Ter Scott to write another Affirmations book; this one about exercising...

Hello reader, I could use your opinion on a few things; are you "game"? I'm not sure if people use that expression any more so let me ask you plainly, will you help? 

I'm creating an audio CD, with affirmations, that will be a half hour in length which will help people while exercising. They can use it while doing their usual workout and also after (or on days off) by looking in the mirror and listening or reading aloud with the audio.

I'm very excited about it. The CD will come with a manual and pocket cards. The price will be $9.99 for the set or anyone can go to YouTube and listen to it FREE. (Members of the Private Facebook Group will be able to purchase this for half price; $4.99).

Here is where I can use your help. Below I will list some of the affirmations that I will use. Please give me your feedback in the comments area after this post.

Secondly, do you think the monthly price for the Private Facebook Group is too low at $4.99 per month, too high, or whatever? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks. www.terscott.com/attainmentrulespfb
Make it a great day!

 PS. Anyone who joins the Private Facebook Group Membership gets my eBook: Pearls of Prosperity ($4.99 at Amazon Kindle) absolutely free and yes, you also get the coaching that comes with it!

JOIN HERE, now before the price of membership goes up.

Here's partial list for Exercise Affirmations: 

I am ready.
I am ready to get better.
I get results. I see results.
This is getting easier.
Things are becoming lighter.
This makes me stronger physically and emotionally.
I see my body becoming stronger.
I see my body as how it should be.
I am my ideal weight.
I am physically fit.
I am immune to failure.
I will finish this.
I finish things in life.
I love doing this.
I love feeling great.
I love how I look.
I love how I am looking.
I love how I will look

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