Old home, newer home; have your blessed it lately?

Have you blessed your home lately?

You may have seen wall signs that state: “God Bless this Home” but did you know that you can and should do this also? Do you routinely thank God, or the Universe for your dwelling, and the rooms in it. Before you leave on a trip to you ask a blessing on it? A simple “Bless this place” type prayer before you leave each day is a good thing to do.

Recently my daughter and her family moved to a different place. I suggested to her that she should do a few things before she leave her previous home. I told her that she needed to take some time to sit quietly in each room and give thanks for the memories in each and think of the times spent there. She should show appreciation for what each space had given her and be thankful. I don’t know if she did this or not, but I’m thinking that this is a good thing to do. I sent her a picture of her holding her first born as she came down the stairs to remind her that many good things happened to and for her in that place. Finally, pray that good things will be in store for the people that will move in and take your place!
I didn’t tell her this, but blessing her  new place is also important. One should dedicate, consecrate, and appreciate any new space. It’s a good thing to have your priest or pastor come to your new home and place a blessing on it, but you can do this also. Stand outside and look at the front of the house to see the total view and give thanks. Walk around the house stating blessings and saying good things about the building and bless those who will live there, in their coming and their going, and for those who visit. As you walk inside, go from room to room as if you were first looking at the house before buying it, as if you are taking a tour of the home. Appreciate each room, nook and cranny! Look forward to great living in this space that you’ve chosen (and was chosen for you).

You can, and should do this for every physical thing that you have. For instance when you get a different (newer) vehicle, pray for safety and durability; it will keep you from harm and last longer! When you get a new appliance; dishwasher, refrigerator, or wash machine- pray a blessing over it! You’ll have less maintenance costs.

We should make a habit of being aware of ways to bless. When we see a father and son having a talk over coffee at the restaurant, when we see someone speeding past us on the highway, when we see or hear an ambulance, we should pray a blessing on them. And oh by the way, it is true that what goes around does come around!

Make it a great day!

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