Tony Robbins gives me an "Ah Ha" Moment

I have probably mentioned that I coach from a variety of experiences in my background, from what I’ve learned from other coaches (whom I’ve mentioned and linked to on this site) and I am always making an effort to act as a conduit with the creator of the universe and offer you any insight that comes my way during my daily “quiet time”.

Today I want to share briefly about a recent experience I had and you can use it how you want. Anyone interested in becoming better in life, has probably heard of this person, and perhaps has been coached by him. His name is Tony Robbins. I’ve known of Tony for some time, have read his books, absorbed many of his materials so certainly some of his philosophy exudes in all I teach.

Here’s a “one moment” experience I had that I want to share with you. Recently I saw Tony on QVC. I’ve never ordered anything from QVC before. I was surfing the channels one night and saw Tony there selling a program. I listened for a bit, starting surfing again and ended back on the QVC channel. I listened more.

Here is the first thing I want to share: “Nothing happens by accident”. I truly believe that it was meant for me to be watching that very moment, and to see this QVC program featuring Tony, so I needed to act. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Also the universe favors action. I acted. I ordered Tony’s materials.

Here is the second thing I want to share; it's the "one moment" ah-ha I wanted to tell you. When the package arrived in a few days, I couldn’t remember exactly the price, but I held the box in the air and stated out loud: “This box holds $250 worth of product”. Then I stopped myself and restated: “This box holds $250,000 worth of product”. It could hold even more; it’s what I do with the information and how much I make financially* from it; not what I paid for it.

*Tony’s materials don’t just offer financial success, but success in all areas (of the Major 8). Get his materials at the right.

That’s it for now.

Keep lookin’ up!

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