What is "visualization" and how and when to use it...

Today the Cosmos speaks about visualization. Add visualization to everything you do. Prior to starting your day, starting a conversation, seeing a friend, asking for a raise etc. Visualize how you want things to turn out. And it will turn out much better. You are more in control of your destiny than you may think!

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What if you could take just the very best bits
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It’s like learning to play golf, learning to drive a
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We could all TRY it. Give it a go.
Learn from our mistakes. We might lose a lot of
golf balls and maybe give up. We might crash a few
supercars, or hurt ourselves badly, but with each mistake
we would learn. We would grow and develop.

But what’s the point of doing this?
I mean really, what’s the point?

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Jack Canfield's 101 List of Things to Do in LIfe

I really appreciate our friend Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup, The Secret) and have learned much from him. 

I've known about the 100 List for some time like many of my readers but also like many of my readers I've not written it down and set out to accomplish checking things off. 

Image result for jack canfield quotes

That changes today! I have been the "co-author" of Answers from the Cosmos and today's "message" got me going on this. Zig Ziglar always told us that we can't hit a target that we can't see. Writing these things down makes them "visible" and attainable! Having them written down really is the "magic" to getting them done, and it's easier then to visualize them. 

You might want to look at Jack's list here for a bounce board for ideas to put on your list. Also, at the time of this writing he is offering a free 10-day mentoring program! 

If you really want what you want, write it down and work toward its attainment. This thought was inspired by a Daily Dose of the Cosmos: CLICK HERE. 

What is my Life Purpose?

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