Secret Rules for Attainment is on FACEBOOK. Special "Member Only" option...

Well I've finally done it; I've completed a Facebook page! But I've gone a step further and also created a PRIVATE Facebook page too.

Here's the difference between the two. The regular Facebook page will be much like this blog in content; basically it will work "hand-in-hand" with this blog giving readers some quick blurbs that will help their daily lives.

The Private Facebook page is for members only. This is for readers who want more in-depth materials. Here you'll receive free tips and articles and even get first chance to check out my new things. It's all new to me just how it will develop but I assure you it will be filled with great stuff for the members. Right now, introductory members get a heck of a deal at only $5 a month which will eventually go up to $29 per month.

This page will have some great things for you, but you'll get more in-depth and more goodies when you join the PRIVATE Facebook Group: Secret Rules for Attainment Members Only

For a limited time, it's only $5 a month! 
Check it out
You'll also get my book: Pearls of Prosperity when you join for 6 months!

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