Ter Scott to write another Affirmations book; this one about exercising...

Hello reader, I could use your opinion on a few things; are you "game"? I'm not sure if people use that expression any more so let me ask you plainly, will you help? 

I'm creating an audio CD, with affirmations, that will be a half hour in length which will help people while exercising. They can use it while doing their usual workout and also after (or on days off) by looking in the mirror and listening or reading aloud with the audio.

I'm very excited about it. The CD will come with a manual and pocket cards. The price will be $9.99 for the set or anyone can go to YouTube and listen to it FREE. (Members of the Private Facebook Group will be able to purchase this for half price; $4.99).

Here is where I can use your help. Below I will list some of the affirmations that I will use. Please give me your feedback in the comments area after this post.

Secondly, do you think the monthly price for the Private Facebook Group is too low at $4.99 per month, too high, or whatever? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks. www.terscott.com/attainmentrulespfb
Make it a great day!

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Here's partial list for Exercise Affirmations: 

I am ready.
I am ready to get better.
I get results. I see results.
This is getting easier.
Things are becoming lighter.
This makes me stronger physically and emotionally.
I see my body becoming stronger.
I see my body as how it should be.
I am my ideal weight.
I am physically fit.
I am immune to failure.
I will finish this.
I finish things in life.
I love doing this.
I love feeling great.
I love how I look.
I love how I am looking.
I love how I will look

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Here's the difference between the two. The regular Facebook page will be much like this blog in content; basically it will work "hand-in-hand" with this blog giving readers some quick blurbs that will help their daily lives.

The Private Facebook page is for members only. This is for readers who want more in-depth materials. Here you'll receive free tips and articles and even get first chance to check out my new things. It's all new to me just how it will develop but I assure you it will be filled with great stuff for the members. Right now, introductory members get a heck of a deal at only $5 a month which will eventually go up to $29 per month.

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Are you Behind on your Bills and Your Dreams? It's not Over until It's Over!

To my Facebook friends, here's a gift for you. No matter what you are doing today, you can take 35 minutes to watch a life changing video don't you? Take a 35 minute break and instead of watching a sitcom or playing a video game, or even reading that college text book- just take these next 35 minutes and listen to my friend, Les Brown tell you that "It's not over until you win"
Here he is:

Write down the five reasons why you can and will achieve your dreams...

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Ter Scott's System to Attain Whatever You Want

Whatever it is you want (to attain); be “open”. What I mean by this is to be open to looking at what you want to attain from different angles and seek to attain from those different angles. 

For instance, many times people tell me that they want a job when I know that that is not what they want; no matter how sincere they are. I know that what they really want is not a job, but they want “money” which comes from the job and I’ll go further than that and say that they don’t want money. They want the things money will get them. If you think this way, you need to change your thinking. Here’s a way to make this story clearer. When you go to a hardware store and buy a drill, do you need a drill? The answer is no. You need the holes that the drill will make for you. So now that you “know” that with a drill you need the holes you can say “no” to a job, but “yes” to money.

The above “drill story” is a preface to the following story about a thought that came to me the other day when I was either going to bed or getting up (I can’t remember now) but it was a time when I was half way sleeping and half way awake. Because inspiration talks to me then, I have learned to keep a pen and 3x5 cards by my bed. This one thought has now become a system I now use for opening more creative ways to attain things.

It happened when I went to sleep with a certain project on my mind for my subconscious to work on while sleeping. The project was to attain $20,000 to use for tuition for education; of which I could also include a partner. With the goal being that of attaining $20,000, that’s exactly where my energies were being focused. This led my thinking and questions to how can I earn, or get $20,000? Who do I know that has $20,000? In what accounts do I have $20,000? Everything was $20,000, $20,000 and $20,000. 

In my half-awake state I came up with something that will now change my life (and hopefully yours) forever.

Note that in this situation there are three elements, not just the $20,000, but also the tuition and the option of having a partner. I realized that I was concentrating on the $20,000 and not taking into account the other two elements: the education/tuition and the fact that I could have a partner.  This was the big “ah-ha” given me by inspiration. By changing my thinking to include all three elements, I now thought of different ways (questions) to use to tackle its attainment.

How can I get $20,000?
How can I get this tuition?
How can I get a partner?

...which led to more questions: 

How can I get $25,000? $50,000? (Sometimes it's easier to get $50,000 than it is to get $20,000!). 
How can I get a partner who has part or all of the $20,000? How can I repay this partner? Do I need to use money to repay this partner; can I offer consulting or other services as payment?

Can you see how this system of by being “open” to more options and ideas can help you to be more creative in getting anything that you want? 

The next time you think you need or want a specific "want", consider “opening” your mind and thinking of more ways to get what it is you want. Make sense? 

Go forth and do great things! 
Ter Scott! 

Live your life in such a way... Ter Scott, Attainment Coach

I saw something on Facebook which made me think of this; hope it inspires your day!

Make it a great one! Ter