Seek Wisdom Daily

Seek Wisdom daily.

In Proverbs, Solomon promised that those who seek wisdom will have a long life, riches, honor, and pleasantness, peace of mind, health, and happiness. Sounds like the Major 8, doesn’t it?

Recognize the presence of Divine Wisdom in your life and ask for its help. Affirm that it is showing you what to do and how to do it.

Now again, I remind you that I don’t believe in “problems”; only “situations”. When we have “situations”, that is good. Because we can then see how Divine Wisdom shows us the way to fix it. Any time I have situations that I need answers, I know that when I get through it, I will know how to lead others because I’ve been there. And my reward is that I’m a better and stronger person because of it!

Affirm this when you do not have the answer to a situation:

“Divine Wisdom knows the answer to my situation, and is showing me what and how to do what is needed to be done. I relax, let go, and let Divine Wisdom do its perfect work.”

Write the affirmation on a slip of paper and refer to it often. Say it out loud when possible.

Soon I will offer a CD for sale that has affirmations that you can listen to while driving, running errand; even sleeping.  

Make it a great day!


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