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Visualize Today

Visualizing today makes the bills (and ills) go away!

To have a successful day, visualize today, today. Start your day by going through the steps as you see your day unfolding. You know for instance that you will be going to work so you know the usual routine of driving there, pulling in to the parking lot, walking in, and finding your desk, etc.

See yourself enjoying the traffic, listening to the radio (or motivational CD), getting to work, but with more detail. If you are expecting good things, good things will happen.

Are you in retail sales? See people asking for you and buying from you. See your cash drawer overflowing with money (so much that you have to ask your manager to take some) and see that your drawer is “right on” when reconciling it at the end of your shift. See yourself making the most sales in the store for today.

Do you have a coworker that often is hard to work with? See yourself laughing with and enjoying this person’s company. See this person doing something nice for you.

Visualize as many things that you can starting with yourself getting ready for your day, and doing the tasks you’ve chosen to do from the day’s beginning to end with nothing but success! And then guess what… you will be “nothing but a success”!

Make it a great day; visualize it!