Ter Scott and the MAJOR 8

I just published another Hubpages article and was pleased to see that I actually had two of my past articles selected as "Featured" by the publisher!

I like to write articles that will assist people in attaining what they desire of the Major 8. Financial stability seems to be at the front of most people's thinking so I find myself addressing that one of the Major 8 the most.

This article is titled: Your Creditors are People Too.

I share first that we need to think "well" of our creditors (after all, they trusted us first and gave us the product with faith that we would repay).

I then share how we each can avoid purchasing "mistakes" by considering how it will affect our situation both today and in the future.

And finally, I offer my PT "Pay Time" Method for setting up an action plan to pay off all of our debts, and grow at the same time we are blessing those (creditors) who first blessed us.

I encourage you to go and read it. Hubpages is very strict about not having repeat material elsewhere on the web, so here's the link: http://hubpages.com/. Just go there and do a search for "Ter Scott" in the search box at the top of the page, then click on the article.

After reading (and hopefully taking notes), at the bottom of the article there is a place for submitting your thoughts, I'd appreciate any coments you leave!

Make it a great day!

What Am I Saying?

Are you watching what you say and how you say it? Our thoughts create our words and then our words influence our thoughts.  It’s important that we think good thoughts, and say good thoughts.
Say what YOU want for YOURSELF and for OTHERS.

When we think of others we should say what we want and we all want “good” don’t we. When we say things such as “My son doesn’t clean his room” that is what we get; a son who doesn’t clean his room. If I were to say “My girlfriend is always late” I put these thoughts into action out into the universe and she shows up late.

I was recently reminded in my thoughts of this when I was composing an ad to sell something at eBay. Here is the listing and see if you can see what I needed to change:

Another great, LIKE NEW item from my TerScott.com/bargainbasement! Everyone loves guitar, 

and this instruction book makes it easy to learn. Really learn about how to tune your guitar, change strings, 

and play along with the CD. Man, I really wish I had this when I started! 

Grab your guitar, and enjoy! It's $14.95 at any music store; I'll save you some cash when you BUY IT NOW for only 10 bucks, and some gas money by sending it right to your home. 

Buy it now without any cares about condition and experience our special brand of customer service. 

We always donate 10% to a charity! This order's charity is: Gibson Foundation. Your purchase helps others to learn to play guitar and stay out of trouble

Thanks for looking! TS 

Did you find it? It’s: “…stay out of trouble”.
I needed to state what I wanted which is to do good things, etc. so I changed the wording to state: “…and to do good things in life!”

What are you saying?

Make it a great day!

Tony Robbins gives me an "Ah Ha" Moment

I have probably mentioned that I coach from a variety of experiences in my background, from what I’ve learned from other coaches (whom I’ve mentioned and linked to on this site) and I am always making an effort to act as a conduit with the creator of the universe and offer you any insight that comes my way during my daily “quiet time”.

Today I want to share briefly about a recent experience I had and you can use it how you want. Anyone interested in becoming better in life, has probably heard of this person, and perhaps has been coached by him. His name is Tony Robbins. I’ve known of Tony for some time, have read his books, absorbed many of his materials so certainly some of his philosophy exudes in all I teach.

Here’s a “one moment” experience I had that I want to share with you. Recently I saw Tony on QVC. I’ve never ordered anything from QVC before. I was surfing the channels one night and saw Tony there selling a program. I listened for a bit, starting surfing again and ended back on the QVC channel. I listened more.

Here is the first thing I want to share: “Nothing happens by accident”. I truly believe that it was meant for me to be watching that very moment, and to see this QVC program featuring Tony, so I needed to act. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Also the universe favors action. I acted. I ordered Tony’s materials.

Here is the second thing I want to share; it's the "one moment" ah-ha I wanted to tell you. When the package arrived in a few days, I couldn’t remember exactly the price, but I held the box in the air and stated out loud: “This box holds $250 worth of product”. Then I stopped myself and restated: “This box holds $250,000 worth of product”. It could hold even more; it’s what I do with the information and how much I make financially* from it; not what I paid for it.

*Tony’s materials don’t just offer financial success, but success in all areas (of the Major 8). Get his materials at the right.

That’s it for now.

Keep lookin’ up!

PS. Get some free and/or discounted products and services from Tony (I don't make a penny from sending you here): http://www.tonyrobbins.com/
Now go and "Live With Passion"!

Cure for the Common Anxiety

Are things getting you down? Are you not reaching your goals as fast as you think they should be met? Are you not seeing results? Do you have wants and needs that need to be realized right now; this very moment or by the end of this day?

Here’s what the “manufacturers handbook” has to say about all of that:

“Do not be anxious for anything,


but in everything,



by prayer and petition,


with thanksgiving,


present your requests to God.


And the peace of God,


which transcends all understanding,


will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”


Philippians 4:6-7

Just thought you might like a reminder.

Keep lookin’ up!

Forward Money of Backward Money?

Hello Readers!

I had a great Christmas this year; very special. I hope that you had a great 2012.

Last year I was using what I call "money forward" vs. "money backward" so I know that all the investing in education will pay off this year as I put action to my faith.

Recently, while thinking, I came up with two terms that will help me (and hopefully others) to get a handle on finances. The two terms I coined are: “Forward Money” and “Backward Money”.

Looking over the past 12 months I took many “risks” investing in myself, in way of education, etc. This is “money forward” because when taking this knowledge and experience and putting it into action, it can only bring back dividends. 2013 will pay off dividends!

Money “backward” or Backward Money is money that is spent, gone, or will actually take you backward, and down, down, in a sinking spiral of debt in all areas of your lifestyle; not just financially.

As we go into this "lucky" year (of 20 "13") I wish the best for all of you.

When you are making a purchase this year, ask yourself: “Is this forward money, or backward money”?

Make it a great day (and year)!


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