Thanksgiving Prayer

The Thanksgiving holiday will soon be here, and most of us will have plenty to eat, and plenty of blessings. Most families will state a prayer of Thanksgiving much like the early Pilgrims did when they first came to America.

Some seem to push aside the meaning of this great holiday and dismiss the lesson from history, but I am here today to let you know that “what it is, is truly what it is” and regardless of all who would like to “rewrite” history, and for those who think of this day as only eating turkey with friends and family and watching sports, that there is real “power” in giving thanks, not only on this day but every day!

I am sharing something that I’ve not shared with friends or family before; it is my daily ritual of thanks. It is done each day before I leave to go out into the world. I’m making it available now at a minimum donation of just $1.00 which I will forward every penny to a charity. (Feel free to return and donate a bit more after you’ve experienced the results of using this daily! And leave a testimonial statement to share with others).

For those who donate the buck at the right PayPal button (the button for the “Daily Ritual”; not the regular “donate” button) congrats, I know you’ll benefit greatly as I know I have. For my other readers of this post, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving today and always!

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