Ter Scott Introduces new online "Moving Forward" Coaching Newsletter

From one of my latest journal entries: 

On a daily basis (or as often as possible) I will record my thoughts here and share them with my Attainment Rules readers (my private thoughts; but not the “most”, most, private thoughts, or any that will not serve to strengthen them) to assist them in their Moving Forward journey.

Moving Forward, Thoughts and Techniques for Succeeding in Getting What you Want.

I will use part of these thoughts in blog entries at: Attainment Rules but mostly they will be shared in a weekly newsletter shared by email at the request of my readers. The newsletter will be free and on a “Donation Basis” so if one feels compelled to give value in return for value they may, but my intent is to help people who may at this time in their journey forward do not have (or feel that they have) anything to give at this point.

I will include blog posts (in part or whole) with more in-depth comments. I will also present my newest materials here; before my usual readers or others in the media know about them.

To get your Moving Forward weekly newsletter (FREE) simply go now to: www.terscott.com/movingforward and request it. You may offer any questions or comments at that time. Plus, you may always contact me via the email address and contact information at that page.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

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