What is "Social Health" and How can I improve?

We’ve addressed the physical, emotional and mental areas of health and today I’ll discuss the “social” area of health leaving the spiritual area for later.

Social health is one's ability to form meaningful personal relationships with others. It is also an indication of one's ability to manage in social situations and behave accordingly. Matters such as stress can damage someone's social health, although autism also makes social health difficult to sustain. READ MORE. 

You’ll find that all eight areas of the Major 8 are interdependent on each other and the sub areas of each are sometimes found within another area; this is one. Life and Legacy (5), Sexual Gratification (6), Wellbeing of Loved Ones (7) and even Feeling of Importance and Respect (8) all have to do with our relationships with others.

In the definition above I want to point out that good social health has to do with forming, managing and maintaining good relationships in our family, work and play. The entire Major 8 has to do with “balance” and when we schedule time for good relationships; first with our self for our own alone time and then with others, we achieve a healthy balance in the area of social health.

It’s interesting that to have good social health, we first need to “work” on our own skills and abilities (during our scheduled “alone time”) and then to use them in the testing arena of life. Learning to love one another for example is not something we are born with. We either take the time to learn from the materials which are presented by authors and speakers or learn on our own as we rise in the grades at school. Books such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and similar types of materials present great ideas and exercises to improve our social health. However, with the advent of personal communication devices such as computers, smartphones etc., face to face communication is not being learned or taught! Sure, this is still communication and “counts” as social communication, but I believe those who can do well both electronically and face to face will have better social health.

Here is an article which is directed toward women to improve conversations with men but much of it goes "both" ways. 

Is it any wonder then why so many men bounce from one woman to the next or refer to some women as boring? Or why many of them don’t phone after that first date?
But now imagine for a moment:
  • No longer being seen as boring
  • No longer needing to think about what to discuss
  • No longer wondering what topics make his eyes light up
  • No longer hearing long periods of silence when out on a date
  • No longer struggling to get him to share his personal feelings
  • No longer experiencing awkward and short-lived romances with men
  • No longer being slave to that social anxiety and heart pounding stress

I explained a bit about how “social health” is an area that requires much time and thought with practice to do well and to improve in.

My friend and colleague Bob Proctor offers a six week course which to say is “life changing” in the area of “social health” and so much more is an understatement. I’d like you to read everything that he presents on his site because it is valuable to anyone who in interested in creating better relationships by creating a better “you”. Then if you think his course is “right” for you, by all means go for it; otherwise simply glean wisdom from his words presented on his page. READ ABOUT IT HERE.  

And before I close, I wanted to give you something else to consider. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or simply a person who wants to “master” human relationships and to do so exponentially (meaning fast and faster by getting into the “influencer” circle) READ THIS.

Let me ask you a couple of questions.
  • Do you HATE going to boring networking events?
  • Do you struggle to attract clients and grow your revenues – and at the same time, struggle to build relationships with the higher-level VIPs and Influencers in your industry?
  • Do you ever feel like everyone else has high level VIP connections in your field (connections that help them get ahead) while you don’t?
Well if so, listen up.
Because I have some good news… READ MORE. 

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