Forward Money of Backward Money?

Hello Readers!

I had a great Christmas this year; very special. I hope that you had a great 2012.

Last year I was using what I call "money forward" vs. "money backward" so I know that all the investing in education will pay off this year as I put action to my faith.

Recently, while thinking, I came up with two terms that will help me (and hopefully others) to get a handle on finances. The two terms I coined are: “Forward Money” and “Backward Money”.

Looking over the past 12 months I took many “risks” investing in myself, in way of education, etc. This is “money forward” because when taking this knowledge and experience and putting it into action, it can only bring back dividends. 2013 will pay off dividends!

Money “backward” or Backward Money is money that is spent, gone, or will actually take you backward, and down, down, in a sinking spiral of debt in all areas of your lifestyle; not just financially.

As we go into this "lucky" year (of 20 "13") I wish the best for all of you.

When you are making a purchase this year, ask yourself: “Is this forward money, or backward money”?

Make it a great day (and year)!


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