Have you been hurt? Has someone stolen from you? Let it go.

There is hurt everywhere. But there is also promise of love and good things (dwell on those). 

I remember working at a Pawn Shop (a big franchised; high class outfit) in which a woman came in and swore up and down that one of our cameras (probably valued now at less than $20) was hers that someone had stolen. It wasn't as we kept all paper trails etc. but this woman was so adamant that this person was going to pay, and she was going to get her revenge. The energy that she put into this negativity was so much that I'm sure it was taking her mind away from the "good" in her life (as we can't picture more than one thing in our minds at the same time) and was probably causing her illness. All of this because of an old camera that was almost out of date. But she would not have it any other way, she would find this person and they would "pay"! Sad.

Recently I saw something similar on Facebook. It was for an iPad and yes it is more expensive than the old camera I just spoke of and it had some important photos in it; very important as it was pictures of a child's recently deceased father. But the principle is the same. Focus on the good memories and not taking all of your energy in composing a letter/poster, putting it up all over the place and putting your energy into this. Let go and appreciate what you have. Feel sorry for the "thief" and pray for him or her and send up good thoughts. It's the only way to improve the situation. Love people; not things, even iPads.

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