When You're Going Through Hell, Take Notes

My mission in life is to help other people; and that is always the case, in bad times or good times. Today I’m sharing how everything in our lives can be used to help us (and others) when we view it this way.

Really, what is “bad” or “good” but our perception of it? Isn’t is all “relative” anyway? Our bad may be relatively good for others in comparison. The stress of overdue bills may get us “down” but someone battling a disease or a bad relationship may gladly change places with us.

We may have car bills, for instance, but that means we have a car. We may have a light bill or rent bill but that means we have electricity and a place to live. Here’s a thought, if we are uncomfortable by stating that we have too many bills, choose to use “financial obligations” in your talk instead. Try using “financial obligations” instead of the word “bills” this week and realize the results of doing this. You may find yourself being more responsible and thinking a bit more before saying “yes” to being obligated financially!

No one likes to admit when they are going through “hard times” financially or in any of the Major 8. But when you confide in a friend or a few close friends, your situation will get better. My readers are my friends and I share things that go on in my life once in a while. I don’t go into great depth, but just enough to encourage you to be strong and move forward from wherever you are.

This past year has been “my year” in so many ways. And I went forward in faith, taking training in certain areas so as to put others first, to be better equipped to help them as I stated in my mission earlier, but it was very expensive. Financially I put much money out and I know that it will be returned at least 10 fold, however, it is now crunch time and the return is coming in slowly and not as fast as my creditors would like.

OK, to my readers I’ve become a bit more vulnerable just now with those words just written; you now know that like you, I am a real person behind this blog.

Past experience has taught me to confess positively, and that things can change in just minutes, hours, or in one day. What a difference a day can make! I’ve learned to appreciate each minute, each hour, and each day as much as I can.

As we rise every morning with the rising of the sun, we can start to see our reward, the answer to our prayer, the salvation for our situation, which is revealed just over the summit. I know that the answer to any situation may be just on the other side of a minute, an hour, or day, but it will be here when I'm ready for it. In the meantime, I take notes so I learn from this situation, and as a teacher, can share it with others. Today I’m sharing with you.

With any situation, know that you can become stronger and a better person. Choose to become better, not bitter. Remember the most important words in the phrase: “Going through Hell” is “going through”. This too shall pass.

Make it a great day!


What's Your "Money Motivator"?

Do you have a “money motivator”? No, I’m not talking about your wife, girlfriend or kids. And I’m not referring to your bills (which I sometimes call “Bobs” as it sounds less stressful and they do sometimes “bob up and down”).

A “money motivator” is an affirmation that you repeat at least 3 times daily or more, which keeps you focused on a successful “money outcome”. Here’s one I borrowed from Norvell but you can create your own:

“I have faith in the power of my higher mind to make me rich. I believe there are sufficient riches for all. I now magnetize my mind centers with the magic power of faith and attract to me my greater good”.

Now, write this on a 3 x 5 card and read it throughout the day for 7 days. Let me know in the comments area the results.

Make it a great day!

Thanksgiving Prayer

The Thanksgiving holiday will soon be here, and most of us will have plenty to eat, and plenty of blessings. Most families will state a prayer of Thanksgiving much like the early Pilgrims did when they first came to America.

Some seem to push aside the meaning of this great holiday and dismiss the lesson from history, but I am here today to let you know that “what it is, is truly what it is” and regardless of all who would like to “rewrite” history, and for those who think of this day as only eating turkey with friends and family and watching sports, that there is real “power” in giving thanks, not only on this day but every day!

I am sharing something that I’ve not shared with friends or family before; it is my daily ritual of thanks. It is done each day before I leave to go out into the world. I’m making it available now at a minimum donation of just $1.00 which I will forward every penny to a charity. (Feel free to return and donate a bit more after you’ve experienced the results of using this daily! And leave a testimonial statement to share with others).

For those who donate the buck at the right PayPal button (the button for the “Daily Ritual”; not the regular “donate” button) congrats, I know you’ll benefit greatly as I know I have. For my other readers of this post, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving today and always!

PS. For all readers, if you've not done so, visit: www.terscott.com/attainmentcoaching and ask for one email coaching session at no cost. You must place (using CAPS): COACH ME in the comments area to get this.

Seek Wisdom Daily

Seek Wisdom daily.

In Proverbs, Solomon promised that those who seek wisdom will have a long life, riches, honor, and pleasantness, peace of mind, health, and happiness. Sounds like the Major 8, doesn’t it?

Recognize the presence of Divine Wisdom in your life and ask for its help. Affirm that it is showing you what to do and how to do it.

Now again, I remind you that I don’t believe in “problems”; only “situations”. When we have “situations”, that is good. Because we can then see how Divine Wisdom shows us the way to fix it. Any time I have situations that I need answers, I know that when I get through it, I will know how to lead others because I’ve been there. And my reward is that I’m a better and stronger person because of it!

Affirm this when you do not have the answer to a situation:

“Divine Wisdom knows the answer to my situation, and is showing me what and how to do what is needed to be done. I relax, let go, and let Divine Wisdom do its perfect work.”

Write the affirmation on a slip of paper and refer to it often. Say it out loud when possible.

Soon I will offer a CD for sale that has affirmations that you can listen to while driving, running errand; even sleeping.  

Make it a great day!


Please share your success story using Divine Wisdom in the comments area that follows:

Meditate on the Eight

Let’s continue just a bit about both the Major 8 and the 8 Equities for a successful and rich life. I recommend that we look at both lists just before retiring each night and upon waking each morning. Take time to meditate and visualize success in each category.

I remember a short acronym from my childhood which serves me yet this day. It’s for the word “JOY”. It stands for: Jesus, Others, and You. Wouldn't this be a more wonderful world when we thought of things in this order? For this exercise, you may use “creator”, others, and you if you need to; for me “Jesus” works!

This week take time to look at both the Major 8 and the 8 Equities (see the last post for the list) using the “JOY system” and think good thoughts and visualize good outcomes that day; thinking first of the creator, then (very importantly) others, and finally yourself.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results!

Do this for a minimum of 30 days using a calendar to circle each day that you do this. You’ll find wonderful things happen for you and others! And please, offer you comments and success stories by clicking on the “comments” link below: