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How to Magnetize Abundance: In Just 10 Days by [Scott, Terry]I have just published a Kindle book (Magnetize Abundance) and want it to rank as high as possible so more people will see it and be helped with its content. Right now it will be available for five days on Amazon for FREE! If you would be so kind as to get the book while it is on promotion (12/26 – 30) and leave a testimonial I will give you 3 additional books free, Law of Attraction, Get What you Want and Habits of Highly Successful People.  When you get my book on the first day of the promotion (12/26) you’ll get all three books, when you get my book on the second day (12/27) you’ll get your choice of two books and on the third day and the rest of the week of the promotion you’ll get your choice of one of the free books. Let me know that you’ve left a testimonial at Amazon and what day at my page:

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