Write your Eulogy and then Live Today to Make it a Reality!

Welcome to Article 5 of the 5 part series: Get Started toward Success

Let’s do a quick review of the first 4 steps and the assignments before we move on to this 5th (but not final) step to getting started toward success.

First we started by creating (defining) our own definition of success; we need to see the target that we are aiming at. Zig Ziglar used to tell us how he could make any of us a better marksman than the world’s best and he definitely could; but first he’d have to blindfold the marksman!

Secondly we talked about how we need to know ourselves and we wrote out our positive characteristics.

Thirdly we thought back on our past success which proves that we’ve already been successful which strongly indicates that we’ll be successful again.

And in our last time together, you listed your blessings. When you have an attitude of gratitude, and appreciate what you have, you can be trusted with more and get more. Think of it. If you are a father and your kids don’t show appreciation for their things, would you readily give them more? Usually not.

Plus, since you are a high achiever, you probably did the “extra credit” as we went along as well; good job! Now let’s move on to step 5: which is to create your perfect day; your day how you want it to be.

This has been hard for me in the past because I love my “work” and I thought my perfect day had to be the vision of lying around a pool with an umbrella drink. I do enjoy that but not for long; I have to be doing something to be truly happy. So for me, I have both a “perfect work day” and a “perfect off day”.

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into hours. If you love to sleep in, start your hours later in the day. If you are an early riser, start your hourly record early and go to bed earlier; it’s your decision. It’s your day; design it the way you want! Here’s your chance to fantasize. Just know that your fantasy can come true, but go all out. What kind of car would you drive (or the person driving you) drive? Would you have your own jet to fly you to a lunch engagement across the country? What would you do at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., etc.? What would you eat for lunch, dinner, and snack? Here’s a chance to use the Major 8 ™ and list what you would have in each area of the 8.

Also, be sure to list all of your emotions with each hour so it is even more real. Here's a partial sample:

At 10 a.m. I get dressed in my nice Armani suit being sure to wear my favorite silk tie. Later I step out of my Lincoln limousine and feel the slight warm Florida breeze on my face and I can smell the freshly mowed grass just off the private runway. I see the sun glint off the tail of my Hawker jet. My mouth waters as I anticipate my lunch at my favorite dining destination atop a tall skyscraper in New York. I think of meeting some of my friends in this 5 star hotel and restaurant and my heart races just a bit.

After you’ve created your special day, go to the internet and find pictures of your day. Create a scrap book and title it, my special day! The more clear your vision is, the greater your chances are (and the faster) it will become reality!

Extra Credit: Some people may think that this assignment is morbid and focuses on death, etc. etc. but not so; it actually will make you live your life better! You may even want to spend much more time on this assignment than what I’m asking here because it really is an “eye opener” and a practical exercise.

One of the best ways to plan for anything is to “plan backward”. I do this when I’m going to be speaking somewhere. I visualize myself presenting and think about the things that I will be using and list them. I also figure what steps are required to get to that moment, and I create a check list.

Here’s your extra credit assignment. Write out your eulogy. Include all of the things that you’ve accomplished in your life and how you are now such a success in all of the areas of the Major 8 ™. Since that is somewhere in the future, “plan backward” and write your goals with the necessary steps to accomplish all of those great things that people are saying about you after you’ve gone! Here’s the wonderful serendipity. Because you’ve done this “assignment” now, people can be saying this about you now, and you can be living it now!


Are you the high achiever that I’ve thought that you are as we’ve come through these 5 steps together? Say yes! Well then, I have a special treat for you; it’s a “Final Exam”; well not really but it’s extra, extra credit!

Take each of these 5 steps and do them within each area of the Major 8. 

For instance, the first of the Major 8 (you can see all of them at the top of the page at: www.attainmentrules.blogspot.com) is: “Good Health”. Step one is to create your definition of success, now do so in attaining and maintaining good health. Step two is listing your good qualities having to do with “good health”. Third, list areas where you’ve been successful with having good health in the past. Fourth, list how you are blessed in the area of health. And last, ask what would your perfect day look like, having to do in the area of health? Now repeat using this first step with the enjoyment of food, and so on with the rest of the Major 8 ™. After doing this with step 1, go on to the other four steps and apply the Major 8 ™ areas. This may take some time, but it will give more clarity to your future vision.

When you have accomplished this “final”, let me know at www.terscott.com/contact and I will email you a handsome Certificate of Completion (at no charge) that you can print and frame!


I hope that our short 5 visits (and these assignments) have helped set the path to your success; per your definition and with your goals. It’s all about you!

There are so many books and materials available to help you on your quest to success. I offer a few by yours truly and others on these pages, and also in my other blogs and websites. If you have any questions, please contact me via www.terscott.com/contact or Google my name and find me on the Internet if this page is no longer available.

It’s been my pleasure bringing you these 5 short articles, being the instructor, I’ve benefited also! But I hope that you’ve received much as you have taken action on your definition of success.

You’ll see and edited version of these 5 articles in my upcoming course on attaining success, so don’t miss anything in the future with this blog. Be sure to register to follow by email so you’ll not miss any new articles. (You can go to Amazon and purchase the monthly version for .99 or register right on this page for no cost as my gift to you!).

Make it a great day!


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