Nurture your dreams with the power of your passion and see them grow and attain them faster!

“Put it out there, let it go. Plant the seed and let it grow” – Ter Scott!

I am going to accentuate the positive today as I talk about acquiring your dreams and will provide an affirmation with an assignment to do this. Many of my readers are not experiencing the positive attainment of their dreams and goals fast enough (in their minds) or not at all.

Are you wondering why something isn’t happening just how you want it to happen, or fast enough? There are at least two reasons why we get results slowly or don’t see results in our life (there are more, but I’ll cover just two here). I was speaking to a friend recently and I was reminded of a few things so I thought I would share them with my readers.

In the “Lords” Prayer which really is the “Believers” Prayer we say, “Give us this day our daily bread”. If you are like me and haven’t totally acquired the virtue of patience, you are asking “Give me this day my weekly, monthly or even my yearly bread”. I’d like to know what is coming this week, month and year so I can be in control and make plans, but that’s why our needs are taken care of step by step; day by day. We need to take things day by day and trust in the one who created the universe for our week, month and yearly; that’s called faith. Allow me to share as to how we can get that faith to work in our lives.

There are three steps to acquiring anything in our lives. As with attaining success in any area (of the Major 8 ™) the formula is simple but not necessarily “easy”. With each step there are mini steps and/or things that must be done, or done a certain way to reach the desired outcome. I will broadly cover a few things about the first two steps. (If you would like deeper coaching on a one on one basis via email and other, consider visiting

The three steps are: Visualize, Believe and Realize. This process does take “time”; but it doesn’t have to take as long as we think; how long it takes, we don’t always “know”. However, we need to expect positive results to get positive results, not sabotage our results by sabotaging them and giving them power of our passion to realize them more readily. Today I will speak just a bit on steps one and two because this is where many of us get stuck; nurture your dreams; don’t demolish them and give them the power of your passion to grow. I will also offer an assignment for you to get going on one of your dreams and when you see success, you’ll gain faith to move forward to bigger and even better things; life can unfold before you in a positive way, just how you want it!

The first reason for not realizing our dream is that every time we “visualize” the good of what we want, we sabotage it. One way we sabotage our dreams is after we “expect” good things and our dream to be realized, we talk ourselves out of it by thinking and saying things (in our minds and out loud) like, “this stuff doesn’t work, it will never happen to me, I can’t do that”. So, my advice is to just “put it out there and let it go. Just plant the seed and let it grow”.

Secondly we don’t give our dream “power of passion and emotion”. After “planting the seed” of what it is that you desire, believe it with all of your emotions. Feel the feelings you’ll have when you have the dream as if you have already received it; because you have. It’s like you are a kid again (unless you are a kid reading this) and you’ve placed an order from a mail order catalog and you know it’s on its way. You’ve ordered it, now let it get processed and get shipped to you! Isn’t that exciting? When you order something from a catalog you don’t belabor the fact that someone has to get your order, put it in a box, ship it to you, and the carrier has to fill the vehicle with gas, etc. etc. You know it is on it’s on its way and you are excited!

Here’s your (exciting) “assignment”. Use your own need or dream in your assignment. I am sharing an example here to give you an idea as to what to do. Let’s say that you have a dream (or need) to attain $100,000. Right away you are empowered because you know what it is that you want (many people don’t know what it is that they want); you have a target to aim at.

Number a sheet of paper from 1 to 10. Get in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can prepare yourself by praying, doing stress reducing exercises, or whatever to get yourself situated for inspiration.

When ready, ask: “How can $100,000 come to me easily?”. Be careful not to ask the question in the form of “What can I do to get $100,000?”. This is not all about “you”. And, you have already done everything “you” can do, and this is bigger than “you”. Get “you” out of the way and let God/Universe do it’s thing.

Now without judging your thoughts that come to you, just write them down. For instance, if “win the lottery” comes to you write it down. Don’t say “I’d have to buy a ticket, I never buy lottery tickets” etc. By doing so you are sabotaging your dream and the visualization and belief; that’s two thirds of the three step process! Could someone else who bought a lottery ticket win and give you the money? Of course! So write it down!

Write as fast as the thoughts come to you and don’t stop at ten if more ideas come to you. But write down at least ten, even if you have to think a bit harder for eight, nine and ten. Set a timer on your smartphone and invest at least ten minutes doing this. If you have time after you’ve written you ten, look over your ten and maybe more ideas will come.

Now with your ten, be grateful for these ideas and say “thanks” for them.
Carry the sheet with you or write them on a 3 x 5 card and carry that with you.
Look at the list as often as possible during the day, but for certain just when you get up and before you go to bed.

Your accompanying affirmation:
“There are so many ways to attain (name the dream) and I’m excited as I see it come to realization. I am grateful that (name the dream) has happened and I experience (name what you’ll be having, doing and being) fully today”.

Now, you can go away from here after reading this thinking that all of this is “hokey” or “won’t work for me” and all I can say is that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. That’s just my way of saying, get off you bottom and give it a try. If you don’t have a big issue, “problem” or dream right now, great; practice by attaining something (that in your mind is) small so you’ll be ahead of the game when you need to do something. Visualize, Believe, and Realize today, tomorrow and forever!

I hope this will help you to acquire your dream faster and bigger than you can ever imagine. Be sure to do the “assignment” or you’ll never know the power of realizing your dream and build your faith for attaining bigger dreams and having the peace in knowing that anything you desire is possible and within your reach!

Make it happen. Make it a great day!

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