7 Case Success Stories of those using Law of Attraction

Stories of success are all over the Internet…
Let’s look at how people are using the Law of Attraction to
consciously influence the material world to conform to their desires!

A 5’4” girl getting more modelling gigs than she ever dreamed of –
moving up quickly in her professional world, she soon became a partner
in a robust new modelling company in the same city where she lived.

A mother of three who has already attracted two dream houses
(she got her 2nd dream house after she figured out the colors and all the other details)
and as a massive bonus she was able to attract health was able to leave the nightmarish
world of Celiac disease.

An award-winning author (clue – he was one of the writers of the Secret!)
who used the LOA to pick himself up financially and emotionally after many devastating
events in his life. He speaks of his first $10,000 payday and other manifesting miracles
in his many books on the law of attraction.

A man who had wanted to mine the precious metal gold all his life.
He left the country, drawn by a strange attraction to another country.
Within a week of living in the new country, a man approached him and asked him
if he wanted to help establish a gold mining partnership. Long story short,
he manifested the dream business when he started using the Law of Attraction!

A man wanted to buy a truck that was way above his ability to pay.
He visualized owning the truck via the LOA and within 30 days the dealership
gave him a deal so good that he was able to bring home the truck that week.
This man has continued using the LOA technique to get other things he wanted –
because these transactions give him extreme satisfaction!

Another award-winning author shared his success with the LOA by stating
that his first one million dollars was manifested during a time when people already
doubted his vision… He didn’t care – he went ahead and consciously created his first
1 million dollars! Today this man is well known in the circles of Law of Attraction
and he has leveled up once again with the release of new products that help people
manifest miracles in everyday life.

A woman was disillusioned by her studies and felt like she was heading down
the wrong direction. She came across one of our books on the Law of Attraction and
after a while she decided that she wanted to pursue her true love – designing and
creating jewelry. Today she is earning far more than she expected from her passion
and she couldn’t be happier. She is wealthy financially and spiritually.

These are just a few of the amazing things people are manifesting.
They are testament to the reality of the Law of Attraction and these personal
correspondences show that Law of Attraction does indeed influence our lives at various levels.

Now it is your turn!

This is only 1/8 of what you’ll learn from my friend, Steve Jones. You’ll get 8 full sessions (modules) for the price of a meal at a restaurant; so feed your mind with:

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  • The single most important factor that defines your life
  • How to intensify the power of your life’s purpose
  • How to rebuild your life and career around new ideas
  • Radically transform your perception of reality to accommodate abundance
  • The importance of changing lenses and having internal dialogs
  • The role of happiness in conscious creation
  • What to do with challenges, big and small
  • The role of passion in the grand design of the law of attraction
  • How to find your passion in life
  • Dealing with obstacles to discovering your true passion
  • The role of belief in manifesting wealth
  • The power of belief
  • The difference between attracting money and working for money
  • How to multiply your personal manifesting power

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