy*) eating
Paying attention to “body talk”; when your mind and body are telling you to do something, like going to a health professional for a checkup or altering what you are doing.
Keeping away from damaging substances, tobacco, alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise). I’m in favor of doing everything possible to “not” require medications but when needed I favor natural remedies versus man-made synthetic drugs. Remember that your body is not made from synthetics so putting synthetics into a non-synthetic body really doesn’t make sense. (Please note that I’m not giving “medical advice” here but my own opinion. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV). Best advice; stay well!

It’s probably a good idea to place the word “healthy” before each word in the above list as eating, and sleeping as examples, must be done in a healthy manner.

In future articles we’ll discuss the other 4 areas of health; emotional, mental, social and spiritual. 

“Drug company sales reps are secretly selling your doctor a bill of goods and the result could seriously harm your health or even kill you...  The drug companies are breaking the law and it’s happening in doctors' offices and at medical conferences every day!”
- Dr. James F. Balch, M.D

Cures Kill Profits!
Disease maintenance is the primary economic support for a medical community whose policy level management has absolutely no interest in curing it.
HERE’S THE SECRET: If you don’t get sick, you don’t spend any money on health care! That’s right! ZERO!

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