Can we learn how to IMPROVE OUR RELATIONSHIPS from a Real Estate Investor? Dean Graziosi shares what he learned from Tony Robbins.

That's a long title but I had to get it out there. I just watched an amazing video by one of my mentors. Some of you know that with all of the things that I do, I also am a real estate investor. One thing I've learned is that the best hang around with the best. Dean spends time with Tony, I spend time with both of them and with you. Dean's weekly wisdom was just so revealing that I just had to share it with my Attainment readers. (If you are missing out on these posts, you don't need to. Register to follow my email somewhere on this page).

Anyway, here's Dean with his weekly wisdom video. He is offering free books on real estate investing too, but I'm not sending you here because you need to be an investor. And, know that I'm not making any money by sending you here. It's for you edification and life improvement.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott! 

Sunday is my day to "over come" and get things done and prepare for the new week.

I wanted to “get on top of things” so I invented a special day for Sunday: Over Comers Day.

I’m going to share with you how you can get more from the “days of your life” and I’m not talking about watching soap operas (if that show is even on any more). Let me ask you something. If you had a dedicated time, or day, to work on a certain project do you think that you would eventually get it “done” or at least see results? I think you would. Here’s what I’ve started to do in my life. I have assigned “meaning” to all seven days of the week. Today I will tell you about Sunday.

You may be using your Sunday as “Funday” because you may be off from work, with the family, or whatever; plus it rhymes with Sunday so that’s cool in itself. For me, I’m calling it “Overcomers Day”.  I have assigned it as a time for me to be an “overcomer” which is now a day to take care of loose ends, unfinished projects, and preparing for the new week. In the Christian faith, we know that Christ overcame death and the grave on Sunday so Overcomers Day has special meaning to me as well. I made a commitment to overcome the usual weekly obstacles that have piled up during the week and then prepare for the new week.

For instance, on Overcomers Day I open mail that may be a dreaded bill or something that I just didn’t want to deal with but know that I should. I check the top most email in my email box, scroll down to an email subject about a mile down the page, hold down the shift button so I select all, then slowly scroll up “unchecking” those I want to keep and then I hit delete. Voila! That’s a good feeling! At least part of my email box is cleared. I also listen to, make note of, and delete unwanted phone messages. As I do all of the above, I take note of any action needed and jot it down in my weekly planner for the next week.

I know that there is more that I can do on Overcomers Day but this is a great start in getting rid of the old and get ready for the new!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some “overcoming” to do!

Make it a great day!

No more whining; no more excuses.

Sometimes I like to keep these messages short; sometimes it's more effective.

Have you ever thought you should give up; or not start at all? You may know that I love lists and usually lists numbered to 10.

Today's assignment is to

1. List 10 excuses why you are not doing something you know you should do, why you are not being the person you know you need to be, and why you are not having the life you should have.

2. Watch this video.

3. Throw your list away.

Have an attitude of gratitude and try to be as happy as this guy in the video is!

Make it a great day.

Terrific. Energizing. Results!

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Make it a great day! 

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How Can I Win a Million Dollars? Expect it.

Expect to Win!

Some of you may know that I have and maintain over 100 blogs (known on the Internet as “Ter Scott, Man of 100 Blogs”) and I teach blogging techniques, etc. I have a lot of fun with blogging and earn money, etc. etc. Today I wanted to tell you about one of them and how “expectancy” plays a part in the success of its readers. The blog is called Find Sweepstakes and of course the success of the readers is when they actually win something.

How many of us buy a lottery ticket, or a raffle ticket with money that most of us worked hard to get; and money goes “away” from us. But then we nullify any chance of money coming back to us by saying something (stupid) like, “I probably won’t win”, “I never win”, etc. etc. 

I have one word for you, “SHUT-UP!”

I could stop here but I’ll go on and explain this just a bit. Keep your thinking negative thoughts inside your head and eventually change your expectancy thinking all together. But certainly don’t speak it into existence. Every time you send money away from you, bless it and ask it to return one hundred fold and then expect it to do so. Again, remember that when you plant a tomato seed, you expect a tomato (or several) to come from this one seed. And you don’t feel undeserving when it happens. You accept it.

So the next time you enter a sweepstakes, expect to win! Want to win a million dollars? Expect it! 

Make it a great day!

Old home, newer home; have your blessed it lately?

Have you blessed your home lately?

You may have seen wall signs that state: “God Bless this Home” but did you know that you can and should do this also? Do you routinely thank God, or the Universe for your dwelling, and the rooms in it. Before you leave on a trip to you ask a blessing on it? A simple “Bless this place” type prayer before you leave each day is a good thing to do.

Recently my daughter and her family moved to a different place. I suggested to her that she should do a few things before she leave her previous home. I told her that she needed to take some time to sit quietly in each room and give thanks for the memories in each and think of the times spent there. She should show appreciation for what each space had given her and be thankful. I don’t know if she did this or not, but I’m thinking that this is a good thing to do. I sent her a picture of her holding her first born as she came down the stairs to remind her that many good things happened to and for her in that place. Finally, pray that good things will be in store for the people that will move in and take your place!
I didn’t tell her this, but blessing her  new place is also important. One should dedicate, consecrate, and appreciate any new space. It’s a good thing to have your priest or pastor come to your new home and place a blessing on it, but you can do this also. Stand outside and look at the front of the house to see the total view and give thanks. Walk around the house stating blessings and saying good things about the building and bless those who will live there, in their coming and their going, and for those who visit. As you walk inside, go from room to room as if you were first looking at the house before buying it, as if you are taking a tour of the home. Appreciate each room, nook and cranny! Look forward to great living in this space that you’ve chosen (and was chosen for you).

You can, and should do this for every physical thing that you have. For instance when you get a different (newer) vehicle, pray for safety and durability; it will keep you from harm and last longer! When you get a new appliance; dishwasher, refrigerator, or wash machine- pray a blessing over it! You’ll have less maintenance costs.

We should make a habit of being aware of ways to bless. When we see a father and son having a talk over coffee at the restaurant, when we see someone speeding past us on the highway, when we see or hear an ambulance, we should pray a blessing on them. And oh by the way, it is true that what goes around does come around!

Make it a great day!

Have you been hurt? Has someone stolen from you? Let it go.

There is hurt everywhere. But there is also promise of love and good things (dwell on those). 

I remember working at a Pawn Shop (a big franchised; high class outfit) in which a woman came in and swore up and down that one of our cameras (probably valued now at less than $20) was hers that someone had stolen. It wasn't as we kept all paper trails etc. but this woman was so adamant that this person was going to pay, and she was going to get her revenge. The energy that she put into this negativity was so much that I'm sure it was taking her mind away from the "good" in her life (as we can't picture more than one thing in our minds at the same time) and was probably causing her illness. All of this because of an old camera that was almost out of date. But she would not have it any other way, she would find this person and they would "pay"! Sad.

Recently I saw something similar on Facebook. It was for an iPad and yes it is more expensive than the old camera I just spoke of and it had some important photos in it; very important as it was pictures of a child's recently deceased father. But the principle is the same. Focus on the good memories and not taking all of your energy in composing a letter/poster, putting it up all over the place and putting your energy into this. Let go and appreciate what you have. Feel sorry for the "thief" and pray for him or her and send up good thoughts. It's the only way to improve the situation. Love people; not things, even iPads.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Video Inspires Ter Scott's Moving Forward Newsletter Readers

Here's another video about Arnold. I put it together myself to motivate people
and to tell them that they can be more, do more and have more!

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Arnold's Inspiring PUMPING IRON Speech

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I will include blog posts (in part or whole) with more in-depth comments. I will also present my newest materials here; before my usual readers or others in the media know about them.

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PS. Many of my readers are business owners. If you are a business owner, I offer these sites to assist you in having a profitable business: This is a site that offers great pricing and service on imprinted promotional items that you can use to get your company message out to prospects and customers. This is a site that offers over 500 Non-Lethal security products for personal, home and office. Many businesses use the security cameras (real and fake) to protect their business. 

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Nurture your dreams with the power of your passion and see them grow and attain them faster!

“Put it out there, let it go. Plant the seed and let it grow” – Ter Scott!

I am going to accentuate the positive today as I talk about acquiring your dreams and will provide an affirmation with an assignment to do this. Many of my readers are not experiencing the positive attainment of their dreams and goals fast enough (in their minds) or not at all.

Are you wondering why something isn’t happening just how you want it to happen, or fast enough? There are at least two reasons why we get results slowly or don’t see results in our life (there are more, but I’ll cover just two here). I was speaking to a friend recently and I was reminded of a few things so I thought I would share them with my readers.

In the “Lords” Prayer which really is the “Believers” Prayer we say, “Give us this day our daily bread”. If you are like me and haven’t totally acquired the virtue of patience, you are asking “Give me this day my weekly, monthly or even my yearly bread”. I’d like to know what is coming this week, month and year so I can be in control and make plans, but that’s why our needs are taken care of step by step; day by day. We need to take things day by day and trust in the one who created the universe for our week, month and yearly; that’s called faith. Allow me to share as to how we can get that faith to work in our lives.

There are three steps to acquiring anything in our lives. As with attaining success in any area (of the Major 8 ™) the formula is simple but not necessarily “easy”. With each step there are mini steps and/or things that must be done, or done a certain way to reach the desired outcome. I will broadly cover a few things about the first two steps. (If you would like deeper coaching on a one on one basis via email and other, consider visiting

The three steps are: Visualize, Believe and Realize. This process does take “time”; but it doesn’t have to take as long as we think; how long it takes, we don’t always “know”. However, we need to expect positive results to get positive results, not sabotage our results by sabotaging them and giving them power of our passion to realize them more readily. Today I will speak just a bit on steps one and two because this is where many of us get stuck; nurture your dreams; don’t demolish them and give them the power of your passion to grow. I will also offer an assignment for you to get going on one of your dreams and when you see success, you’ll gain faith to move forward to bigger and even better things; life can unfold before you in a positive way, just how you want it!

The first reason for not realizing our dream is that every time we “visualize” the good of what we want, we sabotage it. One way we sabotage our dreams is after we “expect” good things and our dream to be realized, we talk ourselves out of it by thinking and saying things (in our minds and out loud) like, “this stuff doesn’t work, it will never happen to me, I can’t do that”. So, my advice is to just “put it out there and let it go. Just plant the seed and let it grow”.

Secondly we don’t give our dream “power of passion and emotion”. After “planting the seed” of what it is that you desire, believe it with all of your emotions. Feel the feelings you’ll have when you have the dream as if you have already received it; because you have. It’s like you are a kid again (unless you are a kid reading this) and you’ve placed an order from a mail order catalog and you know it’s on its way. You’ve ordered it, now let it get processed and get shipped to you! Isn’t that exciting? When you order something from a catalog you don’t belabor the fact that someone has to get your order, put it in a box, ship it to you, and the carrier has to fill the vehicle with gas, etc. etc. You know it is on it’s on its way and you are excited!

Here’s your (exciting) “assignment”. Use your own need or dream in your assignment. I am sharing an example here to give you an idea as to what to do. Let’s say that you have a dream (or need) to attain $100,000. Right away you are empowered because you know what it is that you want (many people don’t know what it is that they want); you have a target to aim at.

Number a sheet of paper from 1 to 10. Get in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can prepare yourself by praying, doing stress reducing exercises, or whatever to get yourself situated for inspiration.

When ready, ask: “How can $100,000 come to me easily?”. Be careful not to ask the question in the form of “What can I do to get $100,000?”. This is not all about “you”. And, you have already done everything “you” can do, and this is bigger than “you”. Get “you” out of the way and let God/Universe do it’s thing.

Now without judging your thoughts that come to you, just write them down. For instance, if “win the lottery” comes to you write it down. Don’t say “I’d have to buy a ticket, I never buy lottery tickets” etc. By doing so you are sabotaging your dream and the visualization and belief; that’s two thirds of the three step process! Could someone else who bought a lottery ticket win and give you the money? Of course! So write it down!

Write as fast as the thoughts come to you and don’t stop at ten if more ideas come to you. But write down at least ten, even if you have to think a bit harder for eight, nine and ten. Set a timer on your smartphone and invest at least ten minutes doing this. If you have time after you’ve written you ten, look over your ten and maybe more ideas will come.

Now with your ten, be grateful for these ideas and say “thanks” for them.
Carry the sheet with you or write them on a 3 x 5 card and carry that with you.
Look at the list as often as possible during the day, but for certain just when you get up and before you go to bed.

Your accompanying affirmation:
“There are so many ways to attain (name the dream) and I’m excited as I see it come to realization. I am grateful that (name the dream) has happened and I experience (name what you’ll be having, doing and being) fully today”.

Now, you can go away from here after reading this thinking that all of this is “hokey” or “won’t work for me” and all I can say is that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. That’s just my way of saying, get off you bottom and give it a try. If you don’t have a big issue, “problem” or dream right now, great; practice by attaining something (that in your mind is) small so you’ll be ahead of the game when you need to do something. Visualize, Believe, and Realize today, tomorrow and forever!

I hope this will help you to acquire your dream faster and bigger than you can ever imagine. Be sure to do the “assignment” or you’ll never know the power of realizing your dream and build your faith for attaining bigger dreams and having the peace in knowing that anything you desire is possible and within your reach!

Make it happen. Make it a great day!

Every Day is a Miracle

When we get up every morning I believe that we need to give thanks, for being able to wake; that alone is a gift. Now, what are we going to do with that gift? Well, most gifts are meant to give away so my question I ask myself is "What can I give today?"

Some may say that "I don't have anything to give" and that is not true. The least one can do is give a smile or compliment to another. Before you go about your day today, why not jot down a few "gifts" you'll give today and at the end of the day see how the gift(s) have been rewarded. I'm thinking that you day will be brighter when you have the intent of giving it away!

What can you give? Smiles, a cup of coffee, clothes you no longer wear, children's toys that are no longer used, cut some flowers from your yard and give to a neighbor, etc. etc.

Think so some ideas and leave your comments below.

Make it a great day! Ter Scott!

2,000 Year Old Formula Brings Prosperity Today

Here is a simple proven formula to have your needs met (and more). Follow this simple procedure and take note or your prosperity in your prosperity journal. (If you don’t yet have a journal, start one. Get a notebook and daily record your thoughts and record any positive changes in your prosperity). Most formulas in life are “simple” but not necessarily “easy”. Many times we make them “hard” with our unbelief, doing things our way, not continuing the task until completion, etc. With this formula, please (as the Nike slogan states) just do it and see the results!

The 2-step formula is this.
  1. Take a 3 x 5 card (or a piece of paper) and write:
“Give me this day my daily bread, and forgive my debts, as I also have forgiven my debtors”. I’m sure you've heard this before but you needn't give thought as to where, etc. For now; just stay with me.
  1. Next, number this card 1 – 21; this represents 21 days (it takes 21 days to create a habit).

You are now ready to use this formula that has been used for over 2000 years (but not quite in this “specific” way).

  1. Each day as you stretch and start your day, before you do anything at all; before you get out of bed, state: “Give me this day my daily bread, and forgive my debts, as I also have forgiven my debtors”.
  2. Cross out one of the numbers that represent the days 1 through 21.
  3. Make note in your prosperity journal any changes in your income, thoughts about prosperity; anything that you think is relevant.

While doing this every day, you'll come to "know" this phrase more thoroughly; asking questions and getting answers. After twenty-one days, look over your progress and I’m sure that you’ll see a positive change in your prosperity. You may have had money come to you from unexpectedly avenues, changed your thoughts about prosperity and how you do things with your money, and have realized positive healing in other areas of prosperity: peace of mind, harmony in your life, and physical health.

Now repeat this twenty one day process for the rest of your life.  

Please come back to this article and share your results and comments. 

Write your Eulogy and then Live Today to Make it a Reality!

Welcome to Article 5 of the 5 part series: Get Started toward Success

Let’s do a quick review of the first 4 steps and the assignments before we move on to this 5th (but not final) step to getting started toward success.

First we started by creating (defining) our own definition of success; we need to see the target that we are aiming at. Zig Ziglar used to tell us how he could make any of us a better marksman than the world’s best and he definitely could; but first he’d have to blindfold the marksman!

Secondly we talked about how we need to know ourselves and we wrote out our positive characteristics.

Thirdly we thought back on our past success which proves that we’ve already been successful which strongly indicates that we’ll be successful again.

And in our last time together, you listed your blessings. When you have an attitude of gratitude, and appreciate what you have, you can be trusted with more and get more. Think of it. If you are a father and your kids don’t show appreciation for their things, would you readily give them more? Usually not.

Plus, since you are a high achiever, you probably did the “extra credit” as we went along as well; good job! Now let’s move on to step 5: which is to create your perfect day; your day how you want it to be.

This has been hard for me in the past because I love my “work” and I thought my perfect day had to be the vision of lying around a pool with an umbrella drink. I do enjoy that but not for long; I have to be doing something to be truly happy. So for me, I have both a “perfect work day” and a “perfect off day”.

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into hours. If you love to sleep in, start your hours later in the day. If you are an early riser, start your hourly record early and go to bed earlier; it’s your decision. It’s your day; design it the way you want! Here’s your chance to fantasize. Just know that your fantasy can come true, but go all out. What kind of car would you drive (or the person driving you) drive? Would you have your own jet to fly you to a lunch engagement across the country? What would you do at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., etc.? What would you eat for lunch, dinner, and snack? Here’s a chance to use the Major 8 ™ and list what you would have in each area of the 8.

Also, be sure to list all of your emotions with each hour so it is even more real. Here's a partial sample:

At 10 a.m. I get dressed in my nice Armani suit being sure to wear my favorite silk tie. Later I step out of my Lincoln limousine and feel the slight warm Florida breeze on my face and I can smell the freshly mowed grass just off the private runway. I see the sun glint off the tail of my Hawker jet. My mouth waters as I anticipate my lunch at my favorite dining destination atop a tall skyscraper in New York. I think of meeting some of my friends in this 5 star hotel and restaurant and my heart races just a bit.

After you’ve created your special day, go to the internet and find pictures of your day. Create a scrap book and title it, my special day! The more clear your vision is, the greater your chances are (and the faster) it will become reality!

Extra Credit: Some people may think that this assignment is morbid and focuses on death, etc. etc. but not so; it actually will make you live your life better! You may even want to spend much more time on this assignment than what I’m asking here because it really is an “eye opener” and a practical exercise.

One of the best ways to plan for anything is to “plan backward”. I do this when I’m going to be speaking somewhere. I visualize myself presenting and think about the things that I will be using and list them. I also figure what steps are required to get to that moment, and I create a check list.

Here’s your extra credit assignment. Write out your eulogy. Include all of the things that you’ve accomplished in your life and how you are now such a success in all of the areas of the Major 8 ™. Since that is somewhere in the future, “plan backward” and write your goals with the necessary steps to accomplish all of those great things that people are saying about you after you’ve gone! Here’s the wonderful serendipity. Because you’ve done this “assignment” now, people can be saying this about you now, and you can be living it now!


Are you the high achiever that I’ve thought that you are as we’ve come through these 5 steps together? Say yes! Well then, I have a special treat for you; it’s a “Final Exam”; well not really but it’s extra, extra credit!

Take each of these 5 steps and do them within each area of the Major 8. 

For instance, the first of the Major 8 (you can see all of them at the top of the page at: is: “Good Health”. Step one is to create your definition of success, now do so in attaining and maintaining good health. Step two is listing your good qualities having to do with “good health”. Third, list areas where you’ve been successful with having good health in the past. Fourth, list how you are blessed in the area of health. And last, ask what would your perfect day look like, having to do in the area of health? Now repeat using this first step with the enjoyment of food, and so on with the rest of the Major 8 ™. After doing this with step 1, go on to the other four steps and apply the Major 8 ™ areas. This may take some time, but it will give more clarity to your future vision.

When you have accomplished this “final”, let me know at and I will email you a handsome Certificate of Completion (at no charge) that you can print and frame!


I hope that our short 5 visits (and these assignments) have helped set the path to your success; per your definition and with your goals. It’s all about you!

There are so many books and materials available to help you on your quest to success. I offer a few by yours truly and others on these pages, and also in my other blogs and websites. If you have any questions, please contact me via or Google my name and find me on the Internet if this page is no longer available.

It’s been my pleasure bringing you these 5 short articles, being the instructor, I’ve benefited also! But I hope that you’ve received much as you have taken action on your definition of success.

You’ll see and edited version of these 5 articles in my upcoming course on attaining success, so don’t miss anything in the future with this blog. Be sure to register to follow by email so you’ll not miss any new articles. (You can go to Amazon and purchase the monthly version for .99 or register right on this page for no cost as my gift to you!).

Make it a great day!


Be grateful with what you have and you'll be granted more.

Welcome to Article 4 of the 5 part series: Get Started toward Success

Welcome back. And really, you are reading part 4 and I must tell you that if you’ve come this far, (and completed the assignments) you must have a very good feeling of accomplishment but even more, you are probably already experiencing positive results and events in your life.

If this is your first time reading this series, I strongly suggest that you go back to the previous article ( and keep going back until you are at the first article and read all from the beginning and do the assignments!

Your last assignment was to list your greatest accomplishments, and contact those who helped make them possible. How many of you called your mom and dad, or a friend you’ve not chatted with for a long while? Good.

Those accomplishments and those relationships added to working on those traits that we first discovered will move you forward to great things. Your traits indicate what you are “good at”, and your accomplishments are evidence that you’ve succeeded in areas where you are “good”. Use what you’ve learned to form new goals. To succeed and attain greater success we must be grateful for what we have now. One will not be given something more in any of the Major 8 ™ areas if he or she is not grateful for and respecting what he or she now has. Here’s today’s assignment.

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Now I want you to list all of your greatest blessings. After your 10 minutes has ended, determine and circle your top 10. Write these top 10 on a 3x5 card and view it often. You will “get more” of what you focus on, so focus on these 10 blessings and watch happens in your life!

Don’t forget to share your comments below (even if you don’t see one yet, step forward, be the first!).

Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

EXTRA CREDIT: This really should be part of the assignment but I’m thinking that you are doing the extra credits that I present because true winners do more than asked. Here goes.

Look at your long list of blessings and then choose 10 blessings that you think you’ll still be grateful for in 10 years; they may or may not be the same as you’ve chosen today. Take some “real time” to contemplate on your choices.

Our last part of this series will have you doing something that requires your full imagination so get ready!

Know your past accomplishments and know that you'll succeed again!

Welcome to Article 3 of the 5 part series: Get Started toward Success.

I will congratulate you here because after you read this, you’ll be over half way through these 5 articles; as I’ve mentioned, most people would not be reading this because they would rather have life happen to them instead of controlling the part that they can control, which is quite a lot! You now can congratulate yourself if you’ve done the assignments from articles 1 and 2. If not, go back to Article 2 (which has a link to Article 1) and do those assignments first. To get the best results, do these in stepwise fashion. Finally, if you’ve done the “extra credit” you know that you are a high achiever and will realize your definition of success sooner than others.

Your last assignment was to write out your positive characteristics and choose your top 10 and work on them to improve them. Work on what you are best at; these traits are usually your most “natural” traits and are “meant to be”. They are what make you different from others; these are what make you, you!

Today I want to prove to you that you can and will be successful. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you but I can tell you that I believe with all of my being that you can be successful in every part of your life where you want to be successful.

“If one man can, any man (or woman) can” is a quote I’ve tried to keep in mind in my own personal success quest. Another which is similar is from the movie, The Edge; its: “What one man can do, another can do”. So you must know that if someone else has done it, you too can do it. But you may say, “No, because so and so had, was, (and you fill in the rest)”, making this person capable and not yourself. Alright then, here is why I know that you can succeed at anything (and I mean anything) that you desire. You’ve had success before, however small it may have been, which means that you can be successful in the future!

Any time that you (and I) face any challenge we need to take a look at our past accomplishments and tell our self that if we could get through (over, around, through) that, that we can do this new challenge also!

Today’s assignment is to set your timer for 10 minutes and write down all of your accomplishments up to this point in your life. Then, circle your top 10. Write these top 10 on a 3x5 card and keep it with you at all times. Look at it several times each day (especially when working on a specific goal) to remind yourself that you’ve been successful in the past so you know beyond any shadow of doubt that you will again be successful.

This is not to say that it will be “easy”. Again, look back at your accomplishments. I’m thinking that you’ll find your most prized accomplishments were the ones that did not come “easy”.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results!

PS. Life is a game.
Have you heard a player being interviewed at the end of a game who states something like: “ I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew it would happen, I knew that we would win the game”.

It’s the same with life. Be a player. Know that you are going to win. Expect things and they will appear! They will happen. In our next article we’ll discuss 10 other things that are most important to know to move forward toward success!

EXTRA CREDIT: When you’ve looked into your past for this exercise, no doubt you’ve remembered others who were instrumental in helping you with this struggle. Take time this week to contact them and tell them that you appreciate them having been there for you.

Here's how to know who you are so you can become who you want to be...

Get started toward Success 2 of 5

If you’ve not read the first of this 5 part series on “Get Started toward Success” then I invite you to do so now before moving on with this article. Read it here: .

Today I will discuss a few definitions of success, and then give you another assignment. I want to congratulate you in getting this far. You’ve taken action and put your mind to work in creating your own definition of success. Most people would not even be reading this series and of those who do will not do the exercises/assignments. Have you ever wondered why there are so few “successful people” in the world, in your industry, in your class, in your company or in your “sphere of influence”? It’s because so few do life’s assignments. You will advance faster when you seek out the assignments and do them instead of waiting for life to give you the lessons as you go along. Both work, but you will need to learn them!

Anyway, I’m getting beyond what I wanted to present today.

When you were thinking and defining your own definition of success you no doubt were thinking of success for your life as a whole. But for “extra credit” you could compartmentalize a definition for each area of your life: spiritual, emotional, financial, and social; or for each of the Major 8 ™ at the top of the page at But for now, let’s go with a success definition that can blanket all areas of life or can work (with minor tweaking) specifically in each area.

If you’ve earnestly been seeking success for a while, you may have heard the definition by Earl Nightingale, which most people choose for their own: Success is the realization of a worthwhile ideal (dream or goal).

So, what did you come up with? Here’s what tells us:


   [suhk-ses]  Show IPA
the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts orendeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.
the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
a performance or achievement that is marked by success, as bythe attainment of honors: The play was an instant success.
a person or thing that has had success, as measured byattainment of goals, wealth, etc.: She was a great success on thetalk show.
Obsolete , outcome.

Now, if you are “happy” with your definition or choose to borrow a few things from Nightingale’s or the dictionary’s from above, feel free to do so. You may even tweak it a little over time, but try to settle on a definition to live by soon.

to move you forward in your own personal success, you need to know a few things; such as who you are, where you are, who you want to become, and where you want to go. Let’s find out a bit about you.

“Know thyself” – Plato.
“Know thyself, because few will” – Ter Scott.  

In this assignment you’ll need to set a timer on your smartphone, or use the old fashioned egg timer in your kitchen; whichever is handiest. Set it for 10 minutes and started writing. Got a pen and paper out, ready?

Write out your positive charactersistics.

Don’t read on until you’ve done the assignment. If you’ve done the assignment, you may continue. I’m sure that 10 minutes seemed like an eternity but I had my reasons. I’m sure that you got most of what you wrote in the first 5 minutes; that is fine. I wanted you to have that extra time for inner reflection. So many people don’t take time for that anymore; that was my “gift” to you. But you are not done yet. Part B is easier. Go over your list and circle your “top 10” positive traits. Write these to 10 on a card, carry it with you and rejoice in them and use them on a conscious level.

That’s it for Part 2 of this series. I have some “extra credit” below for the real go-getters out there.

Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

EXTRA CREDIT: We seldom see ourselves as we really are. And, others don’t really see us as we are. However, it would be great to get a few evaluations from others. Then you can see if there are any traits that are agreed on which should indicate that they are probably correct. To do so, ask 2 ohters to do the exercise above, but not about themselves, but have them write out your positive traits. To encourage them to take the time to do this, so the same for them. This is a great exercise for both you and them.

To make it easier and a shorter exercise, this time I offer this partial list of traits to choose from:

Hard Working
Manages Time Well
Presents Self Well
Sense of Humor
Serves Others