Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki teaches you to win.

Some things can be materialized in your life with what seems to be "little" effort, but if you analyze what your thoughts and actions were before this whatever it is that happened, you may find that you really had a big part in this. 

Today I want to share with you that you and I need to take action on our dreams, goals and wishes. You may not be seeking what it is that your think these 5 people in this video (that I share at the end of this article) have but I encourage you to imagine yourself in the audience and ask what my friend Jack Canfield taught me to ask: "What is the opportunity"? 

Don’t you get tired of listening to losers and whiners who are “victims”? People need to take responsibility and know that if they want things to change in their life that they need to change some things in their life.

To do this people need to grow. To grow, people need to know how to read, and read! Don’t read just for entertainment (which this also has value) but read to get answers to the questions you have in life and about life. If you are not being what you want to be in life, if you are not doing what you want in life, and if you are not having what you want in life, I will tell you right now that you can have anything that you want! Right this moment while you may be wallowing in the mud of your present circumstances there is someone who is being, doing and having the exact life that you want. If they can do it, you can do it!

The answer lies in the words of great people; people who have moved forward with their lives to the place that you wish to be. And the good news is that they are eager to share with you their secrets. Successful people always have others come up to them after presentations and say, that was all very nice but “what’s the secret”? The answer is that the secret is that there is no secret. (And the person usually isn’t looking for a secret anyway. They are looking for a “shortcut”). So I won’t call it a “secret” but a formula, OK? And the formula is usually similar with each man or woman who has achieved. And if you can read and choose to read, and then choose to read the right stuff, you’ll attain the right stuff!

You can find a world of wealth in the knowledge contained in the books at your local library. If success was ever built on “luck”, then aren’t you “lucky” that your library is filled with books by those who have achieved and are being, doing and having what it is that you want to be, have and do? Oh yeah; keep reading!

I will leave you with something very, very exciting. Ben Franklin said that we should “empty the coins in our minds, and our minds will then empty coins into our purse”. Have you invested in your future? Or do you see those that have what you don’t have, who are willing to teach you for a fee, and say: “I want this information free”, or “I don’t have the money” or something similar? Again I say that if you want to change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life. Set some money aside and invest in yourself by attending something that will improve your situation at least monthly. Your car, your flat screen TV, and your sofa will be replaced but what you put in your head, you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. But here is what excites me to give to you today at no fee…

Can you imagine (not spending) investing $1000 or more to spend time with winners in life who are achievers and not whiners? I have friends and mentors who invest $25,000 for 2 days learning from others who teach them how to get to the next level that they want to be, do and have. In a moment I will reveal a 7 minute video of five people who offer such a wealth of information that I want you to take out a pad of paper and a pen to take notes before I present it below. Imagine that you are one of the participants in the audience that probably paid over $1000 to be present but through the “magic” of today’s video technology you are “there”!

You may know of Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books and seminars. My treat for you today is to put you in front of this man and four other successful entrepreneurs to learn; and at no cost to you. So there is no paying for a seminar ticket, plane fare, hotel room and eats; nada! So no excuses! Winners will watch this video at least 3 times and takes notes. Achivers will do all of that and take action.

Good day!
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Have you prayed for Obama today?

For anyone to attain, one needs not to harbor unforgiveness in his or her heart. We also want to release any negativity we have toward anyone in our lives and we need to take responsibility in controlling our thoughts to be good which in turn create our reality. Here I will address one area in which many of us may be having a tough time in taking responsibility in changing things. 

Regardless of how and what you and I think about the man who currently is in the Oval office and what he has and has not done, ultimately it is our fault, and our responsibility to change it. I’m not saying that it is only because we voted (or did not vote) this person into office, but that it is with our complacency to our society in whole that has made the environment suitable for such a thing to happen. Now that the result of all of this is that Obama is in office, the only way we can change anything is to pray to God. Nothing in this world is changed without God’s approval. We can only commune with God and ask Him to change us to change others.

I have some news for you that you may not know, and there is a very good chance that Obama himself does not know it. Here it is: “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord…” Did you know that? Do you think Obama himself knows this? Obama may think that what he is doing is "his" agenda but it is not. It is "His" agenda! 

Of course, Obama is not a “king” but he is the person who we put in power over us, so in a very true sense, he is a “king”. You, I and Obama may think that he is in control of his actions, but again I say that he is not! Here’s the “kicker” which is the real key that I want to present to you; it’s in the second part of this sentence which is this: “… he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases”. Let that sink in for a minute. God is in control! God is directing Obama’s actions “like a watercourse wherever he pleases”.

So if we don’t like what Obama is doing, yes we can continue to vote, and take action in ways that we can, but while we do this we must not forget the real, and the only way to make change, which is to ask God how we need to change ourselves so we can change others by our changes. 

Ask God what is next in his direction of “Obama’s watercourse” so you will be ready.

(The answers to the times we live have always been in the Bible; it tells the past, present and future. This sentence came from Proverbs, chapter 21, verse 1). 

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Ter Scott's Funny Facebook Post: Have you Hugged Your Mechanic Lately" gets heads scratching...

I don’t have to; I get to. I’m not a victim; I’m a victor. 
What happens on the “outside” doesn’t have to be what happens on the “inside”; 
life only has the meaning that I give it.

Today my Facebook post was this:

Hey, hey; good news! I get to do my part to keep the economy going, keep money circulating and keep my mechanic in business, paying his bills! My engine in my car needs to be replaced; It's a good day!

And guess what, I meant every word of it. Sure, I have to come up with the money but what’s the lesson here? I’m sure that there are many but one would be: “Would replacing a car engine at the cost of say $1,000 to $2000 be a real concern for someone with more money like Donald Trump? I don’t think so. It might me a minor inconvenience that might take up, say, 5 seconds of his time. So I just need to get more money, get more cars, have more options. Here’s another one. So I have another bill, I have a great family, great health, great friends and more blessings that I could possibly write here. It’s all in perspective! Finally, as long as I think well and wish good for others (in this case my mechanic) only good can come back to me! It truly is a “good” day! 

Your Daily Routine

Today I will share just one element of your daily routine to make it and every day better. Remember that you life is built one day at a time (actually it is built on one thought at a time, and one moment at a time, but that's a different article). What is your first thought every day before your feet hit the floor? What are your first prayers of your day? How are you sending out blessings to others and then for yourself before your start your day? Then how are you "worshiping" the Creator every moment of your day; are you living in positive expectancy? Are you focusing on "good"?

 Now that I've thrown all of those questions out there, I want you to answer them but I'm going to address something else; the one element in your daily routine that you need to do before you go to sleep every day: recognize 3 things that you've done well everyday. Yep, that's it.

This is what Jason Selk teaches in his "Mental Toughness" talk. CLICK HERE TO GO TO HIS SITE.

Be disciplined. Do this for 30 days. Put a mark on your calendar every time you do this; better yet write the 3 things down each day in a notebook and watch you attain greater things in your life this year!

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

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Make it a great day! Ter Scott!