Ter Scott's Funny Facebook Post: Have you Hugged Your Mechanic Lately" gets heads scratching...

I don’t have to; I get to. I’m not a victim; I’m a victor. 
What happens on the “outside” doesn’t have to be what happens on the “inside”; 
life only has the meaning that I give it.

Today my Facebook post was this:

Hey, hey; good news! I get to do my part to keep the economy going, keep money circulating and keep my mechanic in business, paying his bills! My engine in my car needs to be replaced; It's a good day!

And guess what, I meant every word of it. Sure, I have to come up with the money but what’s the lesson here? I’m sure that there are many but one would be: “Would replacing a car engine at the cost of say $1,000 to $2000 be a real concern for someone with more money like Donald Trump? I don’t think so. It might me a minor inconvenience that might take up, say, 5 seconds of his time. So I just need to get more money, get more cars, have more options. Here’s another one. So I have another bill, I have a great family, great health, great friends and more blessings that I could possibly write here. It’s all in perspective! Finally, as long as I think well and wish good for others (in this case my mechanic) only good can come back to me! It truly is a “good” day! 

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  1. I am a Mechanic, therefore that is what I do, Thank you! Keep Me gainfully employed.